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    @C0ntr1v3d said in War Books - Top Picks:

    No mention of Samael in Winged??

    In relation to defence, I put Plague Carrier ahead of Fever Scatterer for 2 reasons:

    1. It is faster, recognising that with Rune Guardian this may mean little; and

    2. Immunity to energy drain due to 0 cost Samael's Warrior coupled with giving its ally full stamina and etc.

    The reasoning I would put FC above PC on defense, is in the event there is a restriction where the offense cannot stack buffs to blow up your defense, the offense may need to resort to picking off threats 1 by 1.

    The FC can be a legitimate threat because if he allowed to live, his 100% buff onto himself posses a serious threat to a defense without the requirement of a strength rune. PC buffing himself with 50% damage will hurt, but it won't be enough to threaten lethal damage.

    PC on offense will always outspeed another PC on defense, so the way I see it, given the restrictions don't provide double stacking buff opportunities, the only way to actually steal a coin from that sort of offense is if the opponent ends up ignoring the FC, and the FC buffs himself to kill the opposing PC.

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    Top picks list is up to date as of version 5.6. Sept 5th, 2017

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    One last thing, semi relevant to the topic.

    There is a line between broken and overpowered, VIPs are considered overpowered because of that trait, a 15% edge over tough trait, most of the VIP's skill's were in line in terms of dmg/effects with other popular non vips. Same thing with nemesis, they are overpowered due to being the only monsters with all these options, but trait wise, id say the nemesis trait is still inferior to tough. However they are still subject to the rng factor of the game. No Vips(minus zyla) or nemesis(thus far) have actually broken the game, they are simply an improvement on what already existed.

    Broken is a whole other thing that i feel needs to be addressed and will probably do a post on it sooner than later. These monster's bypass the mechanics of the game and enable "perfect" offenses. Meaning 0% chance of losing with the proper set up for runes, and there are no defensive answers to them.

    The dev's used the term "dominant strategy" with thetys+voltaik offenses. They didnt quite explain why its a "dominant strategy" and who exactly the main problem of that duo.

    The way to counter thetys, have impactful ultimates on your defense, or make more super attuned monsters.

    Thety's stam devour is overpowered in the sense, you reduce the risk you are exposed to RNG from 10% to 5%. AOE disables are usually 90% but stop the risk of a defense countering with an ultimate. For SD, when that 5% does occur it hits you hard.

    Voltaik/zyla on the other hand are broken because of the way they scale in terms of damage. X red gives 102% dmg, X life gives 108%, and with HP being scaled higher as you progress beyond lv 100, it comes to the point when monsters stop OHK each other, the more life runes a defense stacked the larger the gap widened between STR and Life runes.

    Both v/z scale with red but breaks the game with stamina, 152% for X rune. They both already can kill any singular monster with just one str or stamina rune, with the synergy of stamina runes + multiple +turns for ultimate procs, that enables them to wipe entire teams no risk. They bypass the RNG factor of missing because their attacks are broken into little chunks and can't be countered on defense. If the opponents decide to go heavier on life runes, the offense can keep up by adding more team stamina. If they decide to go full speed defense, a denial lead voltaik offense can still do lethal dmg with just 1 stamina. The scaling of these two monsters are completely out of line compared to traditional monsters and their damage range.

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    I must be fighting too many VIPs to start calling tough with bulwark. And yes i forgot to mention alces pet, been a while since hes seen action from my. Also the fire nemesis, have to double check my eyes, I blame too many monsters for my mix up. But yes its freeze immune and burn. Thank you for the proper corrections.

    I think the main thing that I came away with after fighting some nemesis and countless VIPs, is nemesis will be more offense oriented for players, it gives them many offensive tools to handle alot of situation. Their trait is the main reason they arent nearly as good as VIPs for defense, always an exploitable weakness with nemesis, you might not have it but all it takes is a few members with that specific denial and you shut down a nemesis base.

    Yes seems is a bit strong/ borderline overpowered giving them the options, but by in large for most cases, you really only need 1-2 of those effects per fight. I dont remember the last time i needed stun, freeze immunity and be prolonged long enough that i needed some stamina regen all in one fight.

