• Sam

    Yeah... what a meh monster. My team won't be wasting resources on this.

    The triple damage with daze should give an extra turn. Otherwise it is too much of a sacrifice to lose a turn and still have a higher chance to miss on the next or at least it should renew his evasion.

    If he is an attacker the shields are kinda meaningless and the damage % on moves is too low for him to be a proper hitter.

    If he is a tank that will use health for the shields, the triple damage is wasted and he will be too slow for the trait disable to be useful.

    If he is a monster that is supposed to go first to disable traits before your denier, then he needs all speed and he can't be a proper hitter.

    Literally all he has going for him is the evasion and trait disable and he is neither a good attacker nor denier nor hitter.
    Decide what he is supposed to be because he is just a subpar mess of all 3.

    Compare that to other recent monsters like gorg or to monsters who can trait disable like ingenica or itzanami and he is seriously lacking.

    Very disappointing.

    Give him some remove positives with aoe trait disable like ingenica.
    Or some denial moves to actually benefit from the trait disable.
    Or extra turns so those low damage moves pack more punch.
    He really needs something besides a 50% shield and poison 😕

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  • Sam

    @ekto-gamat completely missing the point aren't we?
    The point is not whether that particular battle was salvageable. The point is THERE ARE TOO MANY SPECIALS.

    I know it will please a lot of people , but I am really thinking of following Haka Taka's footsteps out the door. The only thing fun for me in this game was the battles, now they are ruined by these crazy frequent specials and misses. I know I have bad luck but I can't be THAT unlucky.

    Here is another SAMPLE, of many.

    2 battles in same war, back to back battles, total AI specials = 5 specials.

    1st one:
    Samael starts with his special
    1 turn later he gets his SPECIAL again.
    Then their igursus gets his special right after samael. failed to record igursus because by the time Samael got his 2nd special, i was almost breaking my phone. But the screenshot shows the burning and quicksand from his special.


    2nd one:
    "Luckily" Thetys starts with "frosting.." rather than Sd, frosting is supposed to be 50% chance to freeze, but somehow lands on all 3 monsters freezing all, including a bulwark, (yet often when i get a special with 100% accuracy it fails to stun a simple hardened monster), but I digress, same magical thetys then got 2 specials one round part...


    so, here we go 3 specials in a battle is now the common thing, I can't remember a battle I had where I haven't had a special or 2 or 3 thrown at my face often back to back or from same monster, and that is among 2 accounts I am running, and back to back wars! supposed to be 5% ??! more like 50% !

    Please @Carlos @Fox address this, or if you don't plan to, at least say so, so I stop wasting money, time and effort on a dead end game. I know I am not top team lead or "representative", but I am also one of the players who have been with the game since its launch, I hope that accounts for something and you can honor me with a response about this because currently this game has become unplayable for me.

    Again simple suggestions that I hope I can be considered and modified or balanced as you please:
    -A monster should never start with a special
    -Same monster should never get back to back specials and they should be separated by a certain number of rounds or limited to 1 special per monster.
    -Put some limits to the number of specials per team per battle.

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  • Sam

    @carlos as a game designer and a player yourself, please watch this and tell me if you feel that is a fair AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT5azSRSDiY

    When we are facing someone that outranks us, they already have an advantage, they don't need 3 specials in 1 battle.

    An example in the video here: the plan was my dungeon master keeps them cooldown activated which would have worked well, if the AI did not decide to give their Igursus his special on first turn and then give their Xiron 2 specials. Again this is just a mere example, not a rare occurrence. I am not saying I should win every battle, but at least I don't want to lose on first turn due to a special I couldn't have possibly prevented.

    Please consider these balances: A monster should never get a special on first turn, same monster should not get 2 specials except after a specific number of turns. (Basically increase cooldowns on specials? then cooldowns activated won't be so useless?) These won't take specials out of the equation but at least they won't feel so frustrating and unfair.

    There is a plethora of methods that can be applied to fix this, but please again do something about it because this is sucking the fun out of playing and making any strategy worthless because it all comes down to dumb blind luck more than anything.

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  • Sam

    yes this was a great change, much appreciated, still in shock that there were no strings attached tbh, but thanks for listening.

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  • Sam

    Option 2.
    which have been a suggestion by many players myself included since the old forum, glad SP finally took notice of these years later. better late than never i guess.

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  • Sam


    "As a teacher I am sure you know you should provide actual evidence for such a statement. Anyone who has ever tested this came out with normal 'special behaviour'. Unsubstantiated claims make it easier to dismiss your entire post."

    you should too, i have yet to see these tests, mind providing them, and what methods were used exactly? and how recent these tests were?
    as a player who has been playing this game forever ekto, u also know see how many complain about this. As I said in my post some of what i said is a continuation about what was on discord, this was a point there, not my own. Moreover, we are being told nothing has changed about specials, but our day to day experience show otherwise. I never feared a special just popping up and ruining my attack as much as i have recently, nor do i remember back to back specials from say a year ago.

