• Sam

    I am taking an extended unlimited time off the game. I may return to it one day if things really change but that seems unlikely.
    Before anyone goes: "Oh we don't care, why are you posting this, etc" I am posting this because maybe, just maybe, someone in charge might see it and read what reasons can make a player finally decide it's time to let go and perhaps do something to prevent it. I am also going to post what in my opinion could have been possible solutions. If you are not interested you can just skip this thread ^_^

    I started playing in 2014, took time off then started over fresh, last year. I've been there since the early beginning, and witnessed most of the major changes over time. So, I am a loyal player, and very patient, this is not "rage quit"

    I have spent 440$ on this game in the time I have been playing since last year. Never have I spent that much on a game. So, I am not "just ftp and should just take what I get", I invested in this game. Looking back now, I regret I have.


    1) Wars are no longer fun:

    The most fun aspect in the game for many of us has been wars!
    strategizing, working together with 29 other people to defeat the other team was great fun 😄
    However, war matchmaking has been broken for far too long: We either get a top 10 team that wipes us, with no chance for us whatsoever, or we get a weak team that we wipe. You can know the result of the war from the first look.
    The close, nail bitters are so extremely rare. But that's what makes it fun!
    I want close matches! I want to not know the result from first look.

    We made a thread with plenty of suggestions how to fix that, and there has been no news or feedback whatsoever on this issue, all we keep getting is more events and more monsters and more additions. I can't fathom why such a huge part of the game that is the most fun for most people, gets so little attention.

    solution: this thread is full of solutions: https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/1593/war-matchmaking-discussion-and-suggested-solutions/1

    -War Rules:
    The library was supposed to bring more variety to wars, it has done the absolute opposite. I am so sick and tired of Spirit, Dragons, Female, Sea, Winged over and over.
    I am only using 10% of my monsters: Thetys, Learnen, Tempest, Ingvar.

    I have a 120 Uther (good legions, exclusive) that I haven't used in months, I have a 120 Mercurius (superheroes), a Frostbite (?), a Krampus (Evil legions). Where are they? Why can't I use the monsters I worked hard on and which I love using?? I keep getting forced to use Thetys and Tempest and Ingvar. This is in no way shape or form fun .. or varied. It is boring. I can't stand looking at Learnean or Tempest anymore, from all the dragon and spirit rules, eventhough, they were among my favorites before.

    solution: add the new books to the rules, alternate with element, element, book, or rarity, element, book, and for the love of all that is holly, enough with the double same book rules.

    2) Illogical Progress to Reward ratio

    As our level increases everything becomes harder, but a level 100 player still gets same rewards as a level 20 player.

    Gold and Food dungeons for example: their difficulty increases as our monsters are stronger, but the rewards don't increase. 20k (or whatever food it is) are nothing to a lvl 100 player with 120 monsters.

    72 hour challenge: the difficulty for higher level players goes through the roof, but we still get the same level 100 legendary that has no use till it's ranked to 115 at least in our wars.

    solution: Increase difficulty but also increase reward!
    72 hr challenge, for example: make the legendary unranked if player is 1 to 50
    1 star ranked if you are level 51 to 75
    2 star ranked if you are level 76 to 95
    3 star ranked if higher
    or whatever ranges, just make it worth the effort! reward progress don't just punish it!
    Why should I level up? I have been avoiding doing adventure map because I know once my level increases everything becomes harder with no up side.

    3) Running out of reasons\motivation to play

    Even though there are more events and dungeons than ever, we technically have less and less to do. Example:

    Breeding events: Most breeding events require obscure rare legendaries, while the jokers can cover for common monsters which are often breedable or given in a monster dungeon at the same time! what's the point of the jokers then! I really feel scammed for buying Galante and Violet. The %s are too low, it's a joke, and the addition of random epics and legends has made it worse. So I don't even bother anymore. I rather keep breeding my Ultrabot and Laomu..

    Wars: in addition to becoming not fun due to the reasons mentioned above about matchmaking and rules, the reward to effort ratio is just not worth it anymore.
    For me, to get one thetys, we have to get 8 wining wars with 350 coins minimum, and what does one thetys do when you need 17 copies to fully rank her?
    I used to save up war coins to get high single runes from team shop, that was ripped away with no warning, never to return.

    I made a suggestion here to at least add some gems or elementium as rewards for the winning team, so we have some form of motivation. https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/1211/suggestion-to-make-wars-more-rewarding

    PVP: renewing the pvp system at first seemed like a step in the right direction, but it soon turned to another aspect of the game we are better off ignoring.
    I go to play pvp, all I see are 130s with X runes in my legendary 4 league, and I can't even refresh now to change them.
    I will lose if I play against them, so I am better off just not attacking at all, at least then I won't drop. In what kind of game is NOT playing more rewarding than playing? PVP is just now sitting there, just like it was before the revamp.

    Adventure Map though adventure map is still some fun, it comes at the high price of adding lot of lvl XP forcing you to level up which makes everything harder with no upside.

    Dungeons Book dungeons and survivor are okay. But, Rune, Food and Gold dungeons are near useless. Spending the time and the stamina to get a lvl 4 rune at my level is a waste of time. Why not increase the runes with player level? don't we buy enough runes already? pretty sure adding a lvl 6 or 7 rune at the end for higher level players won't bankrupt you.
    The statues of Premiere monsters: useless decoration, why not make them do something, like slightly increase gold production of habitats placed near it.

    No motivation to get new monsters The lab has been imo the biggest mistake in the game. Unranked monsters are useless vs ranked ones no matter how good they are. So why should I bother getting a lvl 100 "Living forest" or "Psilotus" when it will not replace my 115 Sara, or be able to fight a 130 Laomu and Alces?

    The effort and dedication required for progressive islands and mazes is not worth the reward. The only monsters many of us care about now are older ones so we get a copy to extract and help rank them.

    I miss the old days when a good new monster would come along and all you had to do was swap runes for it.

    I would have gotten Crissandre and given her my Malair's runes. But not when he is 120 and she is 100.

    I would have gotten Darmith's bodyguard, if I didn't need at least 8 copies to make him usable.

    solution: As mentioned above, increase the rank of the monsters given in mazes, 72 hr challenges, and progressive islands, according to player's level to make us want to bother with them. They are useless for us at 100, so most of us don't even bother anymore.

    When the lab came out, you promised us ranking will be easier. "Second rounds" in events, but instead what we got was making the first round even harder and harder. Seriously, who here has ever seen the 2nd round in a maze or progressive island?

    Another possible solution for mazes and 72 hr challenge in particular, allow a 2nd round without having to finish all event. Example in the maze if you get Hasai, his path resets and you can play it again and get another copy instead of having to finish it all to get to get him again. Same in 72 hr, reset that one monster puzzle after you get him, instead of having to finish all 3 puzzles to get to 2nd round.

    4) So many unnecessary frustrations
    -I go to play a dungeon, want to use my Uther, but nope! it's locked in my pvp defense, I have to go switch it then come back instead of just doing the dungeons. Why? why is this necessary. It doesn't make me want to get another Uther or whatever the purpose is, it only makes me curse.

    -I want to trade cells with my teammates, I can only donate legendary every 24 hrs. 100 L cells take us 20 days to trade. Why? why can't we just trade as much as we want, or at least double the amount like in the "sharing is caring event" (where has that gone?). The lab has been out for over a year, and it is still as hard to rank and trade as when it started.

    -My teammate struggles to get enough food to rank while I am sitting on 22 million with nothing to feed, but all I can do is send him 250 food? Make this a % instead of an amount. Since 2014 the gifts have not changed, what use does anyone have of a firesaur and 250 food and 2500 gold. Come on, why not improve these a bit, it's been years.

    -Half time breeding and hatching events: if you added the egg like 10 mins before it started it doesn't get the reduced time, but if it runs out before you remove the egg, even if the egg is done hatching, but you haven't placed it in a habitat it restarts and gets the original time. Why? these little things really add up.

    5) Too much additions too quickly all the time!

    The lab came out, we barely had time to rank our monsters and we are still ranking them, then the library jumped in, making almost all of our effort obsolete.
    We ranked rares and epics and uncommons, then suddenly they became obsolete. I literally had just max ranked my Salyentaur who is one of my favorite rares (unbreedable and not up for gold) when the library came out, I never got to use him.

    I had 2 high level players on my team that been with us since the start, quit the game because of this. They invested their money to get 130s and X runes, suddenly all their progress meant nothing because they didn't have a "spirit" or an "undead" and the monsters they invested in were not in books.

    Keeping things active is good, making new goals to prevent the game from becoming static is good, but not so quickly that the players feel they are not making progress at all because every time they are half way through, the goal moves, and all their progress is washed away. That is not motivating, that is disheartening.

    Please stop taking the top few as the measurement of progress, these are your lowest % of players. Just because they had 120 and 130 doesn't mean others did. The library could have waited a few more months instead of throwing it out half baked. We were still working on the lab, on ranking, there was no need for it yet.

    let things settle. Instead of producing new monsters every week that are so much alike, that we can't even keep up with, give us time to appreciate and enjoy what we have gained. Give us more chances to rank, more chances to use our monsters, to compete. A tough monster dungeon that really gives us a good legendary monster for example.
    Give us more breaks between events to really enjoy them instead of making them feel like a chore .

    and Finally as lead of a team I am tired of having to recruit to replace our good players and teammates who quit the game due to the same frustrations.
    We have lost 7 high level long terms players from our team since the library came out with the main reason being "the game is not fun anymore."

    so please @Fox @Carlos please try to get this feedback across before you lose more and more long term players.

