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    If memory serves in Monster Legends this happens when the leads are not active in order to keep the team going. You either need to stay active in order to retain your leadership or do as Bettina said and leave and create your own alliance. However if you plan to be inactive like you were on this team it might not be a good idea to pursue to be a lead or co-lead.

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    @Stilor said in Impossible league battle.:

    Believing their response is beyond naive.

    I understand you are frustrated with the game and dare I say cynical and angry? But all that aside please try to be kind and respectful to fellow players as per the forum rules. I don't want to sound preachy or judgmental but as I was taught as a child If you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all. With that said, based on some of your comments on these boards I honestly do not understand why you still play or spend so much time on the boards. Do you still find any enjoyment in the game? Do you still play? Or do you just comment negatively here to create discord and controversy?

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    Since this is a you tube in the future please put these in the correct section. Moving this to the Youtube section.

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    @terrencedg said in Teasing exciting news! #dragonversecalling:

    Let's try to guess what is this. Unless some "leaked, unofficial" news have already surfaced somewhere.

    If this is for selling duplicate Dragons for a random orb, I am Okay with it.

    I would be ok with it if the return was worth it, Monster Legends has something like this and I find it to be a joke. For a fully leveled legend you can extract 100 monster cells or 10 elemental cells. Hmmm 10 cells for 1...uh no!! There are many players who are ok with this with the assumption they will just crank out the breedable legends and use them to do it. But since breeding legends has a 1% chance of success and it takes 2 days to breed and 2 days to hatch that is roughly 1 or 2 a week for 20 cells...I do not see the benefit to me to do that. So I say all this to say, if it is not worth it I would rather keep my storage full for a better offer/feature down the line.

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    @Pazsword said in Strongest Dragon/s:

    @Ballo-Meme You have to upgrade your sanctuary to level 9... that's gonna cost so much gold. Aim for the Abyss dragon or the Apocalypse dragon instead, they're much easier to get, and they're still good.

    I assume you mean level 8 since that is the highest level?

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    There are a few dragons where the level is required to be used as parents see HERE. Recently during the temporary breeding events the parents can range from either a level 7 or a level 10 to be used as a parent. After your dragons reach level 15 it doesn't matter what they are after that the results will be similar. With that said other than a Pure or Viktor or Viktoria I would not recommend having multiples unless you have the room and you want to waste the food. I would recommend just keeping your dragons between level 7 and 15, preferably around level 10. But that is just my preferences.

    With that said most of my dragons are level 15 to 25 or so and it still takes many tries on some breeds and easily on others. It is just all the luck of the draw. The only thing I can suggest is to just rotate the parents back and forth between the Tree and the Mountain. Keep in mind every account has that one or two dragons that are very hard to breed no matter the parents or the location of the tries.

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