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    Dear community,

    Here's some exclusive information for you, Dragon Masters! Get your PRIMAL Dragons fed and trained as we are about to open the brand new PRIMAL Arena.

    Check out below the Dates, Rules & Rewards that are coming!


    Season I - Dates: 16 July - 6 August

    Arena Rules:

    • Required Element: PRIMAL Element

    Rewards for this Season

    Primal Arena (III):

    • Top 10 players in the Rankings Rewards:
      120 Orbs Drummer Dragon [ Arena Dragon with special skills!] [ Elements: Primal, War, Nature and Electric!] + Gems + Food + Gold + Masked Dragon

    • Top 11- 50 players in the Rankings Rewards:
      Gems + Food + Gold + Masked Dragon

    • Top 51 - 100 players in the Rankings Rewards:
      Food + Gold + Masked Dragon

    • All other players Rewards (100+):
      Gold + Masked Dragon

    0_1531389417419_Screenshot_20180712-115435_DragonCity.jpg 0_1531389432617_Screenshot_20180712-115521_DragonCity.jpg

    Get ready, Dragon Master! Train & feed your PRIMAL Dragons Dream Team that you will use and Battle your way to the TOP!

    Have a great day and see you all back on the islands!

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