    One final note:
    The good things
    To give credit where credit is due, and to not only complain: the things that I have enjoyed the most are: monsters designs and stories. The monsters have a variety of cute, pretty, and scary and are well made artistically for the most part (I pretend guava juice, D-evice, and chocolove, don't exist).

    Updated player profiles were a great addition.

    Despite the bad rep support gets, there were times when certain representatives were really helpful and went out of their way to help me with game issues I was having.

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  • Sam

    So, just to make sure I get his straight..

    Player base was so upset about the relics addition, many wanted to quit. Few complained they are also hard to get, and the solution for that was that they would be added to pvp rewards ... that sounds good till now, but they failed to mention they will replace gem rewards 😄

    when new pvp was introduced, the gem amount was double, then it dropped the 2nd season, now it is just removed to shove down our throats those relics no one wanted or needed?

    Brilliant, just brilliant ^_^ let's remove the last motivation to play pvp, all the imbalanced opponents and nerfing the refresh button was not enough.. and again making this change without any warning.

    unless players are on a top team or swimming in cash and gems, no one prefers those idiotic relics over gems. Why did you not ADD them as a reward like Demise cells or whatever?

    You are like "so sorry for the relics mess up! here are 50 free gems 😄 ... BUT we will take away the 125 gems you get form pvp for those 50, you're welcome :D"

    It's not enough gem dungeon was no where to be found this week, and monsterwood is throwing stupid amounts gold and food instead of gems for watching ads, you also had to remove them from pvp?

    and the answer to the complaint that relics will increase the gap between the top and the lower players and that it already caused so much imbalance, is to give the more overpowered relics to the top and near useless ones to the lower? GENIUS!! those in Legendary 1 do not need someone to make them even more overpowered! They already have a load of resurrect and heal relics! give the same relics to everyone but at different levels, that's fair..

    But it's like you could not wait till people recover from the relics fiasco to piss them off more? you have to do it consecutively? is the plan to like drive away all your players? If so it is surely working ^_^ !! 2 more players I know quit today.

    I miss the days where I would open this game and not feel absolutely disgusted by the way it's being run.

    It was a mistake to come back. Thanks for the reminder of why we quit in the first place.

    @Fox @carlos

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  • Sam

    Ever since removal of self runes from team shop and the recent ridiculous price increase on generals, I find myself wondering why am I even playing wars anymore? what are we collecting war coins for?
    Nothing in the team shop is worthy enough. yes fighting is fun, but without any worthy reward, it's hard to stay motivated.

    I have a suggestion to make wars more rewarding. Add to the rewards:
    Each member of winning team gets 10 gems and 2 elementium.
    In a month, say players do war consecutively, 15 wars = 150 gems (presuming they win them all) that's hardly much.
    It's not giving away too much gems that SP might feel it's game breaking. It can't even buy one monster on sale.
    But at least when we are removing runes for gems, to rune silly book monsters required for wars we will feel less like fools .

    2 elementium per won war = 30 elementium in a month : also hardly much or game breaking.

    but such small rewards 10 gems + 2 elementium for members of the winning team are motivating enough, they do make a difference for lower players and the cost to rune monsters is easier to swallow then.

    Keep in mind teams won't win all 15 wars nor do all consecutive wars either, so value will be less than that. and the values are just suggestions. even 5 gems are better than nothing.

    Please @Carlos @Fox @Rick-Crane consider this.

    players spend money and gems mainly to be competitive in wars, you just made pvp more interesting but the main attraction is still the wars, when people lose interest in these (which is already happening after the huge price increase and no self runes or good monsters and increasingly difficult war restrictions), a lot of their spending will drop too. Keep wars interesting for us so we keep playing.

    P.S: Interesting can mean motivational/rewarding 😄 not necessarily more difficult 😛

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  • Sam


    @Fox said in Relics are coming!:

    Hello everyone,

    We want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the feedback and suggestions that you have shared here.

    We value community feedback and we can already tell you that we will be investigating and implementing fixes for the relics, wherever possible, based on what we read. A few improvements are already planned (e.g. Relics should be visible in TW in preparation mode), and we will tackle bugs and some unexpected behavior.

    We are very sorry if some of you feel that they can get relics only through chest shop. As cells, relics can be obtained in various events such islands, PVP, dungeons, time challenges. The feature is new, we have not yet released all the events with relics but they are coming.

    Regarding the bugs, I have read a lot of comments about Relics being broken and buggy, however, to fix these as fast as possible we would like to ask for your help and get more concrete information on each bug. We want to get rid of them as fast as possible so that you guys can get back to enjoying the game.

    The team is also aware that there is a petition going around. They would love to find a common ground together with the community, so we will be reaching out to some players to gather more one on one feedback.

    Last but not least, we are preparing a Q&A about Relics to answer your most pressing concerns and to give more insight into what we have planned for the future. We would greatly appreciate it if you could post your questions, and your concerns, below and we will do our best to include them.

    Thank you

    Well this is worth coming back to address.

    My 2 cents and this meant as constructive criticism. In my opinion issue is not the relics or whatever, the issue has always been the same:

    Adding too much too quickly!! I understand that you want to always make the game "fresh"and not static but this is too much too soon!

    Lab got added, next thing we know is the Library, next thing we know Nemesis, now relics, take a breath seriously. Why is it always like you have a deadline to just keep releasing stuff and smother us with content no one asked for or wanted. Are you making the game for us or for yourselves? We have enough content to keep us entertained, Perfect and improve what is already there instead of blindly throwing new stuff at us. All it's doing is pushing everyone away.

    Library still has the winter book to add, Many monsters that should be in books are not, Many monsters have their moves bugged, you have not updated team shop in forever, but instead of fixing these you throw more stuff at us that bring a whole new amount of bugs and frustrations,... and I bet a month from now something "new" and half baked will be thrown at us, and you will drop relics too.

    Please just slow down, you keep changing everything too quickly it is not fun or motivating it is frustrating. again just because few teams on the top all have X runes and 130 monsters and Nemesis doesn't mean the rest do, let things settle let people work to a goal, the goal keeps changing.

    We were half way working on ranking monsters through lab, then library came and washed away all that, we were so happy with certain monsters and vips, then came the nemesis op that made all that futile, now relics make everything else obsolete.

    Ask payers what do they really want, what makes the game enjoyable for them and improve that! not what makes it fun in theory for a few on your developer team. Most of us play FOR WARS that is the whole point we level monsters and get runes and nemesis and perhaps relics, that is what makes it fun, yet you continuously ignore that. Want people to have fun and keep motivated to play make wars better! Improve matchmaking, improve rewards! Team shop monsters are mostly atrocious.

    Seriously ask yourself, why would we buy a nemesis or runes or invest in relics, so that we can win at wars.. then what? to get some war coins for over priced generals that are now long outdated? what is our motive ! what in your opinion should our motive be? Give us some gems or elementium when we win wars. Then there would actually be a reason to get all these and compete, then we would want relics or whatever. There really is no point.

    All the new features you throw at us are pointless without a motive. Perfect the basics, Improve what is already there, give us a motive. Let things settle, let people feel they are actually progressing, sometimes less is more. So many people have quit because every now and then you just wash away all their progress with dangling a new OP carrot for them to run after. My team has lost so many PAYING players because of this. Players that were actually bringing you money. People who bought 10 vips!

    And please for the love of all that is holly stop releasing half baked stuff, yes bugs are expected but this is more than that. Take the library, took you forever to release all books and add monsters to them, then finally you made it dynamic and auto-updatale, had you taken more time to do that and thought it through before release so many more players would still be playing! These self imposed deadlines for releasing new stuff, are ruining it for us and for you. Slow down and release them later when they are fully baked and tested and thought of, we are not bored yet, but all the new stuff smothers us.

    Seriously the library would have kept us occupied for at least a year. You added nemesis into the mix, you haven't even finished these or the bodyguards and you threw in relics, there is no need. Why would someone buy a nemesis now if relics can make any other monster better?

    Who thought continuously resurrecting and getting shields and healing is fun? do they actually play?

    Another point, for this, unlike the library a gradual approach would have been much better. Bronze for first 3 months, then silver for 3 more then gold for 3 then finally diamond a year from now, do not throw everything at us here in one go. People would have had time to learn them, and and get used to them gradually, instead of now getting smacked in pvp and wars (which are already so mismatched) with not only 130 nemesis with X runes but also those that simply keep resurrecting, healing and getting shields 😄

    please, just take these back and go back to the drawing board, test them fully for a significant amount of time, and release them gradually, and meanwhile fix what is already broken in other areas and give us some motive to do wars!

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  • Sam

    Hi, I haven't posted in a while but I have some feedback and few suggestions I hope you take into consideration.

    AI changes:
    for the most part this has been pretty nice. You recently posted that extra turn monsters will make use of their extra turns like Zyla.
    Can you please extend that to Mercurius too? He always starts with Bright Jolt now, (Aoe blind) even though he has 2 extra turn moves. He deserves same treatment as the rest of extra turners.

    New Books
    New books are welcome, but can you please prioritize adding some of the existing monsters to more books?

    An example: Bella Baal and Alex Bone. These monsters were race monsters. We worked hard to get them and barely get to use them. Both are in ONE book only. Another example is Metalhead, a very popular monster that is only in one book compared to Metallisha who is in three.

    Bella Baal, Queen Luthien and King Daerion are the most referred to family in game. White Pandalf worked for them, Uther helped defend their kingdom, Prince Charmless lived in their garden. Yet, they are not in the families book. Please, logically why aren't they there? Bella really needs to be in more books than ONE.

