• PyrookTrooper50

    Dear Social Point and Monster Legends Community,
    Now that the Wind Element is in Dragon City, let’s do the same. Introducing: the Air Element in Monster Legends. My Concept for the Air Element primary Monster is Breezenado, Description: Breezenado is the younger cousin of Vapwhirl (and also shares similar character design but is light blue and purple. Not mentioned in his description) Air element Monsters are blustery, wild and ready to guide the newest element to this era of breeding, Air takes double damage to Dark and deals double damage to Earth. Breezenado is incompatibile with Metalsaur. Air hybrids:

    Sky Krait (shares similar design with Mersnake but purple with wings, Water + Air) (Rarity :UC)
    Dandy Lion (shares similar design with Sealion But green with white and yellow mane, Nature + Air) (Rarity:R)
    Butternight (one of mytherbale’s Fanmade Monsters(originally Water + Dark),check out here DeviantArt page for more, (Air + Dark) (Rarity: E)
    Squirrelelec (

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