• Rage

    Mine crashed also. Second time this happens, last time i lost everything also and i got a canned "sorry no sorry" message from support.
    I sent the ticket again knowing nothing is going to happen.
    I am appalled at the unprofessionalism of this company and their support.
    Enough is enough.

    Serious Message to SP and their Support (in game, on forum, on discord).

    Just remove this whole "monsters are dead if game crashes" if you are unable to provide a safe and sane experience for us players.
    This dungeon is everything. Diamond relic, gems and basically enough orbs for a free warmaster which also means a lvl X rune on their blessing.
    I paid to be ready for this and you just rob me of the rewards and make me dread to play this dungeon in anticipation of the crash. Not rewarding at all, very punishing for just being loyal to you.
    I am struggling to be civil here, understand that you have grieved me beyond what is acceptable.
    Please compensate me with the full rewards of the last two nemesis survival dungeons and fix your issues or just remove the illogical "monsters dead if game crashes".
    I mean, i get it, you don't want people to deliberately cause crashes to get more chances at the juicy rewards. But you are unable to secure that because for a very long time you cannot fix it to work how you want. Unless this is exactly how you want it to work, provide comfort to the people you ruined their progression.
    Also, if you have such big issues with this dungeon and you are willing to support us on anything about it, put it during the week, because you don't work weekends.

    Anyway, this is it for me. I feel terrible and you are the cause of it, twice over. I am not going to keep on doing this to myself, and if you don't care about me or every me in my place or your game at all, i am not going to care either.

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  • Rage

    The Wicked Ones are looking for new members (groups of people and mergers encouraged).
    We can currently accommodate 10 or a few more than that depending on needs.
    We are one of the original top 100 teams since the beginning of team wars with lots of experience
    Most of our members have at least lvl 120 monsters in every book and element and mostly lvl IX-X runes and been playing for 4 years now.
    What we ask from new members is 5/5 in wars and very active in races
    Being active with mostly lvl 115 monsters (not just the race monsters) in each book and element along with lvl VII runes and some IX-X is more than enough to join us.
    We are not f2p and we spend each one of us what we can for the betterment of our own accounts and the team.
    We always do at least 25 laps in races minimum and 50+ if we really like the race monster.
    If you think you are a group of like minded players and want to be part of our family please reply here or find me on facebook under the name Gregory Lepidas.

    You have to:

    • Speak English
    • Be with us on facebook chat
    • Do 5/5 in wars
    • Be active in races
    • Not have a bloated MP

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  • Rage

    We can't even find people with lvl 110 monsters and lvl VII runes. Even when we do, we win one war in ten because of matchmaking.
    It isn't possible to keep members anymore, but since SP just doesn't care there is nothing we can do about this.
    The top 100 is 10-20 whale teams and 80-90 whale food.
    So to answer your question, high level players are either leaving the game or they go to a really low team if they can for a chance to keep on playing the game.
    And as for Nemesis monsters, they have been out for a year now i think? Those who had them then still have them now, nothing has changed. But it is not as general as "nemesis monsters"- Basically it is just Xiron the Ruby, Samael the Plague Carrier, Llum the Magical Matriarch, Faraday the Discharguer/Obscure and the occasional Nadiel the Flooder/Pyromancer and Talos the Island Protector.
    It is extremely hard for new blood to get there since right now there is no fast way to 130 nemesis since E-frat is a rare thing and doesn't give the amount of elementium it once did. Diamond relics cost an obscene amount of money and it is always in a gamble chest, so is nemesis cells.
    So to sum it all up, the progression for those that have lvl 115 nemesis is extremely slow or obscenely expensive, nobody is going to invest 5-10 thousand dollars to become the next whale on a gamble. Right now a warmaster costs less than the potential cost of a nemesis with the right relics. Since the whale teams won't fight eachother and just roll one after another, the teams that are between whales and newer teams without nemesis or 130 monsters are just whale kibble. It's been 6 months now, how long can loyal players stand to be abused by SP?

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  • Rage

    The Wicked Ones have been around since the beginning of the team wars.
    Originally among the 50 top teams, we now are looking for 5 new members for the upcoming race and long term.
    Veterans with a lot of ranked monsters and runes that know what the game is all about, with many wars won.

