• Sam

    @fox are they kidding us?

    We are having more "special" restriction wars than normal wars!! Polar and Winter AGAIN for 6 days

    Mission accomplished they made us regret ever asking for winter book in wars!!

    As i said above and it fell on deaf ears please at least minimize the duration of these "special" wars or their frequency!!!

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  • Sam

    Everytime we get happy and hopeful about something, it is once again changed to the worse.

    I personally posted several times how unrewarding the 72 hr challenge was when monsters were unranked and harder to obtain for high level players. When they finally listened and we started seeing ranked monsters in the 72 hr challenge that was a big plus, it was one of the main reasons I came back to the game after quitting. and NOW again with no warning or reason monsters are back to being unranked in it, but still requiring the same effort. What am I supposed to do with a lvl 100 Mommy? they sneeze on it, it dies, and surely not going to rank it from scratch. The effort required to get this reward is honestly just not worth it.
    The rewards should be relative to the player's level as they have been for a while. Why are we going backwards??

    Team Battlegrounds
    This event was a breath of fresh air, it was different, it required strategy and team work. The problem was it was unrewarding compared to the effort that had to be put in , but more or less it was acceptable.
    Getting a diamond relic for the highest ranking was very motivating for those of us who don't spend crazy amounts gambling on relic chests.
    But now we are getting 1500 medal currency while a diamond relic chest costs 5000 in team shop.
    So we went from a diamond relic chest to less than 1/3 of its cost and also gone are the talany cells, while also making the event harder by not allowing using attack monsters except once.

    again why are we going backwards??

    The new team shop was a much needed change, eventhough the cost is too high. 50 wars for a diamond chest and yet you can still end up with something completely useless. for that price we could at least have them divided by relic categories. (Armor, essence, mask etc..)
    But what has become so frustrating about it are these silly war rules, honestly we are having more "special rules" than normal rules, when something becomes too frequent, it stops being "SPECIAL".

    Glad we finally got the winter book, but not glad it was with another replica of it "polar", and an epic rule, for 3 consecutive wars!!! It felt like, hey you wanted the winter book? here choke on it 😄

    and now just as we are done with that we have to do 3 epic wars?? Most are just sitting these wars out. Can we just have normal wars again please with winter in rotation just like any other rule??
    or at least minimize the duration of these "special" wars.


    When sitting out events becomes the norm because these events stop being rewarding or too frustrating to do, compared to the effort required to do them, then something is wrong. @fox

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  • Sam

    Honestly, these lat minute changes you make show little or no planning or thinking ahead by your design team and they always make things worse.

    Hydratila for example is now the only nemesis that has 3 different elements because this was changed last minute.

    Zahra is now considered one of the weakest waramsters because her trait was changed last minute.

    Now this is gonna screw up a ton of metal monsters because it was changed last minute, it was fine as a status caster before.

    Please think about this, @Carlos with 2400 orbs, easily gained, people can get this warmaster at 100 and use it on their team in any metal war. Now they are all immune to special damage, Uther which cost people ACTUAL Money can't touch any of the opponents cz his good skills are special damage, Talos, Ultabot etc... and from now on ANY METAL HITTER you make if he has SPECIAL DAMAGE attacks, no one will want to get it because it is easily countered by just having that lvl 100 waramster on their team.

    When u added recently frozen, u gave us a period of skill changing for gold, and offered repalcement for those who got Thalassa, if you are doing this, well we deserve compensation for investing actual money in Uther.

    I didn't get a 120 VIP to end up with a 0 damage metal monster.

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  • Sam

    The immunity to all special damage is too much.

    This makes Uther, a VIP nontheless useless in any metal wars. I did not invest in a 120 Uther for him to do 0 damage!

    His skills are special damage.

    This goes for Ultrabot too and a lot of Metal Monsters like Octex and Metalhead.

    You are effectively neutralizing the best metal hitters, that is totally broken. Except if one has a Flamerion or a Talos with fire and nature attacks.

