• Russ Erickson


    Option 2 whatever you can do to prevent the dual disappointment of cakewalk stomping on the weak, or then getting absolutely waffle stomped. There must be an algorithm for placing teams in leagues by MP, and adjusted when team composition changes.

    Example. In our current team war we are in league Gold III winning about 6000 war coins past 90 days and at about 200k monster power, versus our opponent with 800k monster power. Losing 21 to 198 with over half our team unable to win a point. The horror.

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  • Russ Erickson

    To give temple placement a purpose after level cap.

    Give temples boost effect. Radius increases by level.

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  • Russ Erickson

    How does the breeding work? I’m at more than 10 uncommon and 6 rare hatched indeed still shows 0/2 hearts. It would be nice to show some progress here.

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