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    I am very disappointed that even with the User Id that yhere is not a means to relink my game to SP servers where my account data is actually stored.

    My player account is gone or missing due to your issues on 11/15/2017 and I followed the directions on this site for how to resolve ML stops/reload issue and this caused my account to go missing and now I cannot get my account back where alot of money spent on Gems/VIP/Monsters.

    I have uninstalled the game and will never play again and both my sons (who I give money to increase their monsters legends strength) have joined me.

    I am a SW Engineer and have been written code for World Class organizations for 35 years and i know anything can be done but SP is choosing not to.

    MP was my favorite game and it kills me that 11/15 issues have caused me to never play again.

    The player formerly known as 'Rolow' ![alt text](image url)

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