    "My suggestion is:
    have a meter that fills up slowly, when the monster takes damage, or after each turn it gets. Once meter is filled a special can be used."
    Not fond of this either. In many battles monsters will never be able to get a special, except in the longer ones people are complaining about already now because they get specialled to death."

    Well exactly the point, imo specials should not be popping up except in long matches as a last saving grace, turn the tide thing, them appearing frequently and early should not be the norm at all.

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  • Sam

    @carlos for the love of God, please do something about this.
    3 specials from the same monster in 1 battle SHOULD not be a thing! i failed to record the first one, but for example this baba got 3 specials in 1 battle. 1 on first turn and then 2 back to back as u see. video

    This is a drop in an ocean. It happens more often than not.

    with your "balanced" war matchmaking where we are often fighting an uphill battle, we do not need this extra disadvantage that we have no way of countering.

    Monsters should not start with a special.
    Monsters should not get back to back specials.
    A limit to the number of specials per monster or per team should be in place

    you are the forum's resident game mechanics genius, do you at least agree with these points? Is anything going to be done about this?

    The game is becoming "hang a rabbit's foot around your neck and rub a three leafed clover before you attack! because luck is more a important factor than actual strategy or planning.

    This is what we deal with on a day to day basis: Unlogical misses and back to back specials. Please, enough with the blind luck stuff, if i wanted to play a luck based game I'd play slots.

    please, give me a good reason why moves should just miss out of nowhere when you have things like blind and daze and miniblind and hardened and tough and bulwark traits that already counter accuracy. Missing was introduced since the game started, it stopped being relevant with all these counters to accuracy now.
    kihaku misses 2 ot of 3 completely

    Give me a good reason on why it is ok, or fun, or a nice mechanic, that a monster gets back to back specials or starts with one.

    We nagged for months about updating team shop, team war leagues, and race changes, till we finally got them changed, I hope we won't have to nag about this for a long time before someone finally takes notice.

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  • Sam

    Ok, there is a big majority of us that are really struggling with too many specials in battles, I know you are monitoring and RNG, and apparently nothing changed, and all that, but our own experience on a day to day basis says otherwise.

    Some suggested to remove specials all together, I get that some people don't want that. Personally I hate specials, anything that is just based on blind dumb luck is not fun for me whether it works in my favor or not, but ok we don't want to remove specials, how about we balance them or add some restrictions.

    I think the major source of frustration for many of us is getting hit by specials back to back and or on first turn. To eliminate that frustration 3 simple restrictions can be added:

    • A monster should never get a special on first turn

    • A monster should never get a special back to back: more details: if it gets a special once, it can not get another till 6 more turns for example.

    • Stamina removal or cooldowns activated should not trigger specials more than usual, they really seem like they do.

    Once these restrictions are applied, 2 mechanics can be used to get a special:

    • Charging up mechanic: Before a monster gets to use its special, the special needs to be charged up:
      The suggestion on discord was the more moves it uses the more the meter fills up.

    My suggestion is:
    have a meter that fills up slowly, when the monster takes damage, or after each turn it gets. Once meter is filled a special can be used.

    The more it takes damage: If you are getting beat up by a voltaik or prince charmless or zyla for example, your monster is losing health but on the upside it is charging its special a bit more.
    The more rounds it gets/survives: if your monster is getting denied for example but still surviving, it is more likely to get a special.

    In my opinion specials are supposed to be something that turn the tide for the underdogs, something that is like a last saving grace, with this, the monsters who are getting damage or enduring are more likely to get a special to help them out, than the strong hitters which are already having the advantage and don't need the special.

    • Chance increase mechanic: as suggested on discord, the monster starts out with 0% on first turn, each turn the % increases to reach a max of 5%. and once used, the % chance resets to 0. this ensures no specials on first turn and no back to back specials.

    This can be modified to ensure that 2 teammates monsters don't get consecutive specials either, the chance can be for the entire team and resets for all once used by one.

    Another mechanic:

    • One special for all team but only once per battle: My suggestion is once a monster gets a special, it can be used by any monster on the team on their turn, (giving u the freedom to use the best special for any of ur surviving monsters depending on the situation rather than just rely on luck of the draw) but once used, it can not be used again by anyone through out the battle, this is coupled with either the charging up mechanic or the chance increase mechanic. This adds an element of strategy (use the special for support or denial or damage or revival for example) but still makes sure it is not too overpowered, give the freedom to choose who uses it but in exchange it becomes limited to only one.

    @carlos @fox hope you consider these.

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  • Sam

    @carlos @tyros @fox please take this thread into consideration.

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