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    @Marianne-van-Es said in PSA for SP Content Update Department:

    @Portgas-D.-Ace well im no tech and certainly not someone in charge of updates,
    but isnt there some button/switch you can push or turn on to not do an automatic update and when is a good moment to do update/maintenance or even to announce it. When its good for you its probably not good for me. I know when there is a major update then there is a role out, SP often announces them...

    Oh consider yourself lucky, if you haven't been in those final maze discount hour where the game keeps resetting and you lose maze coins if you happen to be moving, because of whatever they are doing in the back end. There was one where they wasted so much of the hour, I didn't have time to even make all my moves.

    Disabling automatic update does not save you from these, just so you know.

    It doesn't matter if it is a good time for you or me, when these unavoidable resets happen. Even if I don't happen to play at the moment it happens, I wouldn't want my team mate, friends, or other players to have to go thru such frustration.

    It helps everyone if we know when it is planned to occur so players don't try to battle during these times.

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    Someone please relay this message to the nice folks in charge of updates:

    Please try to not update the game, run maintenance, or other shenanigans during the last hour of the maze. Many players are trying to use their coins during this discounted time. You have done it several times now and it has been a very unpleasant experience, to the point that I feel something needs to be said.


    Also, have you guys ever considered doing announced server maintenance/update so is more systematic for everyone? As a player, it sucks to be winning in a war battle or PVP, only to be greeted with a message "Surprise!! Something went wrong, please restart the game" or just plain crashing due to unannounced game updates or maintenance.

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    @Ekto-Gamat said in Report bugged skills here:

    @MonstrousManiac said in Report bugged skills here:

    @Ekto-Gamat This is likely due to Fatid's Resurrection skills using a positive effect for them to work, and this means Artifact monsters can't be revived due to them being immune to all status effects.

    There is definitely a logic to Fatid not being able to revive something that wasn't 'alive' in the first place. But then it should:

    a) Work the same for the other resurrecting monsters. I.e.: make 'resurrection' a positive status effect in general, not just when Fatid uses it.
    b) Not apply a reaper countdown on my still dead/broken artifacts either. ;)

    I suspect the different damage boosts in the resurrection skill is the positive effect that is stopping the skill from working.

    The code is probably written to "apply damage boost AND resurrect AND apply reaper countdown". If any does not happen, the skill fails.

    If the condition can be written to apply the 3 effects independent of each other it should solve the issue. (my crude guess)

    Edit: There is an official ruling that Fatid is not allowed to resurrect Artifacts. Source:


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    @Haka-Taka Don't have a copy of Nidaria yet, so would involve a little extra work :D. Is no biggie since the event is ending soon.

    Just want to point out their false advertising, as they said "all Legendary Breedable monsters" :P

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    @Haka-Taka said in Breedy event.:

    yes LoA and Laomu

    Galante is already required in Laomu's breeding, so I didn't fault them for that. For being a couple, SP really frowns upon a combination of Galante + Violet in any breeding event. And Galante + Jr., well is just wrong.

    Was hoping to get a little better chance at elementals for ranking Kihaku :(

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    Did they completely forgot about Lord of Atlantis?

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    I can understand the use of chests with random prizes when you want to make more money thru sales.

    However in an event, players should be rewarded similarly for their efforts, and this different tiers of randomness in prizes is rather unpleasant for the players who don't have luck on their side.

    For example, in the maze, we get a Gold Relic Chest when you get to a certain node. Although random, everyone is getting a Gold Relic, not someone getting a bronze, and someone getting a diamond.

    Just using this Relic Progressive as an example, it would be a much better event if you made some nodes a Silver Relic Chest, some a Gold Relic Chest. And maybe for players that got far enough, like after 6 nodes you get to a Diamond Relic Chest that everyone can enjoy getting.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    I am trying to like the new changes, but just really having a hard time finding the positives for the players.

    So in the previous races, completing 14 laps is minimum requirement for getting a Rank 3 monster. Now is 25 laps. I am not celebrating this as a victory to stop race hoppers, as EVERYONE now has to pay more for the same thing (including the players who don't use race teams). Big win for SP though, bravo.

    Unless you are in the top 100, the elementium reward is less than the previous races (while requiring more work in the form of lap completion). Much worse if you are not in the top 5000. For top 5000, the 40 extra Nature elemental cells is not as valuable compared to the elementium loss.

    For the more casual/less competitive team, before it is possible to get the race monster by completing as low as 4 laps. Now 4 laps gets them Soap Sam. Seriously, Soap Sam?? Like even Hayman is too good for them?

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    Hi @Rich512

    We have a newly reformed team consisting of very active members that really strive to do 5/5 each war (we removed the inactive ones). We help our members win races, and is a very friendly environment.

    The group also communicates on FB messenger, and we share helpful info about events, monster builds, and such.

    If you are interested come give us a try, our team name is Fortress Empyrean. Take care and good luck on your search!

    P.S. If you are interested in joining, let us know and we will make room for the 3 of you :)

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    It seems to be evolving in the direction I proposed nearly a year ago.


    If the options for player customization can be added, then there can be more variables in battles, and we can customize defense more depending on the team make up, war rules, etc.

    Example: In wars with Faraday, I might want to set Timerion's Stop Time as the last priority move on the list, where in wars against Kihaku, I might want Loop Damage as 1st priority move.

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