    Alex Bone is only in families, He is a thief, he can fit in evil book or the new Villains books. Al Canine is there, why isn't Alex. it really makes us feel cheated that we put all the effort to get and rank these monsters to barely get to use them.

    Moreover, the Winter Book is still not added to the war rotation, despite all the pleas from players about this on the forum (there is a thread about this topic only) .. We are getting 2 new books before the old one is even added to the rotation.

    So, yes new books are nice and appreciated. But can you please work on adding great monsters that are in one book to more first?

    Metalhead (fits in families with his band, or evil with metalisha or the new villains book. he deserves better than one book only.
    Bella Baal (only in female, can fit in good and families with her family 😄 )
    Alex Bone (only in families, can fit in evil and villains like Al Canine and Gangesterous)
    Demise: Her father is in families and in undead, but she is not. you can not get more undead than a skeleton 😕 she literally represents Day of the Dead.
    and other obvious family combos like the entire pandalf line, or Lux and Dusk Aura etc..

    War changes:
    I like the idea of finally getting a better team shop and war leagues.
    Hope the new relics that have been limited to Battlegrounds or war master blessings will be there 😄

    Switching Skills for gold
    Can you please consider making switching skills for gold a permanent thing, like you did for un-equipping relics?
    this will open up so much more room for strategy and customization. 20 gems to swap a skill is really too much.
    Perhaps you can look at the statistics of this. I have a feeling very few spend that much gems on switching skills..
    So if does not affect your revenue much, this would be A GREAT generous addition that makes the game a lot more strategic and enjoyable and we would all love you for it ^_^

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  • Sam

    I read a lot on facebook groups, from player that attend SP meetings and then the present their demands that are supposedly representing us. Many times they do NOT represent us at all! they represent their friends and acquaintances and other elites in their group NOT US. NOT the majority of players.

    SP talk to them and takes their suggestions which end up serving their own agenda and hurting us!
    Please SP if you are going to be meeting with people, choose players from different groups! Not all top team elites @Rick-Crane

    They just posted about their meeting and this particular point they brought up is very upsetting. this does not represent us, and it HURTS us.

    They brought up this point: "1) Players who had purchased all their VIP’s at $19.99 each to rank up to Level 130. The fairness of it, when players now are given the chance to breed VIP’s after purchasing one and spending in one example 2300 gems to get enough VIP’s to level to 130, a substantial savings over what the Elite players had to do to get to them to 130"

    Seriously? you are asking SP to reduce VIP breeding events? it's not bad enough how rare they are and how low % they are? No one slapped you on your wrist and told you buy 17 Zylas the moment the lab went live . You want to punish and limit the opportunities for others because YOU CHOSE to over spend? that is pretty selfish.

    I bought Uther because there ARE breeding event,s knowing I might have a chance to rank him later. He has been in ONLY ONE breeding event, since I bought him, while all other vips minus NOX have been in 2 or more. If there were not VIP breeding events, I wouldn't have bought him!
    and they talk about 2300 gems as if that's pocket change, for the average player, for the majority of player it IS NOT.

    This demand only represents the bitter elite, who chose to buy a huge amount of vips THE MOMENT the lab came out, Ricky Crane made a video to answer concerns about VIP ranking soon after lab came out and HE SAID there will be VIP breeding events. This was not some surprise. They were impatient, it is not our fault.

    They want to whine about how they over spent fine by me, but do NOT go into SP meetings claiming you represent the majority to push your own agenda.

    It's not enough elites got generals, timerion, level 9 speed runes for cheap from team shop while we won't. No they also want to make the gap even bigger and shun down any chance for us to improve or catch up.
    What threat is a 110 Uther to your full 130 roster and X runes.

    Another point that was brought up is long matchmaking for top teams, last time they decreased that we ended up getting 3 top 10 teams in a row! we had to jump team to avoid such unfair matchups! yes it decreased time for the top teams, but it also made us fall in their pool! This short sightedness ends up doing more harm than good!

    You do NOT represent us. You only make things worse for the majority while you sit on your thrones and enjoy the gap becoming bigger.
    But because you pay they will listen to you, and us will be thrown under the bus. SP 's greed is not the problem, it's the lack of empathy and selfishness of the few who yell the loudest, and feel it's their right to dictate the game for everyone.

    No asking about bringing back self runes in team shop or reducing their prices .
    No comment about hatching times of metal ucs, rares, commons unchanged.
    No comment about unfair matchmaking in races and wars.

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  • Sam

    We are being suffocated with events.
    Please slow down!

    Team battle grounds could have been delayed a bit.

    So there is now a progressive island (ok forget that one)but also TeamBattle grounds AND THE OLYMPIAN RACE starting soon. Not to mention wars which many of us actually still care about no matter how much you neglect them.

    how exactly are we going to manage all that? Too much going on at once!
    battlegrounds could have been delayed till after race or vice versa.

    This is not the way to keep people interested and entertained, it is a way to make us get overwhelmed and give up.

    As lead of my team who actually needs to organize and plan for all that, and coordinate 30 people, this is too much. Please stop throwing stuff at us at such a hurried pace.

    sometimes less is more. You just had legendary overloads and now battle grounds and next race, how much money do u expect people can dish out in less than a week? we are getting burnt out, we are still recovering from Prince Charmless race. Seriously what is the rush! allow people to recharge and rebuild their resources, you'll get more out of them too.

    @fox @tyroz

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  • Sam

    @Fox, @Carlos, I just want to know, when you make such threads and ASK for feedback, do you even read the responses? or is it just something to do, to make it look like SP cares what players think, and then they will do whatever they want anyway? Are we wasting our time? we take time to give thoughtful feedback and make suggestions, do you even look at them?

    I can not think of any incident where player feedback actually mattered. SP just asks (about stuff already made) then does what it wants anyway and adds "according to player feedback".

    Now that the changes to the team shop have been implemented, here's what I and many players think: DISGUSTING.

    no new monsters, just the returning lame exoskeel, and the below mediocre Ingvar bodyguard.

    NO SELF RUNES FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW. Can you just be honest with us for a change and tell us if self runes ARE EVER coming back?? when I messaged support months ago when team runes first appeared instead of self, they said self will come back.. 2 fraternity events later and nothing. Why is this so hard to do?

    This is the team shop update? the big change? JUST KEEPING EVERYTHING THE SAME but at RIDICULOUS HIGHER PRICES?? I like how you advertise it, as if it's such a huge big nice change. Points for that though.

    You keep tightening the grip on your players, eventually you are gonna choke us all.

    No self runes in the team shop, but make the library rules so we need MORE RUNES for silly monsters from the books while cost to remove runes is still as high as ever.
    No new monsters in the shop, but INCREASE prices on old ones making them near unattainable except for the elite few, who already have them and DO NOT NEED THEM.

    You are shooting yourself in the foot. As I said above stop taking the top 20 teams as your standard, they are a small part of your player base. If you want the rest to leave just say so instead of pushing us away slowly.

    One thing for sure, my team will not be buying any gem packs this fraternity events, simply because there's nothing in the shop we want or can afford even with buying.

    thanks SP. we really feel the love.

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  • Sam

    The aim of this thread is not for me to whine about the current status quo, nor to ask others to find justification why this is okay and why we should just deal with it.

    There is a problem in matchmaking that many teams suffer from. I want us to discuss possible solutions, and I hope someone representing SP can chime in and tell us if they will consider these solutions or if there any plans to improve war matchmaking.

    First, an overview of my team to put things in perspective:
    Our MP is 978,403.
    7 of our members have MP ranging from 40k to 52k (highest). The rest range from 16k to 39k, with the majority being in the 20k range.

    we have 2 players that have 3 or 4 130 legends.
    the rest of our 30-member team have monsters that range between 100 and115, with 2 or 3 monsters at 120 at most, which are often max ranked breed-able epics.
    Approximately, 1/3 of our members use level 8 runes or higher (very few X runes), 1/3 use 7s and 6s. and 1/3 use 5s, and 4s.

    In our last 5 wars:

    • Earliest one: we matched vs a team that has MP of 2.045 Million a top 20 team.
      Their minimum requirements in their description is: 130s and 120s and level 8+ runes, and there was more Xs and 130s on their first 5 islands than our entire team combined.
      we had no chance in that one and lost 175 to 419.

    • Second and third one: we were matched with teams that had similar MP to us: 1.157 Million and 1.5 Million to our to our 978k. We won both wars 370 range vs 190 range. Even though they had better runes, they left several attacks and were less disciplined using B and C teams that lost to our simple defenses.

    • Fourth one: we were matched with a team 1.29 MP that was as active. This was our closest and most fun war I can remember. We won 315 to 301 last 30 mins.

    • Fifth one (current one) Now we are gain matched vs a top 50 team. with 2.25 Million MP and their minimum requirements are 130s and X runes. we will have no chance whatsoever against them.

    So out of these 5 wars: 3 were really in our range, and 2 were completely out of our range vs top 50 teams. There is a problem here. This pattern continues through out our history.

    We do not want easy wins, nor impossible matches, we want exciting, challenging, close wars. That's why we play.

    Suggestions for Solutions:

    1) Remove War coins earned as a factor for matchmaking:

    • In the past, "war coins earned past x days" was not a factor in matchmaking at all. It relied mostly on the team's Monster power. That was a much better assessment, imo. If you see a team with 2 million MP and a team with 500k MP you already know who will win.
      MP is an indication of how many ranked monsters they have, which will be a huge factor in determining who wins. Teams with high ranked monsters will often also have high runes.

    • War coins earned however are not an indication: My team uses speed charts, has a policy against using B monsters, and we maximize each win. Our war coin output on our wins is high, can be comparable to some top teams, but our monsters and runes are not. Matching us with teams that have our war coin output, but double and sometimes triple our MP is punishing us for being active and efficient.

