• Pranyt Prakash

    @Clackers Best combo: Bloody Pith, Moss Drown, Body Chop & African Baobab

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  • Pranyt Prakash

    This app is constantly having connection error issue with an extremely stable LTE/ Wifi network. Seems like the games servers are not able to handle the number of connections hence app constantly get connection error issue. WHY is there no roll back feature in the game? When connection issue happens during team war fight or PVP fight, you automatically lose the fight! That should not be the case! Why aren't the developers listening??? Also this new app keeps freezing on the roulette screen. Clearing cache, uninstalling & re-installing game should not be the solution, a permanent fix needs to be applied. This is a very data heavy app compared to Clash of Clans and other similar apps which don't have connection issues and chew up far less data! The new PVP is crap, once you enter fight and if you try to exit the fight without pressing the fight button, you lose automatically! Fix all of these issues!!!

    Edit: language please, per forum rules. Also I suggest you send a ticket so they directly hear about your issues.

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