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    HEH! This is Grace, Insane and Sane.

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    @nynaevelan oooh.. okay then, I don't have skull island, but I can only see 2 islands unpurchased and I have all expansions on the islands.

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    So... um, HELLO. I started this, sorry DW. I hope you guys like seeing me suffer, cuz that's what I'll do to myself, hehheheh...

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    Photon readings...
    Abundance of echoplasma?
    Frame still intact... good.
    This has to work.
    Or else I can't save him.
    Heh, my my.
    Welp, now or never. HUP-


    "Agh, right on the noggin. Crap; where is he???" I stand up and look around. I was in a white void?? "Wait, this isn't Dc- OOUPF-" Next thing I knew I was in a room. I saw someone short and it smelled like flowers, leaves, and grass and the room was dark. Then a light popped on and I saw who the person was. He said, "Hello." I say, "Uuhh.. Hello? Why am I tied up." "Relax, we don't want to hurt you. We just want a few basic answers." Another dragon teleported in. "Now, first. Where did you come from? Second, who are you? Third, why did you come here." I say, "I came from a different universe, my name is Kate, and I came here to protect Leaf Lord."
    "PROTECT?!??I hardly think you can protect yourSISTER."
    My sist-
    "Don't think on erasing my memory, I can read your every though. Now tell me, why do you want to protect LL? "NONE. OF YOUR BEESWAX, ERROR!! If you want to know, tell me where him and Drace are. Then, I will give you answers regarding my wanting to protect LL." "I'll take her to them. She can memorize the coordinates on the plane, and teleport there as she pleases within reason." "WHY ARE YOU HERE, FELL?!?Don't... sneak up on me like that. Please?" Fell grabbed me by my collar. "HOW THE FLEEP DIDJA GET OUTTA YER RESETS?!" I glared at him, my eyes getting brighter shades of magenta and blue. "Put me down unless you want millions of years of PAIN." When he heard that, he put me down, although not the most gently. I summoned one of my blasters, and Fell thought I was going to attack him, so he fired one of his at me. I dodged, and put blue bones all around his soul. He couldn't move without killing himself. Although... something was wrong with his soul. It's red instead of white, and its right-side up, instead of upside down like a monster soul should be. Could he be a human shapeshifter? He read my thoughts and said aloud, "Yes. I am." Well, that answers my question. His LV, Level of Violence, was still... 1. Isnt a Fell universe supposed to have all LV 20 monsters? I had so many questions, although I knew this Shifter couldn't answer them all. I lowered the blue bones and summoned my blaster again, but this time he didn't attack. Then Storyshift came to me and hugged me. I said, "What's going on, Chara?" She said through tears, "Thanks Kate. I needed you here." "Don't worry Chara. I'm here for you." But when the emotional moment was done, Grace came flying in. "Hii, KATE. Didn't expect you here so sooon." "BUZZ OFF, GRACE." "Aaaww, what's the matter, Kate? Do I scare you?" "STOP TALKING, AND I WONT RIP YOUR WINGS OFF." "Aww, that was ADORABLE. You still have your sister's jacket from when I KILLED HER AND LAUGHED WHEN SHE TURNED TO DUST."

    What Kate is staring at:
    0_1653683348545_Screenshot_20220527-150605_ibisPaint X.jpg
    I got more mad. I summoned my blasters, and this time I wasn't playing around. "Awhawhaw... adorable! You almost made me feel bad for killing your sister." I fired. She just stood there and tanked it. 1,548 damage. Barely anything. That would've instakilled an LV 20 human, they only have 99 HP. I would be the one to judge the human in my universe, but I'm gone now. Asriel has to judge the human now. She is the goddess of Hyperdeath, so that shouldn't be a problem even if the human went the pacifist route or not. But something was off about Grace. I know her real name is Feathra, but she kills anyone who says it. And my sister never said her name. But before Feathra killed my sister, she said, "Ayemen forthro. Veenav romeece añana. Feenrae unama drameese, hinetho wesent. Vea jokos yemen, Seaven. Vea jokos yemen.." This means, "Just sorrow. Forgive this dæmon. Haunt me forever, little one. See you soon, Seaven. See you soon..."

    MODERATOR DISCLAIMER! If this translates to anything in an existing language, please don't ban me. This is a language in the story, and only that.
    Back to the story...
    Wait. I came here to protect LL. I DIDNT TELL ERROR WHY! CRAP!
    "ERROR! I need to tell you something." "AAGGH!Don't sneak up on me like that! But what do you want to tell me?" "The multiverse of dragons all want LL dead. I don't know why, they just DO."

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    Wait a minute, yeah! I just noticed that when I looked at his replies
    Btw, on topic, great idea

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    Yeah, ive.. never seen this on mobile, it IS weird.

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    Yes. I 100% agree with this and have already cleared everything off every island(visible, I can only see up to rainbow island).

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    Off topic from the story, Kate.
    0_1653438760365_Screenshot_20220524-203043_ibisPaint X.jpg

    She will be introduced near the end of this story, in which case starts a new story, "Saving our Worlds". This story makes her the main character in her World, and when she finds out she can create portals using magic, she imagines LL, because she knew in one of her Worlds stories that a Prophecy had been created in another World. So she created the portal, and now her world's code is half corrupted so she can't go back. She now has to protect LL at all costs, because she knows the Multiverse exists and that every dragon in it wants LL ded. So yeah, "Saving our Worlds".

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    Something tells me that no-one likes this.

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    Winde's dad was an Error, his name is Aveer. He had nightmare powers.
    She has healing fire magic!
    0_1653431040200_Screenshot_20220524-181854_ibisPaint X.jpg
    And here's angered Winde!
    0_1653424158941_Screenshot_20220524-162419_ibisPaint X.jpg
    Magic type:
    Inverted Skeletal Magic.
    Idk what her Elements will be yet; DW can you help me decide?

    Edit: Political content removed.

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