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    So, just to make sure I get his straight..

    Player base was so upset about the relics addition, many wanted to quit. Few complained they are also hard to get, and the solution for that was that they would be added to pvp rewards ... that sounds good till now, but they failed to mention they will replace gem rewards :D

    when new pvp was introduced, the gem amount was double, then it dropped the 2nd season, now it is just removed to shove down our throats those relics no one wanted or needed?

    Brilliant, just brilliant ^_^ let's remove the last motivation to play pvp, all the imbalanced opponents and nerfing the refresh button was not enough.. and again making this change without any warning.

    unless players are on a top team or swimming in cash and gems, no one prefers those idiotic relics over gems. Why did you not ADD them as a reward like Demise cells or whatever?

    You are like "so sorry for the relics mess up! here are 50 free gems :D ... BUT we will take away the 125 gems you get form pvp for those 50, you're welcome :D"

    It's not enough gem dungeon was no where to be found this week, and monsterwood is throwing stupid amounts gold and food instead of gems for watching ads, you also had to remove them from pvp?

    and the answer to the complaint that relics will increase the gap between the top and the lower players and that it already caused so much imbalance, is to give the more overpowered relics to the top and near useless ones to the lower? GENIUS!! those in Legendary 1 do not need someone to make them even more overpowered! They already have a load of resurrect and heal relics! give the same relics to everyone but at different levels, that's fair..

    But it's like you could not wait till people recover from the relics fiasco to piss them off more? you have to do it consecutively? is the plan to like drive away all your players? If so it is surely working ^_^ !! 2 more players I know quit today.

    I miss the days where I would open this game and not feel absolutely disgusted by the way it's being run.

    It was a mistake to come back. Thanks for the reminder of why we quit in the first place.

    @Fox @carlos

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  • Sam


    @Fox said in Relics are coming!:

    Hello everyone,

    We want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the feedback and suggestions that you have shared here.

    We value community feedback and we can already tell you that we will be investigating and implementing fixes for the relics, wherever possible, based on what we read. A few improvements are already planned (e.g. Relics should be visible in TW in preparation mode), and we will tackle bugs and some unexpected behavior.

    We are very sorry if some of you feel that they can get relics only through chest shop. As cells, relics can be obtained in various events such islands, PVP, dungeons, time challenges. The feature is new, we have not yet released all the events with relics but they are coming.

    Regarding the bugs, I have read a lot of comments about Relics being broken and buggy, however, to fix these as fast as possible we would like to ask for your help and get more concrete information on each bug. We want to get rid of them as fast as possible so that you guys can get back to enjoying the game.

    The team is also aware that there is a petition going around. They would love to find a common ground together with the community, so we will be reaching out to some players to gather more one on one feedback.

    Last but not least, we are preparing a Q&A about Relics to answer your most pressing concerns and to give more insight into what we have planned for the future. We would greatly appreciate it if you could post your questions, and your concerns, below and we will do our best to include them.

    Thank you

    Well this is worth coming back to address.

    My 2 cents and this meant as constructive criticism. In my opinion issue is not the relics or whatever, the issue has always been the same:

    Adding too much too quickly!! I understand that you want to always make the game "fresh"and not static but this is too much too soon!

    Lab got added, next thing we know is the Library, next thing we know Nemesis, now relics, take a breath seriously. Why is it always like you have a deadline to just keep releasing stuff and smother us with content no one asked for or wanted. Are you making the game for us or for yourselves? We have enough content to keep us entertained, Perfect and improve what is already there instead of blindly throwing new stuff at us. All it's doing is pushing everyone away.

    Library still has the winter book to add, Many monsters that should be in books are not, Many monsters have their moves bugged, you have not updated team shop in forever, but instead of fixing these you throw more stuff at us that bring a whole new amount of bugs and frustrations,... and I bet a month from now something "new" and half baked will be thrown at us, and you will drop relics too.

    Please just slow down, you keep changing everything too quickly it is not fun or motivating it is frustrating. again just because few teams on the top all have X runes and 130 monsters and Nemesis doesn't mean the rest do, let things settle let people work to a goal, the goal keeps changing.

    We were half way working on ranking monsters through lab, then library came and washed away all that, we were so happy with certain monsters and vips, then came the nemesis op that made all that futile, now relics make everything else obsolete.

    Ask payers what do they really want, what makes the game enjoyable for them and improve that! not what makes it fun in theory for a few on your developer team. Most of us play FOR WARS that is the whole point we level monsters and get runes and nemesis and perhaps relics, that is what makes it fun, yet you continuously ignore that. Want people to have fun and keep motivated to play make wars better! Improve matchmaking, improve rewards! Team shop monsters are mostly atrocious.