    • Teams now jump to a new team (reform) to wipe away their war coin history to eliminate that factor, and to be honest after we had 3/9 wars against top 30 teams that we had no shot against, we did that too some months ago.
      So why have war coin history be a factor at all? when something is not fair people find a way to bypass it.

    2) Add a forfeit option

    • In pvp when you come across a team you have no chance against you can skip it, or press the X and get out of it. In wars you have to sit 2 days to take a beating with no way out.
    • Allow a team to forfeit. Having to lose 2 days sitting around waiting for a war, we have no shot at, to end is a waste of time. Allowing a team to forfeit, thus removing its cooldowns, and allowing it to war again vs someone more fair helps teams avoid a lot of frustration.

    • some restrictions can be put: Only allowed to forfeit once every 5 wars.
      Team that forfeits gets nothing, other team gets 90% of max possible war coins. can even make team that forfeit only get 90% of the war coins it earns in its next win.

    • you become immune to matching with the team you forfeited to, for at least 10 wars. (there is no point if you forfeit then match them right after) and this prevents teams from abusing it by making fake teams and forfeiting to themselves.

    3) Unified pool system and globalizing war start time

    • Wars start at the same time for everyone... a certain global time.

    • All teams that want to participate in upcoming war, have say x hours to submit their entry.

    • All teams worldwide that want to participate in that war, will be in one pool.

    • After the period for submitting entry expires, Matchmaking then matches teams with similar MP and whatever other criteria.

    • Having more teams to pick from, from the pool, should ensure much better matches for everyone!

    • This also disallows teams to intentionally match or avoid each other by waiting a certain time.

    These 3 points are my suggestions on how this can be rectified to make wars more challenging and yet fair, and ultimately fun!

    I have seen several other great suggestions by fellow forum users on the old forums, who I hope can repost them in this thread.

    • Pyramidal matchmaking discussed by @C0ntr1v3d
    • League system with a certain maximum rank for monster allowed (suggested by @Portgas-D.-Ace )
    • Another form of Leagues suggested by @Omar-Sharif
    • Allow losing teams to still get their entire war coins earned. by @MarshallTheBeef

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  • Sam

    Yup, not giving up on this.. ever ^_^

    @Fox or @Carlos Please help me out here, can you tell us the logic that goes behind adding monsters to certain books? Because to be frank this is how it looks like:

    "New monster! Let's add it to as much books as we can so people would want to get it! But oh old monster NOPE we can't be bothered to think about it anymore, but hey let's keep putting it on sale and advertising it!"

    I have been reporting this for over a year and never gotten a clear reply. I want to know why it is ok for the monsters we invested in and ranked to be collecting dust because they are in ONE book, while newer monsters get added to 3 and 4 books.

    Do we only matter if we spent ridiculous amounts of money or nemesis and warmasters? Because we also spent a ton of gems to get these monsters in races and shop and challenges and then a lot more to rank them and rune them, and at the end we barely get to use them! for no logical reason at all except the developers can't be bothered to look at them anymore!!

    it took no time at all to add patient cyber to more books and prince charming, why can't they be bothered to add these too? they still put them on sales and challenges and chest and whatever. You literally have Alex Bone in a challenge right now. Why should I even bother to get it when it is in ONE book? It is a great monster but it will end up collecting dust. I have it at 120 and half way to 130 but I stopped investing in it because I barely get to use it!!

    All I am asking for is some logic and fairness here.
    The team went back and changed deadwolf's and taiga's stores to fit their books, a lot of effort goes into designing them and making their moves.. then we just throw them away at the back of the shelf because they don't get added to their logical books??

    Please look at these images.
    Compare the descriptions of the newer monsters to the older good monsters, then compare the number of books they are in!

    Demise literally has the word undead and families in her description yet not in undead nor families, but Skull Rivera is.
    Metalhead's description is how he likes to kick people and eat raw meat yet he is not in evil or villains but Metalisha is.
    Malair is the villain who made Dusk Aura and Devastator but he is not in villains.
    Bella Baal and her family are THE MOST REFERRED TO FAMILY IN GAME, yet she is not in families but Lady Solaris who has nothign to do with families is.
    Alex Bone and Al Canine have similar stories, yet Al Canine is in 4 books, and Alex in one.

    The discrimination against older monsters is very clear. Just look at these images.
    We get it, you want us to invest in the newer ones. But come on, these monsters are also still viable and going on sale and challenges, Metalhead and Bella Baal are very popular, I am sure you can see that by looking at statistics or whatever, and we are more likely to invest in them than starting from scratch.

    Why bother come up with stories for these monsters if they mean nothing at the end? Please please, take this seriously and send the feedback to the developers or whoever decided to add monsters to books. We saw it can easily be done when Prince Charmless was added to more books, and when Fampira and Lord Vlad were added late to the families book. so, why not? for the others?


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  • Sam

    Summarizing isn't my thing.
    Hope you like it ^_^

    Breed an egg, and make it hatch
    Feed it up with that tomato patch!
    Rune it with the best you have!
    Take it up to a match!!
    Of voltaik, you must dispatch,
    Before he turns you to ash!

    Trying to craft a high rune!
    Another event starts too soon
    Feeling over the moon...
    as you win a close war!
    fingers getting a bit sore,
    feeding, extracting, and more!

    Have to fill every book,
    rubble hiding in the nook,
    Dr Victor running amok,
    While Vanitus admires his look,
    All the stamina, Thetys took!

    Ingvar is getting a bodyguard!
    Dungeons are getting a lil hard
    72 hours to find the card,
    Then an island, then a race!
    But the best, is the maze!
    Trying to find a way...
    without having to pay 😛
    there is so much left to say
    but ... anyway...
    Monster Legends, Happy Birthday!

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  • Sam

    Ok maybe I am thick, but it doesn't sound like it did ANYTHING good.

    Breeding and hatching times of epics have always been the same anyway, minus Giffex and Dragonain Beast.

    so basically, it is just reducing the breeding time TO NORMAL for epics that pop up as by-product in the breeding events, which wasn't even a thing until recently.


    • they nerfed breeding events by throwing in epics no one wanted in the mix which diluted the chance to get the monster you want even further, (Seriously I got 6 van k. mark when trying to breed famperium that i just sold because no one even wanted their cells) and made these by-product epics breeding time as long as a legendary, so one wouldn't even know if they got the legend unless they speed up the egg, and now they only set it back to NORMAL time, and we are supposed to be grateful for that?? .. lol okay.
    • The uc metals supposedly hatch faster. but still take 22 hours to breed !!!
      While rare metals, still take 22 hours to breed and ONE DAY 2 HRs to hatch 😄


    • some monsters like Vixsun and Blesstle which are 15 hrs to breed,are now supposedly less, but will still take 17 hrs to hatch, clogging the hatchery just the same!

    Please stop treating your users like we are idiots, the way you advertise this, you make us feel "OMG what a great thing they did!!" and it ends up basically nothing. Like the advertised stats boost for old monsters when you nerfed their gold production, were not even noticeable!

    The whole reason we have been asking to decrease hatching time is because of how much clogging the hatchery it does in breeding events.

    But nope! we got higher breeding and hatching time on dragonian beast. You couldn't even let us have that? it's chance was too low already, it was one of the very few options or the ONLY OPTION to logically breed epics in races. That was too much to keep, you needed to milk gems from that one monster too?

    What we wanted was:

    • DECREASED HATCHING AND BREEDING TIME ON RARE AND UC METALS: why on earth does a rare metal take ONE DAY 2 HOURS to HATCH compared to an epic of 1 day 13 hrs. compare to other rares from other elements like thunder 5 or 2 hrs.

    • Decreased hatching time on COMMONS: GENIE TAKES 17 HRS, LIGHT SPIRIT TAKES 23 HOURS!!! METALASAUR TAKES a DAY 2 HOURS!!! (Same as a metal uc and rare and only 11 hours less than an epic!!) THAT IS NUTS. that's what we wanted you to fix!!

    Seriously, throw us a bone here! It's bad enough to shove incomplete books down our throats in wars, nerf gold production, remove self runes from team shop, make races even tougher with epic breeding on every node, doubling prices of generals, having completely skewed matchmaking in races and wars, and now this! something we have been asking for for a very long time, you totally ignore it and brand it as: LOOK WHAT WE DID, BE GRATEFUL!

    You realize we are not trapped with you, keep making players frustrated and angry and they will walk away. You need us. there are plenty other games out there that are far more rewarding. You are alienating your loyal players, I have been with this game since 2014 and every day I want to leave it more instead of wanting to play, and on top of that you make it impossible for new players to catch up. Who are you going to be left with at the end? even the elites, your money makers, are giving up in frustration and selling their accounts !


    @Fox @Rick-Crane read this please!

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  • Sam

    Ok so, Evil Legions and Good legions books have been updated. Yet we have not seen these in rotation in war since their debut. Neither Superheroes or Families.

    the same war rules over and over are getting VERY boring.
    like how many dragons, spirit, sea, do we have to take?

    and then comes the double rule like spirit, spirit, x ... or winged, winged, x.

    I want to see some variety! I have a 120 Metalhead i want to use him! I have a a 120 Mercurius I want to use him (but i can't remember when we had underworld or superheroes last) or example Frostbite who isn't in any book. We know there is a Winter book, can you just add it already please?

    Please, enough of the females, spirit, dragon, sea, winged over and over.

    You updated the evil and good legions and superheroes books, let us use them, put them in rotation with the other books for war. I'd take exclusive too! just for some variety! it's really very repetitive now.

