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    @LilCricketPa said in Offer Wall Task - I completed a Offer Wall Task but did not receive any Gems.:

    @Nynaevelan last week the way it was set up, you could choose between the 2 so I tried Fyber. Soooo many more offers and trailers.

    Iron Source never has trailers and they rarely have "new" offers. So someone like me who's been playing for a few years rarely sees any new offers.

    I think it was Fyber where I saw "that other game" I told you about. BTW,I am hopelessly hooked now!

    I am still not there, slowly trying to get it.

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    @LilCricketPa said in Offer Wall Task - I completed a Offer Wall Task but did not receive any Gems.:

    @Pounawea Thank you so much for this. I will add it to my pinned post explaining the ins and outs of Freebie Island.

    Now, a question. Is there a way to select the vendor? Last week both Fyber and Iron Source were listed and you could choose either / or. This week, you only have one option. Almost like the vendor chooses you. If you have Fyber you cannot view Iron Source offers. Etc.

    That would be interesting to know, I assumed it had to do with region. But it seems I only see/saw the choices on iOs, I have only ever saw Fyber on Android.

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    @LilCricketPa said in Offer Wall Task - I completed a Offer Wall Task but did not receive any Gems.:

    @Nynaevelan It can't be region because I seem to be stuck with IronSource and my husband and daughter are Fyber. They get so many more offers than I do.

    All 3 of us are on IOS

    I wonder why that is then, I have no intelligent guesses to offer. Though I will say I have noticed that I get more Fyber offers on my android than I do on iOs and strangely my ipad has changed sources at different times, which is why I rarely check that device when an event is going on.

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    Based on the irrelevant responses locking this topic from further non related responses.

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    This the place to post if you are in need of Dragon City friends. Please post a link to your facebook profile. (You must be friends on Facebook to be neighbors in game)

    How to find FB profile link

    From your Fb home page click on your name -- beside home button --


    Then copy the link in the address bar , it should be something like that

    https://www.facebook.com/haka.taka.sp or

    Note those are just explanatory links

    (Edited to add info)

    PLEASE make your friendslist invisible for others. I am friends with many of you because of Dragon City. You might be on datingsites or want to marry someone from a foreign country. That is ok for me. But it is NOT ok for me when these people find me on your friendslist and message me because they think I am also interrested in such things. This has to stop!!!
    This is how to do it:

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    It is with deepest regret and heartfelt sadness that I must report our fellow Dragon Master and Moderator has gone to Master the Dragons in the sky. I have only known Cricket virtually but she was a dear friend with a kind heart and always willing to help dragon masters of all levels. My deepest condolences to her family during this very difficult time. Please join me in saying goodbye to Cricket. 😒 πŸ™ πŸ™‹πŸΎβ™€ πŸ’” πŸ’” 😒 πŸ™

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    LOL I may sit this one out if I do not have any strong Cs/Rs already leveled up, I am not wasting resources leveling and training commons or rares....

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    Hello All:

    You all know me as Nynaevelan but let me tell you a little about myself. While this is not game related my moniker is actually driven from one of my favorite couples in my favorite series written by Robert Jordan. So a shout out to any WoTers out there. πŸ˜„ Anyhoo, I am a gamer who has been playing both Monster Legends and Dragon City since 2012. While DC is my first love, ML also plays an important role in entertaining me while allowing my mind to power down from all the interactions and stresses of real life. While I enjoy all the nuances of Team Wars and battling I am first and foremost a collector. Now that does not mean I do not do my part for my team, it is just not my top strength. LOL, luckily my team is very forgiving of this and tend to always lend a helping hand when needed.

    Oh one more thing...I am a p2p player, not a whale or an elitist but I pay more than I am willing to admit otherwise my hubby may divorce me. I didn't start out that way but it does help with my OCD for my collecting.... Need I say more??

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    This is a list of all dragons which are permanently breedable. There are a few that are temporarily breedable, they are included on the Non Breedable List.