    Please @Carlos , @Fox reconsider this trait.
    Immunity to special damage for few turns as a status effect like it was, was much more logical

    New monsters should not make other ones completely useless. A VIP nontheless like Uther.

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  • Sam

    Yup, not giving up on this.. ever ^_^

    @Fox or @Carlos Please help me out here, can you tell us the logic that goes behind adding monsters to certain books? Because to be frank this is how it looks like:

    "New monster! Let's add it to as much books as we can so people would want to get it! But oh old monster NOPE we can't be bothered to think about it anymore, but hey let's keep putting it on sale and advertising it!"

    I have been reporting this for over a year and never gotten a clear reply. I want to know why it is ok for the monsters we invested in and ranked to be collecting dust because they are in ONE book, while newer monsters get added to 3 and 4 books.

    Do we only matter if we spent ridiculous amounts of money or nemesis and warmasters? Because we also spent a ton of gems to get these monsters in races and shop and challenges and then a lot more to rank them and rune them, and at the end we barely get to use them! for no logical reason at all except the developers can't be bothered to look at them anymore!!

    it took no time at all to add patient cyber to more books and prince charming, why can't they be bothered to add these too? they still put them on sales and challenges and chest and whatever. You literally have Alex Bone in a challenge right now. Why should I even bother to get it when it is in ONE book? It is a great monster but it will end up collecting dust. I have it at 120 and half way to 130 but I stopped investing in it because I barely get to use it!!

    All I am asking for is some logic and fairness here.
    The team went back and changed deadwolf's and taiga's stores to fit their books, a lot of effort goes into designing them and making their moves.. then we just throw them away at the back of the shelf because they don't get added to their logical books??

    Please look at these images.
    Compare the descriptions of the newer monsters to the older good monsters, then compare the number of books they are in!

    Demise literally has the word undead and families in her description yet not in undead nor families, but Skull Rivera is.
    Metalhead's description is how he likes to kick people and eat raw meat yet he is not in evil or villains but Metalisha is.
    Malair is the villain who made Dusk Aura and Devastator but he is not in villains.
    Bella Baal and her family are THE MOST REFERRED TO FAMILY IN GAME, yet she is not in families but Lady Solaris who has nothign to do with families is.
    Alex Bone and Al Canine have similar stories, yet Al Canine is in 4 books, and Alex in one.

    The discrimination against older monsters is very clear. Just look at these images.
    We get it, you want us to invest in the newer ones. But come on, these monsters are also still viable and going on sale and challenges, Metalhead and Bella Baal are very popular, I am sure you can see that by looking at statistics or whatever, and we are more likely to invest in them than starting from scratch.

    Why bother come up with stories for these monsters if they mean nothing at the end? Please please, take this seriously and send the feedback to the developers or whoever decided to add monsters to books. We saw it can easily be done when Prince Charmless was added to more books, and when Fampira and Lord Vlad were added late to the families book. so, why not? for the others?


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  • Sam

    I agree that the amount of specials defense monsters are getting lately are ridiculous.

    Sometime the same monster is getting 2 specials back to back.
    All 3 monsters getting their special is now a common thing. This is Not normal or at least now how it used to be.

    In one war, in my 5 attacks every single Xiron I attacked got its special. that is 5 out of 5. oh and here is the kicker, all were on their first turn!!

    This is sucking the fun out of playing.
    Bad enough we have to deal with all those hardened and tough and nemesis and warmaster traits, bad enough we have to deal with the illogical uneeded frustrating misses, bad enough we have to deal with nerfing the denial, now we are also dealing with the 3 specials per battle!!

    @Carlos with all the nerfing done to denial skills, and with all these 20% and 35% ad 50% resistant traits, is missing even still necessary?? You have blind and mini blind and daze and total blind and sunburn for that, why is missing when not affected by any of these even still a thing. can't think of any game where the character just misses for the sake of it.

    Seriously the gameplay has become who hits the hardest and who is lucky to get a special. It is all missing and resistance and getting hit by specials, no matter what strategy you come up with, you will just miss and then get hit by a special and get wiped, that is just not fun or smart, it is dumb blind luck that has nothing to do with skill or being smart and that is frustrating and unfair.

