• Nathan R

    I'm pretty sure I already said in my initial post that I'm not using it anymore, so your advice was taken long before you've given it.

    And no, it isn't a rant. It's a concern. It's a warning to other people. That's why I said, "Save your gems for more important things." I'm trying to help others based on my own experiences, and you dismissing my concerns as a "rant" just comes off as defensive and insecure.

    No, it is not "my ONE experience." It is multiple experiences.

    And by the way, I've also bought VIP dragons. I know you mentioned that earlier, and I just wanted to say that I have no problem spending real money on the game. I have a problem with real money being spent on gambling mechanics.

    What interests me most is that my early usage of the island yielded much better results. As time went on, it mysteriously got harder to breed. I wonder why.

    On another note, you mentioned that the company needs to make money. I've heard that excuse a lot. I just want to say this: There are other, better ways for a company to make money than introducing deliberately inconvenient mechanics to take advantage of a human's natural impatience. This is just the best way to get very rich off of people. There's profit... and then there's greed. I don't remember the earlier days of DC being so inundated with spending lures. When a company introduces mechanics that take advantage of a person's need to collect, gamble or their desperation to claim something, it's no longer profit. It's seeing the opportunity to earn money from psychological harm.

    I'm sorry that I'm so against that sort of thing, but I consider it wrong, and nothing will convince me otherwise. When people get very deep into something, they fail to see the damage it causes, and refuse to give it up, and will even defend everything about it. The sad thing is, I'm very fond of Dragon City's overall design and clever creativity. But as time goes on, I feel too disgusted with their practices to continue interacting with them.

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  • Nathan R

    @bettina-löffler said in Breeding Event Island Just Isn't Worth the Hassle:

    When players are doing that they should not moan about SP being greedy because odds are to low. These players are greedy too in my opinion.

    No. The majority of players simply cannot afford it because they're simply too young. When entering the game's chat room, I realized I might have been one of the older players. A lot of the game's fans are children. Not all of them, obviously-- I'm an adult-- but a lot of them are.

    I could go into the many details I've learned when researching how mobile game developers follow a formula made deliberately to manipulate players into paying money, but something tells me I'd be ignored and dismissed, even with evidence of bad deeds that CEOs commit. Let's just say that there are videos out there of developers talking, without a hint of shame, about tricking young players into spending money by luring and hooking them into obsession and purposefully making them game annoying and challenging so that they become frustrated enough to pay the big bucks.

    As for the rate/chance, for me, it's always been insanely low. Like, less than one percent chance. I have had to breed dragons 20+ times just to get one dragon, only to watch my gems get emptied within minutes. This is the breeding event island's entire purpose: to entice you into spending tons of gems for the next gambling opportunity. It's basically a loot box system without an actual box to open.

    @nynaevelan said in Breeding Event Island Just Isn't Worth the Hassle:

    I disagree with most of what you said. First, the higher the rarity, the harder they should be to accomplish. As one who purchased VIPs with real money, they should have been very hard to get. But other than them, others have had reasonable chances of success. If you are attempting to get one it should and has been possible. If you trying to empower then yes they should cost. If you are expecting many for free or cheap then that is an unrealistic goal.

    I do agree the jokers are not used often enough but I do not think they should be used for every combination.

    You can disagree if you like, and I'm glad the chances are reasonable for you, but they haven't been for me. The chance is totally random, so not everyone is going to acquire them at the same rate. You could get it in two tries, sure. That doesn't mean I ever do. It almost always takes 20+ tries, even for non-legendary dragons.

    Secondly, no, I am not trying to empower them. I'm just trying to obtain one dragon. I couldn't possibly find the time, or the gems, to obtain multitudes of them for empowering. I couldn't even fathom such a thing.

    As for me "expecting them to be free"... technically, no, they're not free, unless you already had thousands of gems at the time of attempting it. If you run out of gems while trying over and over again... you have to buy more. You certainly don't have time to start a new offer on the offerwall to get enough to breed another twenty times. I'm not even talking about the VIP dragons here, I'm talking about R or VR dragons, or sometimes E ones that are apparently being bred at a "reasonable rate" for others. Even those have drained hundreds of my gems.

    And no, before anyone makes this baseless assumption-- I'm not using the island "incorrectly."

    Again, I'm glad it works out so well for you, but to me, it's just a waste and really not worth it at all. All it has done is cost me way more gems to breed one dragon than that dragon was worth.

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  • Nathan R

    I always knew that the Breeding Event Island was meant to drain all of your gems en masse, but it becomes increasingly aware since the whole "VIP Breeding" event they had. The chance had to have been practically non-existent to get the right dragon from breeding.

    The temptation to breed your current dragons for that chance is strong, but don't fall for it. All it does it waste gems. By the time you acquire the dragon you want, you'll be broke again. They make the chance deliberately very low just to encourage you to spend money on gem packs.