    Separate Breedable Files: In order to view the breeding cards in their original format, you can download from: here

    Breedable by Level:0_1494446868861_level 10 small.png 0_1494446973813_Level 15  small.png 0_1494446993021_level 20 small.png

    Sanctuary Only
    0_1494447060368_Sanctuary 1-4 small.png

    0_1494447071478_Sanctuary 5-8 small.png

    Regular Breeds
    0_1494447193527_Basic 1 small.png

    0_1494447201351_Basic 2 small.png
    0_1494447211202_Basic 3 small.png
    0_1494447220961_Basic 4 small.png

    Ancient World Breeds:
    0_1494447308454_AW Rare Hybrids small.png
    0_1494447321553_AW Hybrids small.png

    NOTE: New dragons have been added to the list of permanent breeds, see the list HERE.

    NOTE 2: With the start of the Tree of Life and the Alliances there are a new group of breedable dragons with the Primal element. The list includes:

    Dual Blade

    NOTE 3: May 10, 2018 two new dragons have been added to the list of Permanently breedable dragons. Gorge and Jolts have joined the list, more info HERE.

    NOTE 4: April 11, 2019 Double Primal, Dust (terra+primal) & Wildfire (flame+Primal) added as permanent breeds

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    @Frunobulax said in Another event based on greed??:

    @Marianne-van-Es said in Another event based on greed??:

    @Frunobulax I think you missed the firs 12 to 24 hours the event is already 24 hours on. first 12 hours 3 rares second 1 rare now no rare but probably will be one after 12 hours

    Yeah, and I saw it shortly after it started.
    Right now 0 rare cells. You must have different cell offers.

    Also, this is once again an event where new players are screwed because they don't have the kind of money to buy 6000 rare cells.

    Leaving the forum now.

    I must be playing the wrong games, can you point me to the ones that are similar to this that allows new players to accomplish all the same things that veterans do? Like most things in life the more experienced you get, the more you gain. You work towards getting better. Like everyone else when i first started i could not complete dungeons but as my islands grew so did my completion rate, just accomplish what you can and work towards getting further the next time. I've said it before and i will keep on saying it: every feature is not for everybody to complete. Everyone keeps throwing around the word fair but honestly i do not think it is fair for someone who has been playing a month to be able to do all that someone who has been playing a year can do. Just as that person worked up to that point so must everyone else....its called growth.

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    So now that I have calmed down a little here are my thoughts on this latest Rescue as well as the entire event:

    1. This started out bad from the very beginning and in retrospect that was my first warning sign I should have walked away from this. The Summer Party dragons should have all be obtainable for everyone, not just those who paid. If you make it impossible for the majority of the community to participate from the very beginning you are alienating the bulk of your revenue base, this does not entice people to pay it does the opposite.
    2. The quests, freebies and orbs in the race were helpful but once again the marketing was falsely misleading because even if you got them all you wouldn't have been able to empower them more than a couple of levels.
    3. Having quests that required the SP dragons made it impossible to actually empower them without additional gem costs.
    4. And now the Rescue though I find it pointless to say this because I've said it before yet nothing has changed but...Once again we have quests to get required keys but they are given out like they are food stamps at the beginning of the month. Either the keys need to be removed or the cool downs need to be removed. It is counter productive to have them both. Then you add in the fact that the quests are spaced out so that you have to speed them up or you will not have enough time since there was a 16 hour cool down on the hard path. A cool down which was unavoidable since the required dragons were on more than one node. Once again something that should not have been. You all promote a feature to entice the community to aim for it but then you set up the event to ensure the majority of the community fails. This was a very nice feature, something that would help many players but you set it up so that the majority of the people who get it are hackers, cheaters and high spenders. I have always considered myself a spender, though not a high spender but after this debacle I am either going to quit playing after 7 years or will become a f2p player. This super expensive, one time use item has turned me away from a game which I have loved for quite some time. But this was a deal breaker for me.