    Nemesis in my opinion, are the "premium" offense monsters, giving you a variety of options in 1 monster. All of a nemesis' effects can usually be found within other monsters of the same element but not all on 1 monster.
    While on Vips on defense limited the options for the offense because of the trait. Nemesis opens up offensive options with variety of skills.

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    I'll take taringa's description with a grain of salt, since there have been times where the website has been inaccurate on specifics.

    With that said, SP usually tries to be consistent with traits when it comes to making a "monster caste". We've seen them be consistent with VIPs and the generals. The one anomaly was with the pets, nishant's pet did get the oddball possession immune trait while the pets kept their standard bulwark. It would be odd for them to release a nemesis that doesn't have immunity + super attuned, but not impossible.

    In terms of the quality of nemesis, the ones i've gone up against didnt seem that unfair on the defensive end. Hydratila is susceptible to stun, in which older monsters like cavenfish, varuna, and Anton Acorne all have. Thety's sea horse is another option that's relatively cheap considering the price hike on WCs prices. And a few of the newer waters have possession in their denial arsenal. As for lucifire, she is bit trickier to deal with if the war was very limited in denial options, but its the older fire monsters that fare well against her because they have a stun, Greedy, megaosteum and dracontium. But in terms of her dmg, yes her 75 pt water attack means it gets a 50% boost on other fires, which means its a 112 pt skill vs fire. But shallinar isnt that far off in terms of dmg, when you consider her using her +turn buff and flame tackle 45 dmg + burn= 90 dmg + burn.

    If nemesis monsters are continued to be released with the consistent trait seen from the previous two, then this new earth nemesis does not seem that hard to counter with the current roster of earth monsters. Brontes/hiriom with mega stun, lui calibre with his taunt+mirror mirror skill, Pigredo with CD active, and a number of earths that can remove shields.

    All in all, the biggest thing going for them are their high stats across the boards and their skills dmg are on the higher end of the damage spectrum. From the two I've fought against, they are very beatable but it does force you play differently than the traditional monsters of that element.

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    Is there any way you can make your analysis' to a more compiled post, perhaps based on element or book? Because at this rate, and if you're planning to do all 450+ its going to take up 5+ pages of this sub forum.

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    There have been a few updates and additions to the library, so there is enough content there for me to put my take on things.
    I'll go through each book, and try to highlight groups of monsters per book. Also this post will be divided into two sections, offense and defense.

    Updated to Version 5.6
    Excludes: Families, Team Wars, Exclusive

    -Bold texts are updated picks due to the new book additions
    -Crossed out text are monsters removed from the category due to book additions
    -If i forget to mention a monster, just remind me and I'll look over it to see if he indeed was omitted/misplaced
    -Some monster maybe considered a 1st Tier category but not be listed in the notes due to other stronger monsters fulfilling the role
    -Yes, some monsters do overlap in categories.
    -Categorization is based off 130 v 130 combat, less relevant to 100v100 combat where fights are shorter(less HP scaling)

    1. Most value(appears in other books) and is a decent choice in those other books, generally a balance between an economical choice and a powerhouse.
      example: G Nishant is in wings and evil legion but i wouldn't consider him to be high value because of his niche role as a defender and is somewhat outclassed in evil legion

    2. Powerhouse: (a dominant monster) I would consider these the top picks of that book. They are usually a strong/counter to other monsters of that book, they have good synergy with popular monsters of other books, and/or an exceptional defender in that book.

    3. Economical (breedable, teamshop) pretty straight forward, good option for f2p/small spenders and are relativity easy to get but are still very much an effective choice in wars. They are by no means weak, but generally less flexible in their roles.

    4. Honorable mentions solid monsters that are still good and competitive, just not quite the best in my opinion or has a huge disadvantage ex: El Dino Volador(nature) in dragon book(mostly fire)

    Tier 1
    -Attackers that have +turn skill with buffs, can kill their own element and a threat to the counter element. ex: Shallinar, OHK fires and water

    -Denial with more than 1 denial type, has above average accuracy on skills, and/or exceptional speed. Ex: Mommy, Thetys, Krampus, Hackster

    -Support has exceptional traits/counter trait, ability to transfer turns, debuff removal, unique protective skills, and/or synergy with many teams

    Tier 2
    -Attackers that are a threat to only their own element, counter element, or book. Sometimes has a denial attached to their attacks.