    Stockpile your gems for more important things if you're just getting into the breeding island. It's not a complete scam-- the dragons are obtainable, I've gotten several from it with tons of persistence and offers-- but it's as close to a scam as you can get.

    In addition to that, thanks, Social Point, for Viktor and Viktoria, who aren't even being used during this current event now. I thought they'd be future proof choices, but I think I realized they'll be rarely included in breeding combinations, just to further manipulate people into buying maze coins to get the right dragon from the specific island.

    Nuh-uh. Not doing that anymore. It's not worth it.

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  • Nathan R

    It works perfectly fine for all other games of this type that include VIP/subscription services.
    Why do you think it wouldn't work here?

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  • Nathan R

    Let's talk about those microtransactions
    Microtransactions are, let's face it, a cancer on gaming, and Dragon City is absolutely loaded with them. Every single solitary event is designed to get people to pay heaps of real dollars to get ahead. The heroic races are one prime example.

    So what's the alternative?
    I suggest there be a subscription option, which would then limit or even eliminate those microtransactions. I know that it's far, far easier for a development team to get rich off of multiple 20 dollar payments for a measly 300 gems (you can get three times that from Freebie Island when the rewards are doubled without paying a cent), but it comes off as greedy.

    Hey, lay off! They have to make money somehow! They have employees to feed!
    Exactly. That's why I'm suggesting this. A VIP option would be more than enough to pay for salaries, server expenses and more if thousands of people were subscribed if the sub fee was between 5 and 15 dollars a month. The current design of microtransactions is not to feed employees-- it is to get rich.

    There could be different VIP levels, like bronze, silver and gold and the gold option would get the most benefits. Many other multiplayer games have this type of setup, and those games are usually successful.

    Of course they could still leave those ridiculous pay-to-win options in game if they so desire, but I think a VIP option should come with incentives to invite paying customers to use it.

    Incentives (for gold service) could include:

    • A free handful of gems every day, perhaps around 35-40. 20 is too few and 50 is too many (not that I would ever say a handful of 50 gems is too many gems)
    • A random card pack to open once a week or once a month
    • An extra dragon to breed on the breeding event island exclusive only to paid members
    • a large pack of orbs, once a month or week, for the epic or legendary dragon of your choice
    • Reduced breeding and hatching times by 50%
    • Fewer kills needed to rank up a dragon in battles
    • Reduced training time by 12 hours
    • Fewer fog coins needed for mazes and islands, or no fog coins at all
    • Fewer items needed for each lap in heroic races

    And perhaps more. These are just a fraction of possibilities.

    If the gold service included all of that (and more), I and many others would absolutely pay a monthly premium fee for it. I would even pay it if it was as high as 15 dollars a month, and if I would pay it, so would others.

    H-hey, you get more stuff than me?! That's not fair!
    Now, if you're a free to play person, you might yell that this is unfair. It's not, at all. In fact, adding this to the game, and completely removing microtransactions entirely sometime in the future, would make the game better for you, not worse. In other words, premium payers would be paying Social Point the real dollars to improve the game for free-to-play players, to make their experience also more enjoyable.

    Free-to-play changes that could be made if microtransactions died off:

    • More event tokens would be given to you to make up for the fact that you can't buy them, but you still wouldn't acquire as many as paid members. However, you'd still be able to acquire more dragons and more items than you would with the current system. Although paid members would get more, you would get more than you're getting now, or finishing an event might still be doable with more work. As of right now, free players cannot even finish events or collect all dragons within it unless they dump money into the game, even if they pushed as hard as they could and worked overtime on it. With VIP members paying for the game, they wouldn't need to leech money off of you so much, and might give you more options.
    • Gem prices would either be lowered considerably, or more options to acquire gems in the game would be added, furthering your gem usage to speed up hatching and breeding, two things necessary for heroic races.
    • Many events in the game would change around the idea that VIP members exist, which means they would also be changed for free players to keep it fair for both parties. The biggest complaint about being free-to-play in Dragon City is not being able to properly participate in events because they don't have money. That's just wrong to me. VIP members would get more bonuses, sure, but free players would still get to participate.

    Please, Social Point. Take this into consideration. No one, I repeat no one, other than the developers and marketers who are benefitting, enjoys microtransactions. There is so much shame, guilt and revulsion attached to it. Tiny little payments inside of mobile games is what's destroying gaming in general, and it takes advantage of people who are addicted to collecting.

    Please add a sub fee instead. That's all I have to say.

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  • Nathan R

    When I saw there was a 200%, 3x offer I hopped right into the tasks window, but even though the 200% offer says "3 times the gems as usual," all of the offers are stuck on 2x and aren't any higher. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, but I can't seem to do it.

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