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    Very disappointed. Just when It thought you guys were about to make winter more competitive you as usual made me disappointed

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    • Strength: 3543 life: 41213 Speed: 3454
    • Relic slots: Armor,sword
    • Books: good legions,Elite,Dragon,lida,superheroes,adventures
    • Trait: tough takes 10% less damage,SC sunburn
    • Skils: Sg1: Imposter!: Deals 25 physical damage 0 cd 27 stamina
    • Who am I?: Deals 30 points of light damage 0 cd 30 stamina
    • Ultimate: Conquerer of dragons: All allies gain precision. Removes positive effects from enemies deals 75 legendary damage to all enemies.
    • Sg2: No power: removes positive effects from enemy trait disables enemy. 0cd 21 stamina
    • Blinding blades: Deals 60 light damage to and enemy 50% chance of blinding. 0cd 31 stamina
    • Slashes of light: deals 30 legendary damage to all enemies and applies sunburn 3cd 39 stamina
    • No affect!: removes negative effects from ally gains and extra turn. 4 cd 0 stamina
    • Sg3 Dragon killer: deals 70 light damage to an enemy gains dragon hater.
    • As fast as a dragon: Deals 50 lightdamage to an enemy applies sunburn gives extra turn 3 cd 42 stamina
    • Untouched: removes negative effects from all allies gives precision ,damage boost and dragon hater. 3cd 25 stamina
    • Sg4: One man army: Gains dragon hater deals 50 legendary damage to all enemies. 3 cd 35 stamina
    • Heaven's light: Completely heals an ally removes negative effects gives an extra turn to ally 4 cd 40 stamina
    • Stronger than a dragon: Gains evil legions hater. deals 30 light damage to all enemies may apply daze gives an extra turn
    • Strongest warrior: removes positive effects disables trait of an enemy deals 80 damage to an enemy and 30 damage to other enemies. 4turn cd 48 stamina cost Whats good about a monster without a lore?
    • Lore: Wyrmlad was one of the strongest warriors trained by elvira. Elvira didn't lose the grand warrior but egg eater hypnotised wyrmlad causing him to run away and he ended up losing all of his memories once he ended up in evil legions base. However this warrior has now came to his senses when drakor reminded him about his life. Now they have gone to avenge him once and for all. (Ramana-legends in our own minds) Yes ik this is the same as the facebook page but that is because I am the same person who posted it in facebook.

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    Yeah I dislike specials since they make the battle luck based

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    The monster is incredibly average with a good trait. Please buff his damage and skills as he is supposed to be an attacker. Maybe also give him more dots.

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