• Nelson Nunes

    actually it was pretty easy bo tai premiere dungeon, he starts with no DoT imunities so all i did was learnean+Baltasar+Bella Ball then just use aoe burn from bella ball aoe bleed with a chance at nightmares from baltasar and lastly aoe burn+poison+stamina, for the first 2 it worked but the last one for the 1 elementium (OMG 1 ELEMENTIUM LOL) it wasnt working out and i had to swap learnean with thetys and stamina drain them all because they were using all imunities on first turn, and even still i had pretty much restart the battle some times because they would simply come with their special (DING!) full hp n energy and all negative effects removed, omfg i got so pissed at how often their special would come out

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