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    Tittle is pretty self explanatory but, recently monster legends on Facebook released this picture:


    So it got me thinking... What if you can choose skins for your monster?!?

    Now hold on... before you think this is pay to win...

    Ways you can achieve skins:

    1. levels: every 5 levels you gain, you get a special level exclusive skin for a random monster.

    2. Duengons: new duengons where you can get different skins for different monsters

    3. Pvp: Get a certain rank (bronze,silver,gold,etc...)
      And each season is a new skin that can be achieved for a certain monster

    Now, if you get a skin for a monster you don’t have, well then there will be a option to sell it..? (In inventory)

    Some more way to get skins: Team war shop, chest rewards, purchasing chests, skin shop, and other events..!

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    Sensitive: All torture/deny effects have double effectiveness. Bleeding: Double damage, double power reduce. Blind: 50% —> 100%


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    You mean like auto craft? Seems like that would be a building you should pay for like food, rune, breeding boost? ( Cost 300 gems for 30 days? ) Should be toggable too!

    Maybe also...

    Auto food/collect: Automatically purchases highest amount of food depending on the amount of coins you have, when ready to be harvest, it harvests and auto farm back..?

    Auto gold collect: automatically collects gold based on amount you want... (you can set 25/50/75/100% full to the amount when full, that it collects)

    Auto breed/collect: Keeps on breeding a combination of monsters.

    Idea: Slap all of this together in one building called the auto robot or something machine that cost 100 million gold to purchase and first activation is free to use for 30 days, after 30 days, purchase with 300 gems again in order to use for another 30 days?

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    This is just my opinion...

    1. XGame Play Monster Legends: Active, but lots of clickbait (or little content of thumbnail)


    1. Tu Tran: Daily videos, amusing editing (lol), covers a lot of content, sometimes content is replaced with random pvp battles...


    1. Armor Gaming: Live streams, monsters review, nice guides on events, little to no clickbait, good content.


    Honorable mentions:

    Esentis: decent videos, good editing, not the best English (obviously native speaker of something else?), check him out!


    MonsterLegendsAllDayEveryDay: No clickbait, a high ranked player who knows what their doing, good content.


    I don’t know about you guys, but tell me what you think the best ML youtubers are?

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    Seems hard, especially if you can only set a team of monsters, say you have no healing monsters or revive; assuming your stats don’t refresh once you beat a node, otherwise every node has a random element/book restriction and each node you get different monsters to attack on the defense node or maybe each node get’s less health each time? Say first defense node is full health monsters enemy, next is 2/3 health with 75% stamina to enemy team, last node is 1/3 health 25% speed loss to enemy team.

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    How will the chest be categorized though...?

    Map chest, pvp chest, team war chest? Also the time thing is kinda nonsense, if this were the case all chests should have wait limit also

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    Seems way too complicated, combat should be simple and easy to understand.

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    I mean you see league of legends having it’s own anime and all, so why not?

    I know about the budget and all that but if social point had it then it’s be great to make the player base bigger..?

    Synopsis idea: Shi hou And his allies Varuna and basthet are on their journey of becoming a monster master, on the way they discover ragnarok and must defeat him!

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    Finishing the adventure map makes it completely boring after doing it..!

    To make it more fun / endless, there should be 4 game modes?

    1. Easy
    2. Medium
    3. Hard
    4. Impossible

    You start on easy first, then once you beat it, you move on to the next game mode.

    Easy would just be normal monsters

    Medium would have monsters with decent runes and relics

    Hard would have monsters with medium features and ranked up a bit

    Impossible will have hard features and have bonus traits

    Each time you complete a game mode, the rewards get better? For example:

    Easy mode island 1 : 1000 gold + 2500 xp
    Medium mode island 1: 10,000 gold + 25,000 xp
    Hard mode island 1: 100,000 gold + 250,000 xp + bronze relic chest
    Impossible mode island 1: 1,000,000 gold + 2,500,000 xp + 5 bronze relic chests

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    I suggest posting this in team hall

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