• Sam

    @Haka-Taka said in Prince Charmless:

    Hi Sam :)
    you already tagged fox and asked about the PC book . so no need to make another topic for that .. fox is foxing right now :) but extra tagging will not do the trick ;)

    maybe that's why i tagged other community managers.
    and the new topic was not a question it was more stressing how after all this effort, to get him he should be in a book :)

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  • Sam

    @carlos @Fox we want the winter book in war rotation please! if it is not going to be added tell us so we move our runes from the monsters!

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  • Sam

    Recently you can no longer see the runes on the monster you are attacking in war.

    what was the point of this useless change? We are used to see the runes on the monster, how does having to tap on them and look at the right panel enhance our gameplay?

    please bring it back, it is very annoying to not see what is it you are attacking! whether it has a health or team speed or a high strength... now we are just clicking back and forth... :\

    @carlos @fox

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  • Sam

    @Marianne-van-Es hi.
    I know you have a lot going on, but don't know who else to ask...

    My team is currently on lap 26. We are debating if we can go to 50 or not, we are not that big of spenders so we can't go all in blindly. I am trying to see how much resources (gems) my team has, and compare that with how much will still needed to be spent to see if we can make it. We do well with all nodes except the 220 gems epic breeding nodes which we have to skip of course.

    Do you know how many more of these task are there approximately from lap 26 to 50? maybe based on the previous Fatid race? (We didn't do that one)

    or do you think you can give me a rough approximation to how much gems the team as a whole will need to put in to go from 26 to 50, provided we only gem these one person breed x epics tasks? currently we can come with 3000 gems, want to see how much more will we need and if we can.

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  • Sam

    Can we please get a clear answer about this?

    We are putting in all these gems and money to get him at 120, are we going to end up with a monster we barely get to use?? @Fox @carlos @Community-Managers @tyroz

    Wiki entry that you linked in game has him under good legions. (most stuffed book anyway). In game he is not in ANY book! he needs to be in 2 books at least please to warrant all this effort to get him, he cost more than a nemesis :\ !

    All amphibian or reptilian monsters have been added to dragons. Mountezema, Granuy and Vodyanoy are all frog like monsters that have been added to dragons, why not him too?

    We have Privateer Morgan and Lord Mindson in superheroes when their description has nothign to do with heroics, he surely seems more heroic.

    please don't make us have wasted all those gems and money and effort fir 50 laps over a monster we will only get to use in Nature!

    On the subject of books it also still baffles me that the most referred to family in the game is not in the families book!
    King Daeron (Father), Queen Luthien (Mother), Bella Baal (Daughter) according to their description, and now Prince Charmless can join them. Why aren't they in families? But Fampira, Count Vlad and their pet is :\ ?

    Al Canine and his gang and Alex bone, a gang, are in the families book! :P Like really does SP consider a gang more family than an actual father, mother, daughter? can we please add those guys to Families, (won't be the first time monsters that were previously not in families got added Igursus, Cryotan and Ouros for example)

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  • Sam

    @testcyp thanks Dr Phil. <3 and now pvp is what determines Op? yeah sure he is no nemesis or warmaster or VIP, but is he in line with other team shop monsters or other non exclusive fires? certainly not.

    @VargRanger, again irrelevant. Is Ingvar's pet or Thetys pet balanced? they suck, no one cares if they get "balanced" it seems. If a nemesis skill was bugged to do lower than it should would u be ok with it being bugged\watered down because they are already overpowered and thus it balances them out? i think not.

    and Nishant BG has lower power 3146 compared to his 3311 so that makes up for the 40, 45 difference not to mention his higher accuracy.

    and fine let's see what Darmith Bodyguard has:
    the aoe skill is 95% accuracy opposed to 90 for the other aoes so not only does it way more damage than others it also has less chance to miss.
    he has a banner and a mask slot, charging banner and energy mask make him undeniable by stamina drains, that is as good as any trait if not better.

