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    That is not good. I will slay them all. Especially Faboulous Joker.

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    So, hey guys. I watched a lot of yt videos and I noticed all of those YouTubers have 300k gems and above. But how can they do so? Do they work in socialpoint or do they really just hack? No one has got enough money and brain to pay so much.

    I hope u know what I mean...

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    I hatched a space pirate dragon with lvl 18

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    I still don’t understand those pools. What is that? And what do they mean?

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    My question about this is: Does it increase the chance, when the dragons are on higher levels?
    I‘m right, am I not?
    I fed a dolphin dragon to level 23 and the Big rockstar also cause I try to get my favourite dragon, the high tension dragon.

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    Hey, this Event started yesterday and there’s no topic about this yet, so I wanted to start one.

    Per breed 1% Chance to get an heroic dragon.

    Dragons that we can get during the Cyber Week:

    Monday 12:00 till Tuesday 12:00
    High Queen Dragon

    Halloween Dragon & Luminiscent Dragon needed!

    Tuesday 12:00 till Wednesday 12:00
    High Entity Dragon

    Mater Natura Dragon & Wandering Dragon needed!

    Wednesday 12:00 till Thursday 12:00
    High Tension Dragon

    Dolphin Dragon & Big Rockstar Dragon needed!

    Thursday 12:00 till Friday 12:00
    High Spirits Dragon

    Pirate Dragon & Amethyst Dragon needed!

    Friday 12:00 till Saturday 12:00
    High Score Dragon

    Photon Dragon & Pure Dark Dragon needed!

    Saturday 12:00 til Sunday 12:00
    High Commander Dragon

    Redwoods Dragon & Pure Electric Dragon needed!

    Sunday 12:00 till next Monday 12:00
    High Fenrir Dragon

    Pure Sea Dragon & Pure Nature Dragon needed!

    Origins of the dragons you need:

    Available by breeding:
    Luminescent Dragon
    Mater Natura Dragon
    Pirate Dragon
    Photon Dragon
    Pure Dark Dragon
    Redwoods Dragon
    Pure Electric Dragon
    Pure Sea Dragon
    Pure Nature Dragon

    Available by Cages:
    Wandering Dragon

    Available by Quests:
    Amethyst Dragon

    The rest (Halloween Dragon, Dolphin Dragon & Big Rockstar Dragon) is available by buying in the shop, but many of you may have them probably already!

    Good luck!


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    @mark-pepin said in Poo Dragon:

    I agree, mud dragon as the first and any legendary as the second. I got a poo dragon today after 4 years of trying every other combo I could think of.

    Could you please tell me what level your dragons were on?

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    Well, yeah, hi again.
    I compared three results of the DragonCityGuide breeding calculator and found this.

    2_1575193574073_5685020F-B054-4AA0-9C15-FA717F232F43.jpeg 1_1575193574049_C39BC2B6-C244-4ECC-A046-C9087216A015.jpeg 0_1575193574036_F198CA9C-3366-4761-9AE7-3D9C947D8AA4.jpeg

    That’s pretty much the whole thing.

    • first one is Droconos with mud
    • Second one is Droconos with sad
    • third one is Droconos with sea

    As you have eyes and can see, the one you prefer is exactly in the middle of the both (with chance to get) and with the other point, time to get, it’s also kinda in the middle.
    Droconos with Sad has the best chances, but lasts one day longer at all.
    Droconos with Sea has the worst chances, but just lasts 5 days.
    I always tried the upper one, but now I know: the one with the mud works kinda better.

    One thing you should know is also: You have to have lower levelled dragons, these results are with level 4-9 dragons.

    I think you are absolutely right.

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    Re: Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event)
    Hello everyone!
    I know that this thread above this text is pretty old, and I don’t know if there was already a post about this, but why not posting this? I mean it’s a bug I noticed during the first alliance race.
    I could easily switch my alliance and found one at last, that had at least lap 5 and was 1st.
    So I got high feral and it’s my best dragon till today.
    But I don’t think that was the sense of that alliance races.
    I also don’t know whether there were other alliance races.
    If there is so, and the bug was already corrected there, then excuse me, I just wanted to help.

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    The first thing actually worked ages ago. But just for 1 month or so... probably that explains those mud dragons in my storage 💂

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