    -Denial with only single denial type but has AOE and single target options.

    -Support excels exceptional well at only 1 or two support qualities

    Tier 3
    -Attackers that cannot OHK other monsters very easily, often has decent damage skills with a semi denial effect such as daze, bleed, poison etc.

    -Denial with only 1 type of denial and can only do an AOE disable or has a reliable single target denial

    -Support excels exceptional well at only 1 support skill and has glaring deficiencies


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Greedy Dragon
      -Powerhouse: Darmith's Bodyguard, Frostwrath, Lucifire the Hopefreezer, Darmith's BG, Eggeater Greedy Dragon
      -Economical: G. Darmith/BG
    • Defense
      -Most Value: G. Darmith/Pet
      -Powerhouse: Learnean, Lucifire the Hopefreezer, Dracontium
      -Economical: G. Darmith/Pet/BG

    Honorable mentions
    Goran, Megaosteum, Petro Loa, El Dino Volador

    • Notes: 2nd Tier Attackers/2nd & 3rd Tier Denials
      -Hope Freezer and Frostwrath owns this book now, they do short work of the fire dragons and are exceptionally fast.
      -Learnean is not fire and is able to defend against the two ice dragons. Terrifying defender that does not require strength to be effective.
      -Darmith's BG, turned out to be a surprisingly good shop monster that "counters the counters" with his water protection buff.
      -Dracontium is there because its a bias pick on defense due to my bad experience getting ulted by his fight ending special.


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Uriel, Scryb, Goldfield, G. Uria
      -Powerhouse: 1A- Samael the Plague Carrier, 1B- Samael the Fever Scatter, Baba Yaga,Uru, Tempest
      -Economical: G. Uria/Pet, GoldField

    • Defense
      -Most Value: G. Uria/Pet, Noctum
      -Powerhouse: Samael the Fever Scatter, G. Uria, Noctum, Faunger
      -Economical: G. Uria/Pet, GoldField

    Honorable mentions
    Uru, Uriel, Glitch, tempest, Tesaday

    • Notes: 1st Tier Support/3rd Tier Denials
      -The book went from "0 to hero" because of the dark nemesis. Plague Carrier(Metal) is superior on offense. PC is faster and has a better buff for offense. While Fever Scatter(Light) is better on defense because the light version maybe the only shred of hope the defense has to counter Plague Carrier
      -G. Uria and Goldfield will continue to impact wars. G. Uria is a high health defender with tough trait. Goldfield is stun immune and provides guaranteed wins on offense vs stun reliant defenses.
      -Noctum is scary on defense, ignore it and that 5% special will seem like it triggers every time


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Greedy Dragon, Uriel, G. Ingvar
      -Powerhouse:1A- Samael the Plague Carrier, 1B- Samael the Fever Scatter G. Ingvar, Caillech, Greedy Dragon
      -Economical: G. Ingvar, Arch Knight, Darkzgul

    • Defense
      -Most Value: G.Nishant, G. Ingvar
      -Powerhouse: G. Ingvar, Caillech, Samael the Fever Scatter
      -Economical: G. Ingvar, G.Nishant

    Honorable mentions

    • Notes: 1st Tier Support/2nd Tier Denial/2nd Tier Attacker
      -Plague Carrier and Fever Scatter now owns this book. PC is the best support monster in the game.
      -With the new book additions, Greedy is no longer a powerhouse in the weaker books as there is likely to be better attackers in the other two restrictions of a war
      -G. Ingvar, G.Nishant are battle tested defenders that continue to hold their own against even the newer monsters. Ingvar is still a god at support for offense.


