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    I opened 2 black chests... just FOOD... FOOD!

    How do you get heroics easier rather than the races? Im lvl 25 stuck with lvl 30 Electric Titan Dragon, Jewel Dragon, and Lunar Eclipse Dragon as my best and everyone around my trophy level has a heroic dragon ( SO MANY HIGH DRUIDS THO ) at my level and I don't have anything but an Electric Titan T^T

    There has to be an easier way because im getting stressed out because I'm loosing more battles than winning them, as SO MANY PEOPLE have a heroic dragon or I skip until I can't. I just wanna know how though, my favorite is the High Priest and High Score dragon .p .

    Edit: Pishing link removed. Next time you put something like that you will be banned.

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    Hello everyone,,
    With the announcement of the new heroic race, Vortex, and he new heroic dragon, High Portal, I was curious as to how matchmaking between the competitors are determined. I’m guessing its by general activity. If so, how do they measure this “activity”? Thanks in advance! 🙏🏻

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    Hello Moderators, Admin and Players.
    I needed to create a consolidated thread so that it is easy for me to re-read information to build my ML game properly. I really hope you will give feedback.

    Note that I read your Dummies Advice and I am following it.

    WRT to Dummies, here's follow up questions/clarifications:

    I am 18/1,320 of the adventure map, and I could not win yet.
    I think because I am not choosing the right dragons. However, i got some basic questions.

    Does the ML give us discounted prices/promotions on
    removed link as by forum rules
    hatcheries, (40 gems now)?
    Workers (50 gems on the 3rd one)
    The book ....there is no search function?
    Dragons in Habitats.....how can I know where is which dragon since there is no search function that I can discover?
    Is the Runes re-usable to another dragon?
    As a beginner, I know that I will make mistakes, so I wanted to know if I attached a magic rune to say Firekong, can I take it out and re-attached to Thundenix?

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    @fox while I welcome improved rewards, doing it this late in the season is not necessarily a good thing. Based on the current rewards I made the decision to leave Legendary and have been working away at dropping down to Gold II. Would be nice to be able to make strategic decisions without fear of moving goalposts.

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