• rache s

    Thanks sm. I wrote again. I'm waiting for 3 days.
    I'm just wondering if someone had same issue maybe they could find a solution for it:)

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  • rache s

    Hello dear Dragon City players! I had some issues for 1 month so i wanted to write this here.
    1- Can't fix the ''disconnect'' warning: My Windows App is connected with my brother's Facebook account(I'm female ­čÖé ) and I played and saved my progess very well but about 1 month, this issue appears:
    [I'm Turkish so; ''Ba─člant─▒ kesik'' means ''Disconnected'' and ''Ba─član─▒yor'' means ''Connecting'' but it doesn't connect...]
    2- Whenever I close the game, this warning appears:

    And, well.. Freebies doesn't work in Turkey...:(
    I hope you can help me! Thanks by now!

    PS: I don't want to delete my 1-2 month progess so dont tell me delete the app... Please
    PS2: I sent ticket to support. No feedback.

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