    I am only using like 10% of my my monsters that I worked hard on and ranked.

    Can we at least have element, book, element sometimes?

    @Fox please ask them to put other books in rotation in wars other than the same ones over and over

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  • Sam

    I liked it. I thought it was more fun than the tediousness of the races and I liked the strategic element to it where we can excel based on planning and team work rather than how deep our pockets are. However, some things I felt need change.

    1) Entire roster being "Frozen" once attack day starts.
    I understand that we don't want to share resources between defense and attack teams that is fine.
    But when I went to attack, removed some gold runes from a monster I rarely use, replaced them with team speed I had in inventory, and went in to attack and found they refused to change from gold runes, I was dumbfounded. I had relics unequipped from defense teams BEFORE attack day starts and they were sitting in my reliquary, I could not even equip them anymore and they just sat in reliquary . I do not understand the point of that.

    Fine freeze our defense teams, and whatever they have on and prevent us from sharing their resources with our attackers, like if i placed an uriel essence on a defense team don't let me use the same on on my attack, but if i have an extra one in reliquary why can't I equip it on my attack team? like in wars.

    2) Visual improvements:
    while planning and coordinating with people it was very tedious to go back and forth clicking on each island to see its rules and its value.
    Let the rules be shown on the pieces and color code them for points perhaps.
    I made this for my team. Wish it was like that form the get go.
    0_1533083482165_map jpg.jpg

    3) The rewards felt really underwhelming. we were tier 2.
    one gold relic chest, 35 elementium.. at least 2 gold relic chests and 50 elementium would have made more sense. we were winning 70 elementium in old races

    4) Cooldowns I am fine with not refreshing them quickly, but at least have them refresh normally after a certain period, like in Titans event. make it longer if u must, like half the attack day period, but no refresh at all, except with gems that keep increasing came off a bit too blatantly greedy. Or at least make gem cost stay the same or increase less sharply. it started with 5 gems, immediately doubled.

    5) Not being able to kick a player was very frustrating. Leads should still have a say in that.
    We had a guy who went inactive, 0 attacks in war, dropped off team groups and had 0 contribution to the battle grounds and I was not able to remove him, he did no even qualify with 0 points, so what was the point? please keep our lead privileges active, we have to organize all this don;t make things harder for us.


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  • Sam


    "Stun immunity trait, and Stun Immunity skills will give immunity to Stun and Megastun
    The same for Possesion"

    I apologize in advance if I come off as aggressive but this issue seriously has made me and a lot of players I know very angry.
    Sir, this is fraudulence. Many of us invested in Brontes / Hiroim because of their mega stun ability allowing them to stun other stun immune earth monsters Ouros especially. Now, after how many months of his release , you decide you are gonna change it and make him obsolete?
    If it wasn't intended to stun, stun immune why wasn't this changed before? or at least an announcement that says this is not intended and will be changed in the future. Knowing that also Reptie had megastun that affected stun immune way before Brontes. How many months was this there?

    so, now after we spent gems to rank Brontes\ money on Hiroim because of this unique skill they have, you are gonna be like " "LOL, Psyche! we got you! we were just kidding for months! you spent all those gems/dollars for nothing while you could have ranked an Atum instead" ... seriously?

    why on earth will we believe any other thing you do. Why should I buy a Boi Tai when after a few months you could decide "nahh, his immunities will not work this way" just like you now decided about megastun or before on haste and slow or, or ...

    This kind of attitude is like you are baiting us with new shiny unique stuff and once we invest in them and spend gems, you nerf them and make them obsolete and take away what made them special and then dangle new shiny stuff in front of us so we spend more, and the cycle repeats.

    and how do you think making Brontes obsolete is gonna bring variety?
    All you will then see are high health Ouros and 130 Atums whenever earth is involved, Brontes is the only earth that brought variety.
    It was the age of Ouros before Brontes came, it was stupid and annoying to deal with Ouros and now you want to take us back to that? thats' the complete opposite variety! No we don't enjoy having a 10 min match vs an Ouros that keeps regenerating.

    Are you bringing out an earth that possesses is that why you want to make Brontes absolute, so the only option vs Ouros is then possession and we have to buy that new earth?

    If it ain't break don't fix it. Has any player ever complained to you about megastun? Why not focus on stuff that we actually complain about.

    Why not make the useless traits useful?

    Attuned: this is useless. 15 stamina points are regained when affected by weak types when the lowest skill requires 20 stamina points. This should be consolidated with super attuned as one skill. (regain 50 points when affected by weak types) Then monsters like Sphyrnus will be useful and used to counter thetys's stamina drain. She stamina drains him, he regains 50 pts and can attack back for example, then you will see Variety.

    Energized: a little more energy points is also useless. Make it such it resists a 50% of stamina drain. example if a 100% stamina drain is sued against them, they keep 50% . if a 50% stamina drain is used against them, they keep 25%.

    Please don't make Brontes useless. that's not how you bring variety, that's how you kill a monster that is bringing variety.

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  • Sam

    @Carlos @Fox Can we please get any news on when the books are going to be updated?

    Right now there is an Undead\Underworld wars event.
    The undead book is seriously lacking.

    Demise: she represents the day of THE UNDEAD, yet she isn't in the undead book?!

    Lostyghost / Commander Alvid: Ghosts ..
    Akhentop: an actual mommy
    Will Razor Face/ Rador / Klektus : skeletons!
    Harusami: a zombie!
    How more undead do they need to get to get included in the undead book?

    The introduction of the library was supposedly to encourage variety. How is it encouraging variety when we ARE FORCED to choose from a book with 3 pages with mediocre monsters? Variety means having more options to choose from. My only option is Megaosteum who I have had forever and never cared for, or a Zomdalf. The others in it don't interest me to spend gems on, I am not getting an osteoclast for example, even if the undead rules pop-up stays there for a month

    Or let's talk about Good Legions and Bad Legions. which are even worse.

    I invested in a VIP: Uther. Why can't I use him for good legion, his story fits... or White Pandalf.. or Ingavr .. or or

    Please update the books like you did for female and mechanical, these are not fun as they are, many people are quitting because of this. We will just sit out the wars that involve good and evil legions if the books remain like this. This isn't encouraging variety this is turning us off from playing.

    At least maybe include some monsters from these small books in the team shops, Noctum has been around forever for example, why not add him to the team shop as was done with Cyan and the Skeels.

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  • Sam

    Ok, there is a big majority of us that are really struggling with too many specials in battles, I know you are monitoring and RNG, and apparently nothing changed, and all that, but our own experience on a day to day basis says otherwise.

    Some suggested to remove specials all together, I get that some people don't want that. Personally I hate specials, anything that is just based on blind dumb luck is not fun for me whether it works in my favor or not, but ok we don't want to remove specials, how about we balance them or add some restrictions.

    I think the major source of frustration for many of us is getting hit by specials back to back and or on first turn. To eliminate that frustration 3 simple restrictions can be added:

    • A monster should never get a special on first turn

    • A monster should never get a special back to back: more details: if it gets a special once, it can not get another till 6 more turns for example.

    • Stamina removal or cooldowns activated should not trigger specials more than usual, they really seem like they do.

    Once these restrictions are applied, 2 mechanics can be used to get a special:

    • Charging up mechanic: Before a monster gets to use its special, the special needs to be charged up:
      The suggestion on discord was the more moves it uses the more the meter fills up.

    My suggestion is:
    have a meter that fills up slowly, when the monster takes damage, or after each turn it gets. Once meter is filled a special can be used.

    The more it takes damage: If you are getting beat up by a voltaik or prince charmless or zyla for example, your monster is losing health but on the upside it is charging its special a bit more.
    The more rounds it gets/survives: if your monster is getting denied for example but still surviving, it is more likely to get a special.

    In my opinion specials are supposed to be something that turn the tide for the underdogs, something that is like a last saving grace, with this, the monsters who are getting damage or enduring are more likely to get a special to help them out, than the strong hitters which are already having the advantage and don't need the special.

    • Chance increase mechanic: as suggested on discord, the monster starts out with 0% on first turn, each turn the % increases to reach a max of 5%. and once used, the % chance resets to 0. this ensures no specials on first turn and no back to back specials.

    This can be modified to ensure that 2 teammates monsters don't get consecutive specials either, the chance can be for the entire team and resets for all once used by one.

    Another mechanic:

    • One special for all team but only once per battle: My suggestion is once a monster gets a special, it can be used by any monster on the team on their turn, (giving u the freedom to use the best special for any of ur surviving monsters depending on the situation rather than just rely on luck of the draw) but once used, it can not be used again by anyone through out the battle, this is coupled with either the charging up mechanic or the chance increase mechanic. This adds an element of strategy (use the special for support or denial or damage or revival for example) but still makes sure it is not too overpowered, give the freedom to choose who uses it but in exchange it becomes limited to only one.

    @carlos @fox hope you consider these.

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  • Sam


    My feedback:

    "War Coin prices for Generals and Pets will be increased to better represent the strength and value of these monsters in the game. Remember, you also have Cells packs in the Team Shop at very affordable prices!"

    This is ridiculous, in my opinion.
    It's simply too late to do that now. without creating a HUGE disparity between players.

    How is it fair that some players got each general at 800 coins, then at 1150 and then suddenly they will cost say 2000?

    This is not gonna limit their use, those who have them ranked, already ranked them, and will keep using them, it's mid and lower level teams/players you are punishing as you make it even harder for them to catch up.
    It's like you want to push away your players at this point.