    Now if I was setting up this event it would go like this, after all there is no benefit or harm to complete its on the first or last day, es0ecially since you set up the artifact not to work until after the Rescue ends.....

    There would be keys but no cool downs on any levels. Or there would be no keys but the cool downs would be no more than 6 hours. There would also be the possibility to pay gems to end cool downs as they are in the arenas. The preliminary events would have a 3 or 4 day gap between them to allow for summoning/recalling/empowering. There would also be a week after the last preliminary event ended and the climatic event started to allow for summoning/recalling/empowering. All quests and freebies requiring the required dragons would be OVER before the last event started. And, most importantly if you market the event with the possibility of having 4 star dragons by the end, then enough opportunities should be given to get the orbs to reach 4 stars before the Rescue or last event begins.

    This is or was my last rescue, from now on I will control myself and save myself the aggravation and stress and just skip them and keep my gems and money to myself.

    To be continued....when I've calmed down more.

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    I did this in AP mode before I ran out of gems to prep you for the event. I might do gems for the last part of each node but I doubt I will get to the Titan (which is not Sea for me) but I am going to see how far I can go.

    0_1585233250270_2 - large food chest.jpeg

    0_1585233263216_3 - roulette.jpeg

    0_1585233275933_4 - legend egg.jpeg

    0_1585233284062_5 - 1000 tokens.jpeg

    0_1585233300019_6 - roulette.jpeg

    0_1585233311116_7 - mythical egg.jpeg

    0_1585233321726_8 - joker orbs.jpeg

    0_1585233332592_9 - joker orb chest.jpeg

    0_1585233344519_10 - sea titan.jpeg

    0_1585233354349_11 - roulette.jpeg

    0_1585233363978_12 - joker orb chest.jpeg

    EDIT: Here are the last two stages.



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    Here is a list of all non Breedable Dragons listed by Category

    Category 2


    Category 3

    O Rei
    Tin Woodman
    Uncle Sam

    *Note: SP says these are permanently breedable but noone has confirmed they have bred them since the Summer of 2016.

    EDIT: Current as of all dragons in dragon book 10/25/17.

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    Fellow Gamers:

    I have seen many posts today from users who are questioning why they did not win the race even though they were in first place but only on lap 4....etc.

    Folks it is stated in game, in the notes from the Producer and in the Help Tips you MUST reach lap 5 in order to qualify. You do not begin to get any of the rewards if you have not qualified, so your position in the race does not matter without qualification. If you are still listed below the **NON-QUALIFIED PLAYERS ** banner when the race ends than you do not get any prizes. If you are above the banner, then your position in the race determines what you qualify for.

    Also, if after the race ends, when you get the banner for your position, if it says You Didn't Qualify then again you are not eligible for any of the rewards, regardless of what position you were in. If your banner is red, you did not qualify. If you banner is green, then you did and you are eligible for rewards.

    I am not sure what else must be said for users to understand this, SP gives you all the information you need to tell if you qualify or not, so please if this is hard to understand, please explain where you are having trouble understanding, perhaps SP could change the wording to make it more understandable.

    0_1505134135541_hr did not qualify.png

    Notice the new banners in facebook and android.

    0_1506596539033_hi octane banner 092817.png

    So the race is over. You have reached LAP 5 or you won the race. Now what?

    Please follow the screenshots and list below to claim your prizes

    1. Right side of screen click the claim button
    2. Pop up tells you race is over
    3. Hit claim button again
    4. You will be transported to Heroic Race where you will get pop up telling you where you finished
    5. Next Screen, right side click green claim button
    6. It will show your prizes
    7. Pop up tells you items are in storage, bla, bla

    Pictorial does not necessarily correspond to numbered list and you will only get the prizes for your place in the race!

    If the items are not in storage, wait a sec or 2 then close game out. When you log back in, they should be there.

    If after all this, they still aren’t there, send a ticket to support. Instructions can be found in my signature line.