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  • Sam

    Another example of good monsters that are ignored and not added to their logical, obvious books is Malair.
    Malair is only in one book which is Superheores.

    Dusk Aura and Devastator are referred to as his crew. They are in the Villains as well as Evil book, but for some reason he is not.
    Devastator is in 3 books, Dusk is in 4, while Malair is only in one.

    I get that you want us to focus on newer monsters, but Malair is still going on sale too. I got him to 120 I would definitely buy more of him to get to 130 if he was in more books than one, more inclined to do so than start over with Dusk Aura for example.


    Monsters getting added to their logical books or no books at all is really an issue. The stories and lore this game has built is a huge part of enjoying it for many of us, then when there are monsters that obviously should belong to a book and they don't, it really breaks the illusion of the story and the immersion.
    I for one really appreciated that they went back and changed the story of Taiga and Deadwolf to fit the books they were added to for example.

    Moreover, it looks like intentionally trying to marginalize old monsters over new ones that get added to 4 books the moment they are released when some are still in no book at all, this creates a big imbalance.

    Perhaps we can have a thread where we compile a list of all monsters not in any books or one book and the logical obvious books where they should be and you guys can ask the developers to take a look and work on it? I can personally do that if it will be looked upon. @Fox

    On another note, really like the new changes to the team shop ^_^ thanks for that. Have something to look forward to playing wars again!

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  • Sam

    Hi, I haven't posted in a while but I have some feedback and few suggestions I hope you take into consideration.

    AI changes:
    for the most part this has been pretty nice. You recently posted that extra turn monsters will make use of their extra turns like Zyla.
    Can you please extend that to Mercurius too? He always starts with Bright Jolt now, (Aoe blind) even though he has 2 extra turn moves. He deserves same treatment as the rest of extra turners.

    New Books
    New books are welcome, but can you please prioritize adding some of the existing monsters to more books?

    An example: Bella Baal and Alex Bone. These monsters were race monsters. We worked hard to get them and barely get to use them. Both are in ONE book only. Another example is Metalhead, a very popular monster that is only in one book compared to Metallisha who is in three.

    Bella Baal, Queen Luthien and King Daerion are the most referred to family in game. White Pandalf worked for them, Uther helped defend their kingdom, Prince Charmless lived in their garden. Yet, they are not in the families book. Please, logically why aren't they there? Bella really needs to be in more books than ONE.

    Alex Bone is only in families, He is a thief, he can fit in evil book or the new Villains books. Al Canine is there, why isn't Alex. it really makes us feel cheated that we put all the effort to get and rank these monsters to barely get to use them.

    Moreover, the Winter Book is still not added to the war rotation, despite all the pleas from players about this on the forum (there is a thread about this topic only) .. We are getting 2 new books before the old one is even added to the rotation.

    So, yes new books are nice and appreciated. But can you please work on adding great monsters that are in one book to more first?

    Metalhead (fits in families with his band, or evil with metalisha or the new villains book. he deserves better than one book only.
    Bella Baal (only in female, can fit in good and families with her family 😄 )
    Alex Bone (only in families, can fit in evil and villains like Al Canine and Gangesterous)
    Demise: Her father is in families and in undead, but she is not. you can not get more undead than a skeleton 😕 she literally represents Day of the Dead.
    and other obvious family combos like the entire pandalf line, or Lux and Dusk Aura etc..

    War changes:
    I like the idea of finally getting a better team shop and war leagues.
    Hope the new relics that have been limited to Battlegrounds or war master blessings will be there 😄

    Switching Skills for gold
    Can you please consider making switching skills for gold a permanent thing, like you did for un-equipping relics?
    this will open up so much more room for strategy and customization. 20 gems to swap a skill is really too much.
    Perhaps you can look at the statistics of this. I have a feeling very few spend that much gems on switching skills..
    So if does not affect your revenue much, this would be A GREAT generous addition that makes the game a lot more strategic and enjoyable and we would all love you for it ^_^

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  • Sam

    @Ekto-Gamat said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    @Sam said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Please think about the repercussions of this, you are eliminating the usage of deniers, bad enough we have to deal with bulwark and nemesis and warmsters and tough traits thrown around nilly willy on monsters, now you also want to take away the ability to deny them?

