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    i love this update. finally you can breed more dragons. and that is the original meaning of the game.

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    Hi. In the new update there should be a "Possible Results" Button. But where? I don’t find one.

    "The “Possible Results” button on the breeding screen will now present players with helpful information about which dragon outcomes are possible based on the parents selected."

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    Did Socialpoint read this?!
    The breeding reborn update is here and it is the BEST update for YEARS. Finally we can breed more dragons!! And look at your dragon book, SO MANY BREEDABLE DRAGONS!!!1!1!1!!1!!!
    I am so pleased about this you cannot even imagine.
    Thank you, socialpoint, for this unimaginably great update.
    Now I’m leavin‘, I have to breed some nice dragons... 😄

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    I finally managed to get space dragon. :'D

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    @bettina-löffler said in *** Black Magic Maze, Nov 19 - 30, 2020 ***:

    Diablo -R- #1427

    I looked at this dragon in my dragon book, it is VR, isn’t it?

    ...And why does the hypno dragon path cost so much? I mean, it is a rare Dragon... Even the space dragon's path costs less... and this one is epic...

    I am trying to get the space dragon, good luck!

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    Hello. You all know we have more than 1400 dragons in the Game and the Last breedable was number 1130 or so. You know, it is the wind dragon.
    Just about 15.6% of all dragons are breedable, and I think That is much too less.
    At least, we need new breedable dragons with the wind element. Every element has that, why not the new wind element?

    Also, there are too many legendaries in this game. Just take a look in the dragon book:
    8_1605426475702_5863B46D-7677-4BC7-BA42-531582592C0D.jpeg 7_1605426475702_CB413197-5383-4045-B3D7-3133553F6681.jpeg 6_1605426475702_399BCEFA-A0F3-4DD5-9A9F-C6D31A33D0E7.jpeg 5_1605426475702_6193EBAF-EFCE-4AFE-9CDC-94A13FB2875D.jpeg 4_1605426475702_9CD1FDE0-C7C6-4A1B-9034-4297CDDB21CF.jpeg 3_1605426475702_A3029A3F-F5CF-46FD-A4E2-4DFF55F081B8.jpeg 2_1605426475701_643F540B-B776-48F7-92FE-01FC870B414F.jpeg 1_1605426475701_EA9EA299-8FA9-4CF0-99C0-25CB0ECCA2B2.jpeg 0_1605426475701_1FD7FE16-B8EE-4ECA-81E9-2FE7CEEA7146.jpeg

    Do you know what I mean?

    And if sp would be nice and could add a few dragons that are not legendary AND NOT TOTALLY WEIRD, i would be very pleased.

    Thank you for listening.

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    @nynaevelan said in Every YouTuber is hacking?:

    Sadly tasks are determined by what's available in your region and device. Apple stopped most of the task types so if you play on ios you will be at an bigger disadvantage.

    i could not do any task on iOS and I have tried so many times it is no more imaginable.

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    @aidan-drysdale said in Strongest dragons:

    Well I am just a level 60 player

    Me too, and my top3 are also heroic:

    -High Feral Dragon
    -High Super Dragon
    -High Malicious Dragon

    all on Level 30 to 35 cause I do not have much food.
    And all A+ of course

    ...and why do some people here own a kratus Dragon on Level 70?! how long did it take you to do this?!

    Edit: language per forum rules

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    this will break the game

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