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    Icewind breeding event May 1rst to May 4th.

    0_1493641290752_icewind 050117.png

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    I did it!! It took a second team of Summer Party dragons along with Fenrir, Entity, Pungent and Tidal. Not to mention a boat load of more gems to summon and hatch the second set of dragons to get the artifact. In total this one artifact cost me 2100 gems, 1800 of that I purchased so that I could feed up Positivity or Happiness (still have not decided yet) but that won't happen because I needed 30 mil of that to level up Happiness and Positivity to 30 and 40 respectively, the remaining amount to recall and level up the second team of Summer Party dragons and the $20 to get Joy and Happiness from their event. This is by far THE MOST EXPENSIVE EVENT I have ever participated in and that includes the horrible Supremacy race which I over paid in. IF I decide to stay with DC I am on a spending freeze which means from now on I am only spending free gems that I earn, and I have very little of those left over. Now I need to recall those duplicate Summer dragons, at a loss of orbs, and put myself in an ICE CREAM coma. I do not know which will take me out first, the ice cream or the bottles of wine I am about to digest!! 🍧 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍨 🍷 🍧


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    In order to make sure SP sees and reads our feedback from this latest Rescue, because yeah I have a lot to say, I thought it wise to create a topic just for this only. Please keep in mind this topic is ONLY for the feedback based on the Rescue or Summer Party story, anything else will be removed. I would like this to stay clean and concise so we can point them to this thread so they can make changes and improvements for future rescues.

    With that said....

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    Folks in order to add some more organization to the forum game topics for events will now be in the Game Events section. Head on over...

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    Added the lap 15 notice about the reward after the race ends to the original post. Now let's see how many times we get the questions, complaints about not getting the dragon as soon as lap 15 is reached...

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    I am not sure what the issue is. If a racer reaches lap 15 and they are second or lower they get the heroic and the prizes of the lap they were on. If they get to lap 15 and is in first place, they still get the exact thing. Neither is getting anything more than the other. And sorry if a racer gets to lap 15 regardless of where they are in the race, they have EARNED their rewards. Getting to 15 is not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort. Heck compared to some of the races that some racers are in, the racer who goes to 15 could be and most likely worked HARDER and LONGER to get their prize then the ones who did it in less.

    Other than the 25 gems that the racers who are in 4th through 8th place, the person in first is getting all the prizes. So where is the issue you are referring to?

    And this was the place you should have put this concern.

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    I too am seriously considering this option, not only to stop ML but whether i should stop DC as well.

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    I knew Elusive was going to be just that...Elusive. I thought I was going to go for Goofy but again that proves to be too Elusive. Then I thought I was going to be able to go for a Stinger egg...but again elusive. So Frightening was my next goal....but once again elusive. So out of the four new dragons only Iceling is attainable for free. Seriously SP, only 1 of 4.....you are making me think some very nasty words, lucky for you I am a mod and not allowed to type them..so I would stay out of dark rooms if I was you because I am sending some bad mojo your way. GRRRRRRR!!

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    @Kaiju I would love to double upvote you because that is so true about steadily losing.....

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    @Pounawea please let the team know that I cannot moderate the forums for the next 11 days because I am GLUED to my tablet with all these nodes with the 10 minute wait times for the fights. Now I am not complaining too much because this is easier than those tedious breedings and hatchings but if my tablet burns out someone in Barcelona is replacing it....IJS. πŸ˜‰

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    Well we can stop speculating, they have made an announcement on their fb page. I must say I am impressed, though now I am kicking myself for buying so many vault slots. But I will take that and deal since I will be getting 80 more slots. Too bad they will not retrospectively refund gems spent on slots previously purchased.

    0_1551025239052_022819 vault keys.png

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    @hamza-jabir said in Wildbird in the Hero's Faith Maze:

    No im not ready to waste my time ans money on this stupid game.
    This game really became more for p2w players oh and also, give us a break.
    Im officialy gonna quite this game.
    Oh and stop writing these stupid stories.
    Its not like much people from the community are gonna read this

    Actually people do read it and people do enjoy them. But that aside, please read the forum rules as politeness is one of them. We must all remain civil regardless of our anger, frustration, disappointment....need I go on?

