• Reajul Islam Ushaan

    I am or rather was a regular player of ML for six years. It's one of my favorite games.
    Cutting to the chase, i can't get in the game no matter what i do.
    have done anything and everything to get in to my account.

    • Tried installing and uninstalling
    • Followed the procedure shown in game info in monster Wiki!
    • Tried logging into from another device
    • Gave my phone a Factory Reset
    • Mailed SocialPoint
    • I would have complained, but i Don't Have my game ID and can't access it as well.
    • Tried Downloading a previous version as well.
    • Reconnecting and etc was done many times.

    So, is there who can help me with this?

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  • Reajul Islam Ushaan

    I am going through the same problem as well.

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