    • Offense
      -Most Value: G. Thetys, Sphyrunus
      -Powerhouse: Cavenfish, G. Thetys, Famperium, Blob, Hydratila(all)
      -Economical: G. Thetys
    • Defense
      -Most Value: Will Razor Face, G. Thetys
      -Powerhouse: Cavenfish, Famperium, Blob, Hydratila(all)
      -Economical: Thety's Pet

    Honorable mentions
    Sphynus, Anton Acorne, Varuna, Nautilus-1

    • Notes: 1st Tier Denial/2nd Tier Attackers
      -The standard monsters we are all familiar with dominate this book. Thetys' guaranteed denial, Caven with multi turn denial, and Hydratila to counter the Thetys and Caven.


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Demise, Greedy Dragon
      -Powerhouse: Barbatos, Demise, Metalhead,

    -Economical: Nishant's pet

    • Defense
      -Most Value: Greedy Dragon, Kaih
      -Powerhouse: Kaih, Ouros
      -Economical: Nishant's pet

    Honorable mentions
    Lumoona, The Ringer, Ophiuchus

    • Notes: 1st Tier Attackers/1st Tier Support
      -This book belongs to Demise on offense, if opponent is defending with Ouros, Barb does short work of him, he is still one of the most reliable and hardest hitting monsters to this day.
      -Hope SFB combo misses Kaih or does not do enough to kill Ouros, they can punish an offense if it does.
      -Lumoona is an interesting monster with a very unique skill set, will be testing her out in future wars to determine her placement


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Kiradar, Nautilus
      -Powerhouse: Timerion, Copperbeard, Hackster
      -Economical: Exo Skeel, Master Skeel, Ultrabot
    • Defense
      -Most Value: Kiridar, Nautilus
      -Powerhouse: Copperbeard, Timerion
      -Economical: G. Holter

    Honorable mentions
    HipHopotamus, Mr. Scratch, D. Vice, M2 Wyvern, Rofl, Stinger S-1, Sentinel, Nautilus

    • Notes: 1st Tier Support/1st Tier Denial
      -At a glance it seems like a weak book, flips to the last page, ahh it makes sense now, Timerion is carrying it. Though he is more of a force of nature in rarity wars(c,uc, r and e), Timmy's effectiveness does diminish a little in Legends v Legends, but in the right hands a Timmy offense rarely loses.
      -Copperbeard is a new addition that may be able to defend vs the army Timerions, but not likely vs a well rounded offense
      -Hackster is an excellent alternative to Timerion on offense, a fast denial with two different denial types, both of which are 95% accuracy aoes.


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Zyla, Demise, G. Thetys, Baba Yaga
      -Powerhouse: Demise, Zyla, Shallinar, G. Thetys
      -Economical: G. Thetys
    • Defense
      -Most Value: Zyla, G. Thetys, Kiridar
      -Powerhouse: No real good defense against this book.. but here are the best options - Zyla, G. Thetys, Basthet , Kassia, Gretchen
      -Economical: G. Thetys, G. Shannara

    Honorable mentions:
    Lumoona, Crissandre, Bella Baal, Sarah, Mommy, Shallinar, Caillech, Lau Lau, Icognita, Shallinar, Queen Luthien

    • Notes: 1st Tier Support/1st Tier Attacker/1st Tier Denial
      -Just get Zyla and either Demise or Thetys, I don't think there is a single defensive set up that can withstand a Zyla offense. You stack life runes, the opponent will just match accordingly to counter and still go first
      -New additions of Baba and Kiradar are there if you are bored of using Zyla/Demise.
      -Kassia is still in testing, so for has yielded exceptional results vs Demise. Doesn't do a thing vs Zyla.


    • Offense
      -Most Value: Baba Yaga, Nox Will Razor Face, Noctum, Harusami
      -Powerhouse: Akhenotep, Baba Yaga, Ra'zhul, Scryb, Nox
      -Economical: Darkzgul
    • Defense
      -Most Value: Nox
      -Powerhouse: Akhenotep, Nox
      -Economical: Darkzgul

    Honorable mentions
    Harusami, Will Razor Face, Basthet, Mr. Flaky, Megaosteum, Victor,

    • Notes: 2nd Tier Denial/2nd Tier Attackers
      -The strongest monster in UD are either stun immune or possession immune. Akhenotep's blind,daze, dmg reduction skill bypasses those immunities.
      -Though the book is infested with dark, Baba Yaga's skill set & stats are too good to ignore.
      -Nox is a terrifying defender, and can also be used on offense