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    So based on this the treasure cave has returned improved with less traps. Surprise, surprise I reached my first trap on door 3...just like it was before the improvements.

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    I am officially done with it, it is a waste of time and I am certainly not using any gems on it.

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    @matthew-long12 said in Lord Pumpseed in the Pumpkindome Marathon:

    Why would the cells be not gift-able unless they came in increments of 120? This is a ridiculous notion they are going to HAVE to make these cells trade-able IMO.

    Why? The elites, vips nor nemesis cells are tradeable, if these are better than them then they are in line with the previous monster types.

    With that said, as a moderator I will keep my opinions on this monster and this marathon to myself or I would need to ban myself.

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    Very nice, got this as the magus spell for Natura!!

    0_1589265242961_051220 natura magus spell.png

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    You know I am going to have to get him, just on principle.

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  • Nynaevelan

    Congrats to the winners and everyone who entered, you guys are very creative.

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    In order to make the forum more visibly pleasing and user friendly we the moderators and admins have decided to reduce the number of stickied topics. However there are many that are useful for new and veteran players. So here you will find an index of the important topics in the General Discussion sub-section.

    Dragon City FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions}
    How to Navigate New Forum
    The Buildings of DC
    The Dragon Piggy Bank

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    @Carlos said in Thought on the new trait: ABOMINATION:

    F****ing Taringa!

    We are working on this right now πŸ˜‰

    Now now @Carlos how are we supposed to monitor the community when a SP rep is violating the forum rules???? LOL!

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    Three collections and all three at the 1000 max cap. Now that we have been short changed mid-event, my DCing has changed. I have officially become a free to play player in both DC and ML, I just can't keep throwing money at these games, especially since I do not see me playing much longer. It is getting more and more frustrating and less and less enjoyable.

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  • Nynaevelan


    Charging - 1399
    Norse - 2499
    Wildebeast - 899
    Deus Pet - 499
    Leaf - 1499
    Cheshire Cat - 699
    Hercules - 1199

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    @Clackers said in The #1 ranked gold challenge player:

    @MarshallTheBeef I doubt it is the real Thierry Gambier.

    Social Point plant, posts on the official Social Point forum, at the exact same time that we start a thread about it...

    You may say he lurks on the forum...but nobody lurks on a forum where you cannot understand the language.

    I want answers, SP!

    What answers do you want or need? The user came here and joined just to explain how and why he is a leader in the challenge, which he didn't have to do or needed to do, and yet he still is accused of not being a real player? Honestly does it matter because the way I see it these challenges are for the true veterans or those who invest a lot of time and money to get to these competitive levels quickly. I guess this is another indication of my non-competitive bone sticking out because I do not concern myself with those high level players because I know my islands are not at a level to be competitive with them nor do I wish to invest in lots of gems to get there. However I do plan to reevaluate my islands to try to improve them so that I can rise higher in the boards to bring in some more free gems from them. How about we as individuals work to achieve what he has and stop questioning their validity and please oh please stop accusing every top or near the top level player as being hackers or SP plants.

    Now I am off to reapply myself to getting more gold runes put on my non fighting monsters cause I wanna earn gold close to those levels. And let me just say THANK YOU to @Thierry-Gambier for giving me some pointers to increase my gold earnings.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @SilverWolff it shaves off 20% and I think it is worth it to have both the tree and mountain upgraded, especially during breeding events. But if you do not have the gems to spare, having one upgraded should do you until you do have them. I would rather upgrade my buildings before using gems to purchase dragons.