    To be honest, it is usually a bad idea to try to deny them in the first place.
    Throwing poop and hope it sticks is usually not the best way to secure victory.

    You don't say. News flash we don't all have your 130s and X strength and 1 shot kills. "Trying" to deny them is often our best shot.

    Again a denier is supposed to deny, that how their moves were chosen, that what they are runed for, if they can only deny for 1 turn then they are useless the next turn. Might as well be under cooldowns activated.

    This is a huge change that affects monsters we bought and invested in for what they do. This is not balancing.

    Well, even though I do not necessarily disagree with that, I remember someone making a very emotional plea to change how a monster works that had been around for over a year already and which had been one of the favourite monsters to rank for F2P.

    LOL. Still butt hurt over Darmith BG 😄 ? I have been away from the forum for how long now and still not over it? It is hilarious.
    But ok let's go there.
    That monster's move description did not meet what it does and other monsters who had same moves description and already in game did not do what he did. He was a violation of what already existed. On the other hand recently frozen and possessed do not even exist.

    That plea affected one monster who was illogically one shot hitting when he was meant as a support, this affects dozens of monsters ability to deny when they are meant as deniers.

    That monster was in game for a year u say? This changes something that has been there since frozen and possessed were introduced. White walker, the first freezer was there since its debut. Possessed was there since Razfeesh was there. Not the same and u know it.

    Yes it is a great for the top players with warmasters and vips and nemesis who barely get denied anyway, not so good for us middle level players who have invested gems and elementium, cells and war coins in monsters like Baba Yaga and Kihaku and Nishant pet.

    i am surprised that someone with a self claimed great knowledge of the game has such a limited view on how to use those monsters. Maybe you should re examine their skills. Here's a start:

    Baba Yaga: 'Yaga's Curse', 'Kid Eater', 'Rotten Blue Rose', 'Baba's Torment'.
    Nishant's Pet: 'Nocturnal tackle', 'Infernal rabies' 'Gloomy Doom'.
    Kihaku: 'Kiai', 'Kyodo', 'Mokuso', 'Katatedori'.

    Oh thank u so much for listing the moves. Opening their wiki page was too tough.

    Again Ekto if i was on untamable or amab with ur X health runes and nemesis and warmasters, i would not care much either. U dont even need deniers, ur wars are mostly based on health and outlasting.
    Frostbite, Kihaku, Baba yaga, Caillech, Krampus, Nishant Pet whose main purpose is to be deniers effectively become a 1 turn use monster. Yes they have other moves but no one uses Baba Yaga for blue rose.

    Based on this I want to suggest a new change! After a hitter kills a monster all other monsters on its team should become immune to damage! We can all agree 1 shot killing a monster is more powerful than it losing a turn 🙂 so if we want to handicap deniers, why not hitters too 😄 let us introduce a recently healed status to limit those relics, recently total blinded, recently cooldown activated, etc.

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  • Sam

    @Francisco-Franceschi said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    This makes it more consistent which is a good thing, people will need to find out a new strategy to deal with those enemy monsters, which is also a good thing, support monsters with clean possitive will be on demand now more than before, I don't think this needs to be a concern, mixing up strategies is a really fun part of the game, if people is worried about the enemy having "recently" status things, well, clean it up first then deny again, so let your denier go first, then your attacker, then your support, you deny, you attack, you clean possitive then deny again.

    /me grabs the popcorn.

    yes because you can always choose to have that perfect setup in war where u have all that.
    I guess they just needed us to throw more gems on switching moves and runes now. Kudos SP you never fail to screw us.

    At any time they can just mess up monsters after years of using them. I wouldn't have gotten Xiron if this was the case at the time nor invested in Kihaku to 120.

    they can add recently frozen or possessed after 2 turns not one, that is enough balance without us having to trash what we have.

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