    Good Legions

    • Offense
      -Most Value: Kiridar, G. Ingvar, Hydratila(all), G. Uria, Uria's Pet
      -Powerhouse: Brontes, Gregor, Hydratila(all), Valgar, Bo Tai, G. Atum , Shakti, White Pandalf, Laomu, Alces' pet
      -Economical: Laomu, Alce's Pet, Uria's Pet, Atum's pet, Arch Knight, G. Shannara, G. Ingvar, G. Atum
    • Defense
      -Most Value: G. Uria, G. Ingvar, Uria's Pet
      -Powerhouse: Osur, Uther, Valgar, Hydratila(all), Patrion, Crissandre, Gregor, The Keeper, G. Ingvar, G. Atum
      -Economical: G. Atum, G. Ingvar, G. Uria, G. Alces

    Honorable mentions
    Ingvar's BG, Jakugan, Layth, Deadwolf, White Pandalf

    • Notes: 1st Tier Denial/2nd Tier Attackers/ 2nd Tier Support
      -Good Legions is a defender's paradise. Unless the war involves Sammael, Demise, and/or Zyla, expect long/risky battles.
      -Shakti deserves recognition, with all these VIP & Tough traits, Shakti is basically the most reliable denial for this book.
      -Gregor is the hardest hitter in this book and has defensive skills that can keep him alive to take the punishment
      -Atum and Ignvar are still exceptional generals for both sides of a war

    Evil Legions

    • Offense
      -Most Value: Harusami, Zyla
      -Powerhouse: Zyla, Jasastur, Warhawk Mountainsplitter/Sunbringer
      -Economical: Goldfield, Darmith's BG
    • Defense
      -Most Value: Kaih
      -Powerhouse: Zyla, Burotgor(Burrito), Jasastur, Warhawk Mountainsplitter/Sunbringer, Krampus, Kaih, Igurus, Faugnar(Foggy), Scarr
      -Economical: G. Holter, Darmith's BG

    Honorable mentions
    Krubo, Roxen Cox, Harusami, Hydrok, Ra'zhul, Nexor Cox, Taiga

    • Notes: 1st Tier Attackers/2nd Tier Denial/2nd Tier Support
      -Zyla is the king of damage in a book filled with killers.
      -New additions are all devastating attackers in their own right like warhawk and burrito. They have high value because they have the chance to stop a Zyla cold.
      -Kaih remains a strong defender, damage over time effects can end a zyla assault if the ignite sticks.

    Super Heroes

    • Offense
      -Most Value: Kiridar
      -Powerhouse: Voltaik, Gregor, Mercurius, El Dino Volador
      -Economical: None
    • Defense
      -Most Value: Kiradar
      -Powerhouse: Gregor, Mercurius, Voltaik, El Dino Volador, Sphyrnus
      -Economical None

    Honorable mentions
    Malair, Cyan, Hercule,

    • Notes: 1st Tier Attackers/2nd Tier Denial
      -An underdeveloped book, will add more info when updated
      -Voltaik is the dominant monster in this book, old but still relevant and devastating
      -Gregor can punt voltaik away with any of his earth skills and stick the DOT effect. Does not need a strength rune to stop a voltaik dead in its track.
      -El Dino Volador and Sphyrnus are the denial in this book, decent but nothing top shelf

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    Can you please fix Nautilus as promised over a month ago?!0_1497848524662_sdfgdsaf.png

    It was reported and acknowledged by SP that it is a bug on this thread :

    Epics are the only rarity monster that are still used for war restrictions. With that said, nautilus in his current state, trumps most legend attackers in damage output and can also double up as a reliable denial, all while classed as an epic. Please fix this unintended interaction with "prey becomes the hunter"

    I don't want to spend money on a monster that's blatantly broken that will be fixed, but at the same time, choosing not to own him is a significant disadvantage.

    This is my current war

    Please make up you're mind and do something about it. Either say its intended and will not be fixed. Or fix the bug.

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    I have posted in the bug section of the game, hopefully one of the devs will see this soon and correct it.

    For the time being, do not feed past 5m food or else you will get this bug.

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