    We are not asking for players of the same caliber.
    Once you set up your monsters correctly, we will never ask you to move runes around for a war.

    What we need is active people in wars and races.
    Players that communicate via facebook chat with the rest of the team or at least listen. So English language and facebook chat is a must.

    So, as a general guideline, we would like people with 115ish legendaries for most requirements of wars and averaging lvl VII runes.
    This is not set in stone though. We value active and fast progressing exceptional players more than the monsters and runes themselves.
    A group of 5 people together is preferable.
    A bloated MP is a deal breaker because already we are getting wars that are impossible.

    To sum it up:

    • Be very active in race.
    • Do your best for 5 attacks in wars with apparent effort.
    • Help out on as many of the race nodes.
    • Use Fb chat.
    • Be able to communicate in English.

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  • Rage

    Thought about this also. Would be great to see that, but i think it unlikely.
    Anyway, i would prefer fairer matchups during "normal" wars and they can throw me back to the whales when it is common wars, np.

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  • Rage

    @Marianne-van-Es said in war matches ..any changes to be expected ?:

    @Rage If you look at only title it could fit here, but I agree that it doesnt fit the article

    I think MP should be the weigh factor but not as its buildup now is:

    • there should be difference in nemesis(VIP)/WM and normal legends
    • level 8,9,10 runes equipped or not equipped should give much more mp (now equipped a 10 gives 10 mp)
    • (silver)gold diamond relics equipped or not equipped should give mp depending on rank, a fully ranked diamond should give a huge amount of mp

    It all points to that direction.
    I believe that since MP is what determines which teams we match, then MP should reflect better the actual strength of each player's account.

    I would also like to add in your list that C/UC/R monsters should give very little MP.
    Epics could give around a quarter of what a legendary gives.
    Breedable legendaries could give half the MP of other Legendaries.
    Nemesis could give 3 times the MP of other Legendaries.
    Warmasters could give 5 times the MP of other Legendaries.

    For instance a lvl 60 (4 stars) common doesn't deserve to give 540 monster power which is more or less as much the same as a legendary 110 (2 stars). There is 50 levels of difference, one more relic slot and HUGE difference in stats and skills. The idea merits no logic whatsoever. The same with UC and R monsters.
    My lvl 105 (5 stars) Nereida with lvl 7 team speed runes gives me an absurd amount of 1851 MP while my Xiron the Ruby lvl 115 (3 stars) with two lvl 10 speeds and a lvl 9 speed gives me just 844MP.
    I would believe my Rare 105 should give me about 150mp and my Nemesis 115 should give me around 5k, because, really, that's the actual difference between these two.

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  • Rage

    wow this thread went totally off topic.
    but then again SP is clearly unwilling to do anything about the real problem so, yeah, let's discuss about totally unimportant things like why a team full of inactives rolls for wars.

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  • Rage

    @Ekto-Gamat said in Please fix Ilogical War Matchmaking.:

    1 thing that may play a role here, that you did not mention:

    You matched instantly, but Collusion probably was searching for hours already. Teams that try to avoid them are part of the problem here. Which could be fixed in many ways as has been suggested many times before.

    many many times.
    And here we are again. War matches get fixed, people are happy, then someone from SP comes with an amazing solution that feeds the middle teams to the whales.
    You get lower MP teams having a jolly good time since they are newer accounts and controlling MP there is easy and the middle teams being smashed by whales.
    Same deal over and over then they change it and then again someone from SP comes with the brilliant idea on how to feed us to the whales.
    We are bleeding members here! Revamp MP or scrap it all together.
    Revamp matchmaking by using ANY of the aforementioned solutions throughout the last 2 years so we can get rid of lobbying.
    The middle teams suffer and we haven't reached the middle by simply being f2p. Let us fight eachother and exclude the lobbying whales from our pool.

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  • Rage

    so the image is wrong, it is the other way around.
    thanks marianne

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  • Rage

    @MonstrousManiac said in Metalisha Breeding Event:

    @joohnzy Breeding events has odds Galante Jr. changes it from 5% to 10% which honestly isn't a huge difference.

    doesn't work at all. last 10 or so breeding events there isn't a result of C and Galante Jr + Killer Raptor gave me 2 rockillas and a genie.
    So i'd say the joker doesn't work at all.

    Shocked? Not me, just pass again.

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