    This is basically like: selling laser cannons for 10$ for some people, then saying "whops! we just realized laser cannons are good, so they now cost 1000$. All of you who got them already, well good for you, you were fast enough before we woke up, but those who didn't, well TOUGH BREAK, but guess what?! you will still be matched vs those who got the laser cannons for cheap, but you will NOT be able to catch up. good luck fighting them with slingshots 😄 "

    And let's be frank, yes generals traits are good, but that's like the only thing most of them have going for them. A 115 Learnean is a better hitter and more versatile than a 115 Shannara. A Brontes is more efficient in denial than Atum, Timerion\Metalhead are more versatile than Holter. Many darks surpass Nishant... etc..

    What they have going for them is ease of ranking, take that away and they become mediocre at best.

    Also if you make their prices much higher, they become un-affordable, why should we save for them?

    First the self runes in the team shop's price was DOUBLED without any warning. DOUBLED! then the self runes disappeared, then Ricky urged you to put them back, and now it's been 2 fraternity events without any appearance from them, instead we get poor over priced team runes, (that are much less useful now that rare, uncommon and common wars are not appearing.)

    Now you are also making general prices higher? so what exactly are we saving up for? I used to save my war coins for runes, now they are gone, so saved for ranking generals, now you are also making that unattainable, so what are we saving for??

    Stop taking elite top teams as the standard and catering only to them, please. My team wins 350+-400+ coins per war and still 75% of my members are struggling to rank more than 2 or 3 generals beyond 105 or 110.

    Here are my suggestions that can balance what you are doing without feeling totally unfair:

    • You want to raise general price? Fine let it raise by a certain increment depending on its rank for example.
      So those who are ranking it to130 pay more than those ranking it to 105 per egg
      Maybe offer them at higher ranks for higher prices. save us the tedious feeding and extracting.
    • Make the team shop more interesting! That doesn't mean make more monsters, but offer some popular monsters there for a fair price. Timerion was there in the past ... Put for example Metalhead, Caillech, Frostbite, or semi popular ones that can cover some books like Noctum or The Judgement or Megaosteum ... I am not saying put Voltaik and Barbatos but you can do better than the Skeels and Reptie

    • Make the bodyguards unique, very few of the pets were actually worth getting. Make the bodyguards worth saving for. Why doesn't ingvar's bodyguard have a light blocker move like Queen Luthien and Vlagar the pure for example? they are the only 2 that have it. If he did I would buy him. Why not give him an aoe stun, no other light has it. We have seen your creativity in the race and event monsters, team shop ones deserve the same. please no more monsters like the useless Atum and Ingavr pets

    • BRING BACK THE SELF RUNES. Runes are very very hard to get, you nerfed rune crafting, there are no good runes in events or islands, and you removed them from faternity events... the most we can get is a 4... Please bring back the self runes. Give us a reason to save war coins again and to buy gems in fraternity events!

    • Premiere monsters: You offer premiere monsters for 300 gems, How about when they first come out you also add them temporarily (one time, limited time offer) in the team shop for a high price of war coins? gives us motive to save up war coins to get a good one. (We will still buy it for gems for ranking)

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  • Sam

    I am not a fan of not being able to use same monster for attack and defense. Why not?

    If I want to use my mercurius for both I have to swtich him out of my defense team when I am attacking, then put him back one done.

    And more importantly the monsters in use in defense can't be used anywhere else like Dungeons and adventure map. So I find myself switching them in and out whenever I want to use them. That's inconvenient. Keep the modes separate please!

    Gonna miss the food stealing pvp challenge 😞

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  • Sam

    So this Q&A was posted in the updates of the game.
    @Fox @Carlos Though we appreciate the communication some of the logic used is really flawed here.

    1) Why don't you release all chapters for the books at same time, why there are incomplete books.

    Answer mentioned that books can't be complete, as you will add to them... and monsters need to fit the book theme to be included in a book This still does NOT answer why obvious monsters that already exist and THAT FIT THE THEME have been left out till now. So yes, though the books can't be full, they are surely INCOMPLETE, and you have given NO REASON for that. Just avoided the question.

    To be specific:

    Why are: Akhentop (A mummy), Demise (day of the undead monster), Harusami (a zombie), Losty Ghost and Commader Alvid (Ghosts), Rador, Will razor face, Klektus (literally skeletons) NOT in UNDEAD BOOOK YET? they are the embodiment of "undead" and this is one of the earliest books. there is literally no excuse for this.

    Why is "evil legions" filled with more VIPS than any other book. How is this balanced?? Why is Barbatos (literally the devil!!) is not in evil legions? Why is Brontes (a dumb brute), Deadwolf (A gambler and thief), Layth (A dictator that feeds monsters to his lions) IN GOOD LEGIONS? while monsters like Incognita, Kassia, Uther, Valgar ARE NOT in good legions though their descriptions are the embodiment of good?

    Why release FAMILY book now with only 3 pages. Yeah we got it will never be as full as other books, but WHY release it NOW with only 3 , when there are a lot of monsters still that can fit in it?
    -Pandalfs, Pandalfio, White Pandalf. all are family and would have given low level players options to have someone breedable.
    -Bella Baal, Queen Luthien, King Dareon
    -DR Victor, Thyra, Frankishtein

    Why are Uther and Valgar the pure the only VIPS not in ANY books. some of us paid good money for these and now can't use them in wars.


    2)Why did we increase the price of generals in the Team Shop
    Your answer is you wanted the price to reflect the real strength of these monsters. We thought it was not right to keep them at same level of war coins, and that you introduced rotation and more monsters with low war coins price.

    Huh? Again this does not work when you have already had them for a certain price for so long, and many people stacked on them and now have them at 120 and 130, while others will not be able to do that for a very long time, THEN YOU PUT THESE PEOPLE AGAINST EACH OTHER. You want that logic to stand then go back and reset their levels for everyone, or fix your flawed matchmaking that matches teams with 130 generals with those with 105s.
    You again take the elite as the standard. The elite already got them. The price WAS NOT CHEAP for normal teams. Many still did not get them and now never will. You removed the motivation for us to get war coins!! In over a month I will be able to get 1 Atum? oh waw what will that do vs the 120 Atum I am facing from the team your system put me against?

    And you said more rotation and more monsters for low war coins. Where is that?
    does that mean the bodyguard that was released at1.5k then suddenly switched to 2.5k, or master skeel who has appeared there many time before, or the useless epic Donaturtle? Where are these "more monsters" for cheaper coins??

    Add some variety to it please. Put some monsters we can use in the books, Noctum, Megaosteum, etc.. these are hardly top tier monsters but they'd do for the books.

    3)New PVP. Why I can't see the runes of my opponents?
    Your answer: "The amount of trophies is now the most representative of player's real strength and gives you an indication of winning an attack". ...
    no, it most definitely is not, and whoever wrote that obviously doesn't even play the game. Trophies are an indication of that PLAYERS' ACTIVITY, how much he or she grinded for the trophies, and how lucky he has been to be shown as target for others or not that their trophies got deducted. It means nothing about their strength. My teammate has higher monsters and higher runes, but thinks the pvp is a sham, so he hasn't even bothered and his trophies are low, mine are higher, but I am definitely not stronger.

    You said: "We believe that players runes level (previously displayed) do not necessarily reflect player's strength (for example you can have strong runes on weak monsters)"
    Well that belief is wrong 🙂 Tell me how runes are not relevant when I have a 115 thetys and the opponent has a 110 thetys, but his has higher runes than mine, so they will still go first and stamina drain my team, leading to a loss, despite mine being higher level?
    and strong runes on "weak monsters" WE ALREADY SEE THE MONSTERS, we can judge if they are weak or not. but we can't see the runes! with that logic, and if trophies are truly the real indication, hide the monsters too then. 😕

    4)Battle items in PVP are not fair
    "many of you sent us this feedback" How many are too many exactly? because if 50 sent you that, you have thousands who did not. I don't use them usually in pvp, but when you are blinding us and not allowing us to see our opponents runes, they can come in handy to deal with unexpected surprises. Plus this really hurts new players. When I was starting up there were many times I used them. You already increased their prices to gems. If a player wants to go up the pvp so badly that they are gonna buy an item for gems, let them!

    5) Season rewards are super high (the update section starts that these Q&A ae based on most talked about topics and feedback)
    Who on earth would say that? Which player in their right mind is going to say that?
    no they are not super high for TWO WEEKS and for the amount of grinding it takes!
    I have been grinding since it started and I am still in gold III. 150 gems and a lvl 6 rune do close to nothing for me at my level. the rune will probably go down if I gamble it and anything less than 7 is useless in our wars and I am not even in a top team. People get more gems than that in monsterwood offers.
    AGAIN please do not take the elites as standard who can fly through these with their 130s and Xs who are just doing it for bragging rights.
    You did a good thing here with the rewards, you made players happy, do not give them reason to complain about your greed again. Do not make us not even want to bother with it again.

    Recall that thread I made "those who go to meeting, do not represent us"? My whole point was do not listen to the few who will complain to keep their lead, whose feedback is selfish and hurts the majority. if you lower pvp rewards for the mid and lower leagues you will be doing just that.

    6)Hatching Guardian
    Your answer: we frequently do happy hours that give you 50% reduction of hatching time ...
    No you do not do it "frequently", and when you do it's 30% not 50%.
    and you never do it when there is a breeding event! which is the whole reason players are asking for this.

