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    Nicole Perez

    Somethings I think we can all agree would be great to add to this game include:

    -private messaging
    •private messaging allows concerns within a team to be expressed without ratting someone out or causing an embarrassing situation. It allows two players to settle differences without dragging everyone else into it and causing a team chat or global chat to be filled with curse words.
    -banning someone from a team
    •sometimes people just can’t be reasoned with. They’ll storm in and spam either curse words or demand that they be promoted upon arrival. A leader should be able to ban players such as these from joining their team.
    -further team flag/banner customization
    •I think we can all agree that there are some flags that have nice designs, but not necessarily nice colors—or vice versa. Allowing a team leader to select any color of the rainbow to go with any design(and design color) can personalize a team even more. It’s tiring to see so many of the same flags. Further customization gives a little more team spirit.
    -team notice
    •I myself like to issue little reminders about when attack day will start, when I’ll be removing inactive players, or what to do in a node. Sometimes it feels like these messages get overlooked or not seen at all. It would be nice for a team leader to have the option to select “notice” or something along those lines, type in a short message, and suddenly a small, transparent banner appears on all online players screens at the top showing that message. Not anything too distracting. Should probably test that one out with groups to see what reaction you get. Maybe set a cooldown timer so it doesn’t get abused.

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