    Seriously ask yourself, why would we buy a nemesis or runes or invest in relics, so that we can win at wars.. then what? to get some war coins for over priced generals that are now long outdated? what is our motive ! what in your opinion should our motive be? Give us some gems or elementium when we win wars. Then there would actually be a reason to get all these and compete, then we would want relics or whatever. There really is no point.

    All the new features you throw at us are pointless without a motive. Perfect the basics, Improve what is already there, give us a motive. Let things settle, let people feel they are actually progressing, sometimes less is more. So many people have quit because every now and then you just wash away all their progress with dangling a new OP carrot for them to run after. My team has lost so many PAYING players because of this. Players that were actually bringing you money. People who bought 10 vips!

    And please for the love of all that is holly stop releasing half baked stuff, yes bugs are expected but this is more than that. Take the library, took you forever to release all books and add monsters to them, then finally you made it dynamic and auto-updatale, had you taken more time to do that and thought it through before release so many more players would still be playing! These self imposed deadlines for releasing new stuff, are ruining it for us and for you. Slow down and release them later when they are fully baked and tested and thought of, we are not bored yet, but all the new stuff smothers us.

    Seriously the library would have kept us occupied for at least a year. You added nemesis into the mix, you haven't even finished these or the bodyguards and you threw in relics, there is no need. Why would someone buy a nemesis now if relics can make any other monster better?

    Who thought continuously resurrecting and getting shields and healing is fun? do they actually play?

    Another point, for this, unlike the library a gradual approach would have been much better. Bronze for first 3 months, then silver for 3 more then gold for 3 then finally diamond a year from now, do not throw everything at us here in one go. People would have had time to learn them, and and get used to them gradually, instead of now getting smacked in pvp and wars (which are already so mismatched) with not only 130 nemesis with X runes but also those that simply keep resurrecting, healing and getting shields :D

    please, just take these back and go back to the drawing board, test them fully for a significant amount of time, and release them gradually, and meanwhile fix what is already broken in other areas and give us some motive to do wars!

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  • Sam

    @Carlos Alex's special "Tan The Wise" is still not stunning. description says stun but it doesn't stun. tested with precision on non resistant enemies. On the wiki it doesn't say stun by the way. Hope it can be fixed to stun like you have mentioned above.

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  • Sam

    @Carlos Alex Bone's special in game description says it stuns, but it is not stunning. (no resistance and with precision)
    On the wiki it doesn't say it stuns.

    Which one is correct? Is this a bug or a nerf? Hopefully the stun is correct and can be fixed soon.

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  • Sam

    lol. still tearing each other apart for this instead of addressing the real cause and finding solutions that will be fair to everyone. good luck with that.
    still fun to watch from the sidelines :D

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  • Sam

    @Max-Pinheiro said in So long, and thanks for all the fish!:

    @Sam It seems that your 72 hour challenge feedback really gave a good result. SP are offering a Lv 110 Baba Yaga!!!

    heh :P lvl 110 for over lvl 100 lvl 105 for lower than 100. not bad ^_^

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  • Sam

    Waw. Well, if this is any indication of what's yet to come, I am glad I quit.
    Those prices ar ridiculous does every single feature have to be about spending gems? Can't they for once just be like: "hey! This our fault, you been waiting for this, here!" Make users happy for once instead of frustrated and angry?
    Ok could have been something like the hatchery upgrades. Say first 60 slots cost 100 gems 2nd 60 slots cost 200 for example. Or like the workers huts for each 20 slots for example. This is way too much for something so essential and basic. For something that is a solution for their own inability to just increase habitats. There is still a lot of empty spaces on islands that could have just held more habitats.

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  • Sam

    To answer the question. Where to go from here: away .. like I am doing.

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  • Sam

    @Carlos when everyone on this thread is saying it is a shame that SP will keep ignoring those points. Maybe you'd like to prove them wrong. I am out of the game, this isn't about me anymore.

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  • Sam

    People already have "black market" for gems. If they wanted to add more cells they wouldn't be waiting for this feature to do it. The hassle of 17 accounts and logging in daily is too much.

    Limitations are fine but not like this. Not to this extent and as I said at least double it.

    No one said give you 10 million. I said make it a certain %. For them to give you 10 million amd say it's 1% they'd have to have 100 million food. Those who have that are usually on teams where no one needs 10 mill food.

    My point is gifts have not changed since I started playing in 2014. I am pretty sure they can modify them without breaking the game.

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