    Player feedback asked you to lower hatching and breeding time for monsters, that you completely ignored and posted an update patting yourselves on the back that you lowered hatching/breeding time for some monsters some weeks ago. which in fact did absolutely nothing substantial: you basically introduced random epics in breeding events with times as long as legends, then decreased them.... so what? that's like someone saying hey I will take your 10$ then give you 4$, be grateful. You fixed an unfair thing you made, you did not improve anything. I clarified all this in this thread: https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/1139/the-breeding-hatching-balance-what-did-it-do-exactly

    If you do not want to add any means for players to reduce hatching time then please:

    DECREASE HATCHING AND BREEDING TIME ON RARE AND UC METALS: why on earth does a rare metal take ONE DAY 2 HOURS to HATCH compared to an epic of 1 day 13 hrs. compare to other rares from other elements like thunder 5 or 2 hrs.

    Decrease hatching time on COMMONS: GENIE TAKES 17 HRS, LIGHT SPIRIT TAKES 23 HOURS!!! METALASAUR TAKES a DAY 2 HOURS!!! (Same as a metal uc and rare and only 11 hours less than an epic!!) THAT IS NUTS. that's what we wanted you to fix!!

    I did not even bother with many of the breeding events after the first 3 17 HOUR GENIES!! you got no gems from me in those events.
    Whereas Shallinar for example, whose breeding event had fair outputs on fail, I am still buying her till today and promoting her to 120 because I got her in the breeding event. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Breeding events have become not worth the hassle for many of us that we just ignore it. that can't be good for neither you or us. I am never going to buy a Petro Loa for example because I didn't get him. Had I gotten him to 105 from breeding event I would definitely consider buying more to rank him, lowering hatching times for the commons, and ucs and rares by products would definitely encourage us to try more in the breeding events, but no we are not gonna gem our way through a dozen 17 hr genies!

    7) Why did you choose 50 war coins as min requirement for the race.
    Good luck with that, NO MATTER what restrictions you put, teams will find a way to bypass that and keep jumping if they are put in a completely unfair pool. Fix the root cause not the symptoms. Don't put my team with top 10 teams that gem their way through nodes to 50+ laps, before we can blink and we won't consider jumping.
    Don't make the race a "who can enter their credit card number faster" race, and teams won't have to jump.
    Stop matching teams based on war coin, match them according to MP and spending patterns. Otherwise really whatever you do people will find a way to bypass it, remove the reason why they have to. Rework the races, there has been many useful suggestions on how to do that.

    Topics not addressed in Q&A

    self runes coming back in team shop?

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  • Sam

    @Fox when you made the pvp feedback thread not a single person said: yes what an awesome feature, we can't use our pvp monsters anywhere else. Many of us complained about it and told you how much we hate it.

    It is very inconvenient that when I want to use my thetys in a survival dungeon I have to go switch her out temporarily in my pvp defense.
    When I want to check the speed of my team in adventure map I have to go remove my team speed carrying epic from there to use it in adventure map.

    But at least it was not that horrible, we could still use it in war.

    But nope! Now new update section boasts about how they are "going to fix it" and you can no longer use your pvp defense team in wars either. BRILLIANT!!

    What is the point?? What exactly do you hope to achieve by this except frustrate players and annoy them?

    All of us told you how much we hate that in the feedback thread, and you are like, oh that little flashlight we are pointing in your eyes is annoying?! here let us fix that... then point a spotlight instead. 😑

    Even from a business point how does this help you? Do you like think this will make us say "oh we can't use voltaik in wars and pvp" so here let us get a 2nd 115 voltaik for both 😄 !

    It only makes us waste time switching them out then putting them back. It does nothing to help you.

    @Carlos help us understand here! What is the point of this!?

    People criticize me of why I am so critical of how you pick and choose who you listen to, yet you keep proving me right!

    It only took a few players complaining about how "items in pvp are unfair" for you to remove them. Thank God you are so quick to listen to feedback that makes things tougher but completely give us a deaf ear when we ask to improve things.
    Not a single user likes not being able to use pvp defense team else.

    It's like you sit in meetings and actively think what new little things you could do to annoy your player base. Mission accomplished.

    After 3 years I am everyday closer to quitting than the day before.

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  • Sam

    We all know Attuned and Energized traits are almost useless. Since there has been a lot more balancing lately, maybe these traits can be improved as well to make them more valuable.

    Energized: gives 20% extra stamina. This doesn't really do much. It just makes the monster have 168 starting stamina instead of 140. At most it may allow it to use one move that requires 28 stamina or lower before recharging.
    But most skills on energized monsters have higher stamina requirement than 28 or have too high cooldown that it requires to recharge anyway..

    here are some suggestion that can make energized more useful imo: (the suggestions are independent of each other, either or.)

    • Gives immunity to any form of stamina leak (including that of nightmares)

    • Resists 50% of stamina drain. (halves the effect of stamina drain)
      Example: an energized monster with full 140 stamina, when affected by Thetys stamina drain which usually drains 100%, will only be drained 50% energy, and thus still have 70 stamina out of 140.
      another example: If affected by Frozen Gust of Frostbite that drains 50% it will only be drained 25%. (will still have 105 out of 140)

    • 1 + 2 together: Gives immunity to stamina leak + resists 25% of stamina drain.
      example: once affected by thetys's SD, energized monster will still have 35 stamina. (25% of 140)

    Less useful:

    • Gives a permanent 25% extra energy to all allies during match.

    • Upon recharging fills all stamina bar.

    Attuned: regains 15 energy when affected by weak type.
    This is very very limited. 15 energy do nothing as most skills need 28+ stamina.

    Compared to Super attuned that gives 50 energy when affected by weak types, it is quite a difference.

    Imo, both traits could be consolidated into one: making attuned and super attuned the same trait that give 50 stamina once affected by weak type moves. But if that is out of the question, here are other ideas:

    • Increase the 15 to 30 stamina points. This is still less than Super attuned, allowing that to be more unique, but at least will be useful to use one skill.

    Other ideas that rework the trait completely:

    • Gains 20 stamina whenever monster takes damage regardless of attack type.

    • takes 5% or 10% less damage from same element attacks.

    • Very small chance that same type moves heal 50% of the expected damage instead of damage.

    What do you think @Carlos any hope that these traits can be improved in the future?

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  • Sam

    Where do you even see the level of your reputation 😕 Wasn't even aware there is such a thing. I been posting fine since I joined, and never asked someone to upvote me for it xD

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  • Sam

    that is the Reputation "level" ? I saw people with that value higher than 3 asking to be brought up to rep level 3.

    thought values and "levels" are different thing. Like say 1 to 20 is level 1 or something xD Oh well 😄 !

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  • Sam

    Yup, I'll pass. Isn't it fun how as the game progresses, there is LESS and LESS to do?

    we used to be able to do mazes, that go butchered, pass on that.
    We used to do breeding events, chances on that got butchered. pass on that.
    we used to have fun wars. matchmaking get butchered, rewards got butchered.
    we used to have survival dungeons which were kinda challenging and fun! 😄 you guessed it!

    Awesome job SP, keep on taking away our reasons to play.

    When people refer to greed that's what they mean.
    We are all well aware you need to make money, but there has to be balance where people are still motivated to at least try.
    so many events have made us now feel "why should we even bother? "

    if I make it more than half way through the 72 hr challenge, I might spend a little to get to the end. But if I can't even get 25% I won't even bother with it. This is at a time where non ranked monsters have become less and less valuable. The fact that there is even a round 2 and 3 that no one reaches is laughable. At least make the 1st round easy and the latter progressively harder.

    same thing for mazes! if I am short of getting the last 2 monsters I will spend to get them. If I can't make it to even the 1st legendary I will not bother.

    same for breeding events. For example: Shallinar which had good breeding chances, I spent gems to breed her and then later on her offers to rank her further. Compared to the newer ones where we don't even bother to try because the chances have become too low and the keep getting worse and worse with the random epic additions.

    Please, restore some sort of balance. We love this game, we want to have fun, we want to play, we want it to succeed. It has become either enter credit card numbers to have any sort of fun or have any chance in an event/challenge or just ignore it. Dedication and effort is no longer rewarded and now means nothing. I find myself opening this game less and less. It is heartbreaking for us. We do not want to lose it. Please.

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  • Sam

    Waw. Well, if this is any indication of what's yet to come, I am glad I quit.
    Those prices ar ridiculous does every single feature have to be about spending gems? Can't they for once just be like: "hey! This our fault, you been waiting for this, here!" Make users happy for once instead of frustrated and angry?
    Ok could have been something like the hatchery upgrades. Say first 60 slots cost 100 gems 2nd 60 slots cost 200 for example. Or like the workers huts for each 20 slots for example. This is way too much for something so essential and basic. For something that is a solution for their own inability to just increase habitats. There is still a lot of empty spaces on islands that could have just held more habitats.

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  • Sam

    @Carlos @Fox

    @Carlos said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Hi there. I see some confusion, that I will gladly try to explain:

    "Recently controlled"
    There is NO a new effect called "Recently Controlled"
    A Stun monster, after losing the turn, gets a "Recently Stunned" status, that prevents him to being continuously stunned.
    From next week, a Frozen monster, after losing the turn, gets a "Recently Frozen" status, the same with Possession and "Recently Possessed" (that will NOT block Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked).

    "Immune to Possession Trait"
    It will block Regular possessions and Mega-possessions
    It will NOT block against Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked

    This is A HUGE NERF to all deniers, please do not do that.

    What do deniers do? they DENY, you are effectively making all deniers a 1 turn use monster! It is like making hitters only able to do damage for 1 turn then the target becomes immune to damage

    The selling point of Baba Yaga for example, is she can aoe possess, next turn she can single possess, if she can't then what does she do?

    Kihaku, if he lands freeze and possess then he just gave immunity to 2 forms of denial in one go? what does he do next trun? sit around and watch? all he does is possess and freeze.