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  • Nynaevelan

    I did a comparison of the costs of the first 200 slots of DCs dragonarium and even IF you add in that fact that the monsters are still available in the Vault versus their unavailability in DC the jump in costs....nope it just does not compute. ML is going to need a much better than 50% sale than what DC offers. This is based on an assumption that there are 5 for 45 gems and the remaining 165 will be for 50 gems each. This is @ a 69% increase in DC prices, unless of course my math is off...

    0_1506088931062_storage comparison.png

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    @Marianne-van-Es said in Does anyone have the Monster Vault yet? Can you tell us the costs, etc.?:

    @Nynaevelan Before Vault came I bought 2 Zyla's on FB, my first VIP I was so happy now Im no longer only feel sadness and anger because I'm starting to feel like so many and wondering if this is the beginning of the end the only thing that is left now is my team....

    I agree, I too am feeling the same way. It just does not look like it is feasible for me to continue playing this game. I am a collector first and foremost, with my team being second. If I no longer can collection without having to forgo paying my mortgage it may be time to move on. I have been playing since the first year it came out and have been a p2p player for most of that time. To use this vault to continue on would cost me over $500 and that is just for my existing monsters. Now you add in the crippling of events for vet players, the super flawed multiplayer arena and the strain of the team wars. Not only is it becoming frustrating to play but the one feature that kept me going is now crippled. This building has turned into an insult to vet players. It's as if they said "here is what you demanded, now pay for it or leave my game!" This right here almost makes me want to use a hack just to say screw you back. I say all this to say, when a game makes me this angry, it is time to give that game up.

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  • Nynaevelan

    Lap 15 node 1, thanks to the extra gems from the tasks this one actually didn't cost me anything.

    0_1507550255747_hi octane final 100917 small.png

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  • Nynaevelan

    @LilCricketPa said in I did not have internet and so I paid for it and I collaborated a little in the race, it would be fair if they gave me something:

    @Marianne-van-Es I wonder if we could apply this logic to other things. Like I didn’t have HBO before Game of Thrones. So they...Comcast...should give me something for getting HBO.

    lol....yeah they should. BTW I did the HBO channel on Amazon for the season then cancel it, and picked up the Starz channel for Outlander. I wonder if Amazon will give me free Prime for getting HBO and/or Starz. LOL, sarcasm here.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @Louloutre said in Dragon Hunter Easter Hunt March 26th to April 2nd:

    But then how are we supposed to do the quest 1 for Gauntlet? 😞

    "Temporary Quest Details for Gauntlet Dragon Orbs:
    Quest ONE
    Date: 26 Mar - 29 Mar
    Requirements: Soul Eater Dragon (From Epic Journey Event Island)
    Rewards: Ace Dragon & 3 Gauntlet Dragon Orbs"

    Unfortunately this is something that was brought to SPs attention, if you do not already own the Soul Eater you will not be able to complete this one.

    EDIT: We just received word, this one has been deactivated until the next event where you can get the Soul Eater dragon. For those that already started it, it will restart on March 30th. NOTE when it is reactivated you will not lose your progress if you already started it. YAY!!

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  • Nynaevelan

    Four and a half months later #800 joins the family. Though technically i also have 801 and 802.

    0_1524136457505_041918 mist no 800.png

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  • Nynaevelan

    Mini Rant coming....

    I am sitting here catching up on my reading in my facebook groups. And all I see are a lot of comments and complaints of users about the race and then they say they are only on laps less than 5 but still think they should be given the heroics. I am sorry we are a week into the race, these are the hardest and toughest dragons of the game, they should not be easy or cheap to get. Even casual players can get farther than lap 5. And before you start yelling and yapping how my opinion is "wrong" I have my account which I use to seriously race, where I am on lap 18 and I also casually race and maybe log in once a day or so in a gaming account and that account is just under lap 4 so I know it is possible to be a casual player and still be able to qualify. However heroic dragons and races are NOT for the casual player. If you are not willing to put in the time or gems then stop complaining and demanding the race should be easier or you should be given the rewards, thats what the other events are. These races are for the serious players, you either need to be in the time or the money...

    Rant over....

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