    He can use healing mask as well which further extends his already high health (28k, higher than darmith!).

    he has 3498 speed: faster than any other fire excluding metallisha, and ingenica and Barbael.

    and he can make himself and ALL his team freeze immune, so that is your trait right there.

    So it is not like that move is all he has going for him! and with that damage what else do u really need.

    having some supportive skills! and burn immunity (like almost every other fire!) does not justify having an aoe with 95% accuracy 3 cd and 28 stamina consumption that basically is 70+ damage! Want to keep it as is? decreases accuracy like all other LESSER aoes, or increase stamina consumption, or increase cd.

    Not to mention he just costs 950 war coins :D and less when he debuted so those who had the war coins stacked up on a 130 while most other fires are not that easily ranked!

    I think all these factors make him far more than "balanced"

    we want to keep this monster "balanced" then let's ask for a buff for all other "unbalanced ones" starting with the other bodyguards and pets who cost more coins than him!

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  • Sam

    So maybe Kiridar is broken and Nishant bodyguard Niff is broken, Nishant's Dark Supremacy is broken and every other monster who does this is broken, maybe every monster that does metal damage and magnetize in one move is also broken (Gangesterous Godfather Assault as one example), Uther's special, and many others are all broken EXCEPT Darmith bodyguard. because yes that makes sense. :)

    Paul I am not the one who started the aggression here, "someone got owned by the boduguard lol" "They BETTER not nerf him because of you!" and you had no issues with that, either be objective and non biased or don't blame me when I defend myself. That aggression is what made me want to solidify my point of view even more you are right about that (in addition to being right and all)

    and honestly I feel you have always been biased to some monsters and against others, so like you were expecting my answer I was expecting yours, neither of us disappointed it seems. You had no issues when race monsters were nerfed hard over and over because and I quote "Everyone and their grandma can get them", but have an issue when this monster is clearly overpowered, broken and even more easily attainable. When you are always objective then your arguments will have more weight. You are one of the smartest, most influential players in the game, you have a responsibility to ensure fairness and balance, your game knowledge is tremendous please don't go against it to go with the flow.

    "If you are attacking with a non precision augmented denier putting your faith in not missing, without a back up plan, and knowing that Darmith's BG can toast your attack team because you are using monsters susceptible to being debuffed, well. That's on you." well, here is the thing though, no aoe from a monster with 3311 base power and skill 40 pts, should be able to toast an entire team including a 120 monster of same type as the move. So, no that is neither expected nor "on me"and I can't expect something that should not exist.
    Name one other monster that can do that, please, and please tell me which fire monster is not susceptible to being debuffed other than perhaps a VIP like Kaih and even then only a chance?

    and P.S I am loving the "haha you got beat by him so you want him nerfed argument" ^_^ Yes, yes I did! I never noticed it before, now I did, and now I want it Fixed not nerfed because it is obviously broken :) and when I notice something else broken whether I am using it, or it is used against me I am gonna ask for it to be fixed too. Reason why I am asking for it is completely irrelevant, the point is whether it is bugged or not :)

    The forums are a way for us to communicate with SP, I specifically tagged Carlos. He does not always reply to PM and this way another representative can see it as well.

    and here we go since logic seems too much to ask of people.
    Please tell me how Nishant's Bodyguard Niff is any different from fire Cursed? I have nishant bodyguard and I would love for her to do an aoe that can kill an entire team too!
    You say I should be saying they need to fix their moves instead. Nope! when so many moves that have same description do one thing and his skill is the only one that does not, then it is the one that is broken not the opposite. Most of you know it, but want to preserve it because YOU use it, broken, not fair, balance not a factor to you.

    also please notice how his AOE on top of being overpowered is also 95% accuracy not 90 :D

    and enjoy my inevitable lengthy response! :)

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  • Sam

    waw you can almost smell the fear, thanks for the laugh everyone :)
    Looking forward to all the tears when they eventually fix broken Nautilus 3 extra turns as well.
    some of the replies here made me even more motivated to report it to support ^_^

    this was directed to @Carlos so I will ask again, Carlos if this is intended then why is it not the case for Kiridar? and anyone else unless you are a SP game designer or representative spare us the theories please.

