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    Like so many of the previous player's complaints, I get to experience a crash in Nemesis Survival Dungeon today, leading to a complete wipe of my team. Just to be clear, this is a complete crash, not even a pop up that there is a problem, just suddenly closed on its own. (It was on an easy node with Voltaik)

    Tried to report the problem to support, and of course greeted with their courteous blaming of my wifi having disconnections, and I should have tried to play in areas with reliable connection. I was playing at home as I was too afraid to do it elsewhere, but of course it has to be the player's fault. Their coding is too pro for crashes to be possible. As expected, the caring support tech ended their heartwarming message with their signature phrase, "sorry nothing we can do".

    I am pretty sure the devs don't care much about feedback, as this issue has been brought up numerous times. The injustice of it all really sank in once I experienced it first hand. Instead of accepting responsibility of their glitches, they are openly blaming players so they don't have to investigate or correct the problem, and of course skip out on any need to compensate the victim.

    This is probably the last straw for me, I look at all the injustice I have to put up with this game to play it, and is just staggering:

    • the unfairness to high level players in 72 hour challenges, repeated ignored; for our effort and plea to make it more fair, we are now not even offered ranked monster rewards from it.
    • monsters lose their value and become obsolete before you even have time to rank them to 120, let alone fully rank them, the goal post shifting in this game is unreal
    • the recent Thalassa refund, where they gave out free blessing rewards or elemental cells to exploiters, while punishing players who are honestly trying to just earn one diamond relic in nemesis survival
    • PVP system, not even going to start with this......
    • the team shop monster selection being completely neglected, making war coins becoming less and less meaningful; but sure keep the generals as overpriced as possible
    • the abysmal breeding events are like the plague, and now it is tied to exclusive dungeons; as if that was not bad enough, now they make it only 50 cells so you can't even get the monster from the dungeon
    • the endless hordes of bugs and glitches that pops out faster than them churning out monsters is a marvel in itself
    • nerfing monsters after people spend on them, all in the glorious name of balancing
    • last but not least, their uncanny ability to make the situation worse whenever we ask for fixes or improvement. It has got to be intentional right?

    There are probably much more. You wonder why those teams in the higher levels are constantly looking for recruits, and so many are shrinking to do merges? Because people can only put up with so much before they quit.

    When a game is more interested in making money at the cost of fairness and balance, it is no longer a game I will enjoy or support. Take care my forum friends, may you have more perseverance than I do to survive here.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    Problem easily solved with 1 decent Pestilence Trap.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    Yeah hope it is just forgotten and if they do read posts like they say, maybe seeing this one will help move things along.

    But I won't recommend using elementium for ranking him until it is clear.

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  • Portgas D. Ace


    You guys are aware that Babari's Bolt Aura seems to have no limit in duration once cast? I think I saw a Gakora mirror in PVP and it lasted a long time as well, so may need to look into all monsters with mirror skills.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    Is very sad to see that a lot of the events that actually benefit the players is occurring less and less.

    Besides Rune Slot Discount, I can't remember when was the last time we had Sharing Happy Hour (where we can donate and receive more cells than usual).

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    @Tyroz said in Thalassa's Refund-How does it work?:

    I will try to reply point by point:

    1. The reward obtained for the Blessing won't be touched.
    2. The Cell obtained in the roulette won't be touched.
    3. The Runes and Relics equipped will disappear if they are still equipped in the moment of the refund.

    Hope now is more clear.

    So for those who don't really need the refund can do the refund anyways, and get another massive set of elemental cells for free when Thalassa's dungeon comes around.

    And those who do want the refund, they are given a free set of blessing rewards in addition to the massive set of elemental cells from the roulette.

    Seriously, please don't go around telling your players you support fair play anymore. At least you won't be called a hypocrite.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    Is not just Kihaku.

    Patient Cyber used to be able to use Endemic Pathogens (AOE CD activate) before this update, now the priority of this skill is so low it will never be used by the AI over other skills unless everything other one is on cooldown.

    Gakora used to use Lord of Beginnings, now it uses Fearlessness instead.

    There are probably others but those are the ones I was able to see for sure.

    Seriously, they are ACTIVELY making all these changes to make monsters perform worse on defense, while requiring players to do well in PVP defense to advance, and at the same time promoting that they are making changes to create a "smarter AI". Unbelievable week we are having.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    You should absolutely pursue all means to get a refund, either from SP support (unlikely) or from Apple or Google depends on which you used. If enough people requests they may see a trend and give them a warning from doing something like this in the future.

    If they are allowed to change whatever they want, whenever they want, I see no reason why you can't go back on your purchase. That trust between buyer and seller has been destroyed beyond repair once they set this precedence.

    If they really wanted to keep your business and the money earned from your purchase, they would've chosen to allow for a swap to a different nemesis of your choice.

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    Looking at the way they have been doing things, the change itself is cut and dry, there isn't any room for debate (nor feedback), and it will be pushed out whether the majority of the player base is for it or against it.

    The main point that will impact how the player base will receive this change, will be how much will the dev team do to help compensate players who feels they are either cheated or tricked into their investment of certain monster(s) due to this unforeseeable change of rules.

    At the present, allowing for skill changes and rune unequip discount is no where even remotely close to what people spent in gems or cash for ranking up the monsters/buying nemesis chests, heroic orbs, etc. Seriously, there are recurring events that happens often for the same rune unequip discount.

    If the dev team is willing to provide a way to even salvage one monster investment, it will be a much better solution. Stop feeding the image of the greedy SP to people, and show you care about the players trust when they purchase your products. Show that when you change something, for better or for worse, that you are willing to be responsible for the impact it causes.

    I had proposed before allowing for swapping of one monster for another, but if that process is too difficult to implement, consider other possibilities such as allowing decomposition of a non-breedable legend into elementium equivalent of the same rank, and WM to orbs needed to create for the same rank.

    @Marianne-van-Es said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    What I do believe is that in this process the devs forget that we players have invested in these monsters that are now changed so its not so easy to switch even if we own those monsters

    I don't think "forget" is the correct word if we clearly express "feedback" that their current mitigation approach is inadequate. If this is all they think our effort and trust is worth, I think the more appropriate word is "ignore".

    Edit: Just want to tell @Haka-Taka although I have only known you on these forums, you have always been a friendly, extremely helpful and modest moderator. I have a lot of respect for you, and truly sad to see you go. Is a huge loss for our community. Take care friend!

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  • Portgas D. Ace

    @Fox said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Regarding the changes themselves, as some of the players mentioned in this thread, the changes have no monetization purpose but should bring longevity to the game.

    If you guys really understands the plight this change puts the majority of your player base thru, and that there really isn't any monetization purposes, how about showing a little gesture of good will to help the players?

    I think if you allow each account, for a limited time, to exchange 1 monster (per account) for a different one in the same value category to the same rank, it would help tremendously for the player base to transition through this change.

    For example:

    A nemesis for a different nemesis, for all those who feels Ruby has been nerfed to the ground.
    A regular gem purchasable monster for a different gem purchasable monster to help those who regret ranking something (for example Kihaku) not knowing of this new drastic change.
    A warmaster for a different warmaster, etc.

    Is easy for you guys to suddenly get up out of bed and decide to turn things upside down for us players. But if you guys truly care, don't make the players be the only ones paying the price of your decision, pitch in and help out!

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