    @Sayit-Alghalbi "they better not nerf him because of you"... or what? you will stomp your feet? it is not a nerf it is a fix.
    zyla and voltaik do exactly as they are expected to, yes they are overpowered but they are not "broken" since they do exactly as they are supposed to. Darmith bodyguard skill is NOT supposed to work that way. otherwise it would work for Kiridar too.

    @C0ntr1v3d then why isn't it the case for Kiridar too? and this is not a question of how it is counter balanced , it is a question if it should be there at all. Your arguments are how darmith bodyguard is balanced that does not answer or negate the fact that that skill is not functioning as intended.
    Fampira who has nothing going for her had her aoe damage reduced because it was too high in comparison to other aoes, yeah the move might have missed, yeah they might have had darkness immunity, yeah she was only attuned, but the move was still reduced in damage because it was too high.
    and some of us don't have artifacts and bulwarks and nemesis everywhere, moreover Paul are you honestly telling me his regular move with 3 cd, a monster who is clearly meant as a support as many other bodyguards, is intended to do more damage than other monsters SPECIALS, come on, you know better.

    @Francisco-Franceschi where does it say that it applies the fire weakness FIRST and again if intended that way why it is not the case for Kiridar's chimpanzee in vines which has similar description or the case of any other weakness applier move? or do we only care if we have the monster ourselves?

    @testcyp someone is afraid their cheap monster they got at a low unintended price when he first debuted in team shop, might get fixed to work as intended LOL ^_^ and yeah have fun putting him on defense and him getting possessed and killing your entire team :D

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  • Sam

    hi @Carlos can you please clarify for me something about Darmith bodyguard?

    his aoe move fire cursed does 40 fire damage and says it applies fire weakness.

    What is happening is, it is applying the fire weakness FIRST then doing the fire damage in one move, the result is MASSIVE AOE DAMAGE that can wipe out an entire team in one move!

    This does not happen in other moves that apply weakness like Kiridar's "Chimpanzees in Vines"

    It is very frustrating to just miss one denial on him and getting your entire, ranked up, team butchered including fire monsters.

    This makes him very overpowered, is this intended? If so then why not on Kiridar's move too?

    Another issue is "damage mirrors" not long ago an clear distinguishing was made between skill mirror and damage mirror. But now it seems damage mirror are also reflecting any positive skill as well.

    Gakora can reflect back strength from beyond on an ally Demise, Atum's hard as Rock can also reflect back strength from beyond on ally demise,

    when a Nautilus was possessed he used his extra turn move on his teammate Atum with hard as rock on, Atum ended up getting the extra turns that nautilus should get. knowing hard as rock is just a damage mirror not a skill mirror.

    so there is something wonky there.

    These types of things really make wars , which are already not that rewarding, a lot more frustrating so I hope they can be addressed soon. more so than adding new stuff please.

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  • Sam

    nice, you are on the right track.
    But I would disagree with the support having 3X self speed, most often you are better with the support being a team speed carrier increasing the speed of your denial. (can be a combo of self health and team speed as well)

    Moreover, a lot of support are better off going after your other monsters, to heal them or remove negative effects or resurrect them. Uriel, Undertaker, healers..

    So kinda depends on the support, if the support is meant to buff or give Protection before attack example Incognita, Demise, Cloud, Nishant Bodyguard, Gakora, Shield givers .. or heal/resurrect/cleanse after Cyan Nathura, Goldfield, Nemestrinus but most can do both and in which case I'd go with team speed to enhance your denier's and attacker's speed.

    Resurrectors and healers do well with a health in addition to the team speed so they can stay long enough to do their thing.

    (In high level wars as contrived would tell you speed becomes less of a factor and more goes into health and damage, but I am not gonna talk about that)

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