    Frostbite, Caillech, their whole thing is they freeze! if they can only do that one time then what good are they?? most matches won't last longer than 3 turns

    Xiron the ruby, if he lands more than one type of denial in first turn, he effectively gave immunity to all that denial and made monsters undeniable next turn?

    Nishant pet, all he has is possession, so he just recharges next turn?

    Please think about the repercussions of this, you are eliminating the usage of deniers, bad enough we have to deal with bulwark and nemesis and warmsters and tough traits thrown around nilly willy on monsters, now you also want to take away the ability to deny them?

    Again a denier is supposed to deny, that how their moves were chosen, that what they are runed for, if they can only deny for 1 turn then they are useless the next turn. Might as well be under cooldowns activated.

    This is a huge change that affects monsters we bought and invested in for what they do. This is not balancing.

    Baba Yaga, Caillech, Frostbite, Kihaku, Xiron, your top selling monsters will be killed with this change.

    what happens to Mommy and Mountezema who can possess for 2 turns?

    What difference will freeze have from stun then? That is what set froze apart, it can be used consecutively.

    you want to limit continuous denial? make it that they can not be frozen or possessed after TWICE being under the effect not only once. What you plan to do doesn't balance deniers it kills their usage all together.

    Yes it is a great for the top players with warmasters and vips and nemesis who barely get denied anyway, not so good for us middle level players who have invested gems and elementium, cells and war coins in monsters like Baba Yaga and Kihaku and Nishant pet.

    Please do not ruin our deniers after years of the same game play mechanics under the title of poorly thought "balancing"

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  • Sam

    Everytime we get happy and hopeful about something, it is once again changed to the worse.

    I personally posted several times how unrewarding the 72 hr challenge was when monsters were unranked and harder to obtain for high level players. When they finally listened and we started seeing ranked monsters in the 72 hr challenge that was a big plus, it was one of the main reasons I came back to the game after quitting. and NOW again with no warning or reason monsters are back to being unranked in it, but still requiring the same effort. What am I supposed to do with a lvl 100 Mommy? they sneeze on it, it dies, and surely not going to rank it from scratch. The effort required to get this reward is honestly just not worth it.
    The rewards should be relative to the player's level as they have been for a while. Why are we going backwards??

    Team Battlegrounds
    This event was a breath of fresh air, it was different, it required strategy and team work. The problem was it was unrewarding compared to the effort that had to be put in , but more or less it was acceptable.
    Getting a diamond relic for the highest ranking was very motivating for those of us who don't spend crazy amounts gambling on relic chests.
    But now we are getting 1500 medal currency while a diamond relic chest costs 5000 in team shop.
    So we went from a diamond relic chest to less than 1/3 of its cost and also gone are the talany cells, while also making the event harder by not allowing using attack monsters except once.

    again why are we going backwards??

    The new team shop was a much needed change, eventhough the cost is too high. 50 wars for a diamond chest and yet you can still end up with something completely useless. for that price we could at least have them divided by relic categories. (Armor, essence, mask etc..)
    But what has become so frustrating about it are these silly war rules, honestly we are having more "special rules" than normal rules, when something becomes too frequent, it stops being "SPECIAL".

    Glad we finally got the winter book, but not glad it was with another replica of it "polar", and an epic rule, for 3 consecutive wars!!! It felt like, hey you wanted the winter book? here choke on it 😄

    and now just as we are done with that we have to do 3 epic wars?? Most are just sitting these wars out. Can we just have normal wars again please with winter in rotation just like any other rule??
    or at least minimize the duration of these "special" wars.


    When sitting out events becomes the norm because these events stop being rewarding or too frustrating to do, compared to the effort required to do them, then something is wrong. @fox

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  • Sam

    @fox are they kidding us?

    We are having more "special" restriction wars than normal wars!! Polar and Winter AGAIN for 6 days

    Mission accomplished they made us regret ever asking for winter book in wars!!

    As i said above and it fell on deaf ears please at least minimize the duration of these "special" wars or their frequency!!!

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  • Sam

    @ekto-gamat completely missing the point aren't we?
    The point is not whether that particular battle was salvageable. The point is THERE ARE TOO MANY SPECIALS.

    I know it will please a lot of people , but I am really thinking of following Haka Taka's footsteps out the door. The only thing fun for me in this game was the battles, now they are ruined by these crazy frequent specials and misses. I know I have bad luck but I can't be THAT unlucky.

    Here is another SAMPLE, of many.

    2 battles in same war, back to back battles, total AI specials = 5 specials.

    1st one:
    Samael starts with his special
    1 turn later he gets his SPECIAL again.
    Then their igursus gets his special right after samael. failed to record igursus because by the time Samael got his 2nd special, i was almost breaking my phone. But the screenshot shows the burning and quicksand from his special.


    2nd one:
    "Luckily" Thetys starts with "frosting.." rather than Sd, frosting is supposed to be 50% chance to freeze, but somehow lands on all 3 monsters freezing all, including a bulwark, (yet often when i get a special with 100% accuracy it fails to stun a simple hardened monster), but I digress, same magical thetys then got 2 specials one round part...


    so, here we go 3 specials in a battle is now the common thing, I can't remember a battle I had where I haven't had a special or 2 or 3 thrown at my face often back to back or from same monster, and that is among 2 accounts I am running, and back to back wars! supposed to be 5% ??! more like 50% !

    Please @Carlos @Fox address this, or if you don't plan to, at least say so, so I stop wasting money, time and effort on a dead end game. I know I am not top team lead or "representative", but I am also one of the players who have been with the game since its launch, I hope that accounts for something and you can honor me with a response about this because currently this game has become unplayable for me.

    Again simple suggestions that I hope I can be considered and modified or balanced as you please:
    -A monster should never start with a special
    -Same monster should never get back to back specials and they should be separated by a certain number of rounds or limited to 1 special per monster.
    -Put some limits to the number of specials per team per battle.

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  • Sam

    @Szymon-Zin What's hard to comprehend? before Brontes all you saw on defense in earth was Ouros and Atum, with Brontes you saw Ouros, Atum AND BRONTES, now it is gonna be back to all High health Ouros and Atum. Who is gonna use Bathet? who used her before?

    Lol, yes I just have to invest in Discobolus now. Let me just throw away my 115 Brontes with his equipped runes and work on my 100 Disco. Til you know they decide "nah we were just kidding boaut Discobolus too, his skills aren't actually supposed to be 0 cd 😮 oopsy daisy"
    Replace my ranked Brontes with an equally ranked Discobolus for free and I will consider using him then.

    but fine 🙂 one less monster to rank, ditching Brontes and ranking Atum for war coins now! that's 1000+ gems they will never see from me again 😄 Was planning to get him to 120 or 130. not anymore 😃
    Good thing I didn't buy that Brontes cell pack, and how convenient to offer his cells just before you nerf him. Gotta milk people for gems to get him, before they realize what you are planning to do with him. Smart!

    while you are at it any other fan favorite monsters you wanna make useless? save us the gems for ranking them.

    Not everyone of us can just throw many away you know, it took me months to rank Brontes, and if it's not a big deal with you it's a big deal for others.

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  • Sam

    Hi @Nynaevelan. I apologize in advance if I sound intense or anything, I mean no offense. really.

    1. Fox just asked for feedback. That was my feedback. Saying we can rant and rave, but implying it's useless, is kinda contradictory to the existence of this thread. If you are saying our feedback doesn't change anything and we should just be ok with whatever, then Fox should not waste his time with these threads at all. Nor us with comments.

    2. The whole concept of: hey life isn't fair, so it's okay for a game to be unfair is something I don't get. Why on earth would I play a game that is intentionally unfair? We play this game to have fun, being obviously unfairly treated is not fun to anyone. As you said life is already unfair. We use the game as a distractiom from life, not as a miniture of it. It's the developers' job to make the game as enjoyable and fair as possible. If they can't do that, and are just like hey "well life is unfair", then they are not doing their job, and they don't deserve our support, loyalty or money, in my book.

    3. Your car analogy. As someone else said. They are not racing against each other. It is not giving you an advantage that you are using to beat me but denying me that advantage.

    To karryt:

    I am pretty sure the monster rotation means same generals and pets with some bodyguards thrown in, and if the bodyguards are anything like the pets.. then meh. Only nishant's, thetys's and alces's were somewhat usable.
    So, it's not likely will make anything better, they willl just occupy spots. Really has anyone ever bought a donaturtle or an Arnu from the team shop 😕 if they do put some other good monsters there then that's great.

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  • Sam

    hope so. last thing we need right now is another thing to catch up to. the game moves too fast all the time.

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  • Sam

    @Fox @Carlos, I just want to know, when you make such threads and ASK for feedback, do you even read the responses? or is it just something to do, to make it look like SP cares what players think, and then they will do whatever they want anyway? Are we wasting our time? we take time to give thoughtful feedback and make suggestions, do you even look at them?

    I can not think of any incident where player feedback actually mattered. SP just asks (about stuff already made) then does what it wants anyway and adds "according to player feedback".

    Now that the changes to the team shop have been implemented, here's what I and many players think: DISGUSTING.

    no new monsters, just the returning lame exoskeel, and the below mediocre Ingvar bodyguard.

    NO SELF RUNES FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW. Can you just be honest with us for a change and tell us if self runes ARE EVER coming back?? when I messaged support months ago when team runes first appeared instead of self, they said self will come back.. 2 fraternity events later and nothing. Why is this so hard to do?

    This is the team shop update? the big change? JUST KEEPING EVERYTHING THE SAME but at RIDICULOUS HIGHER PRICES?? I like how you advertise it, as if it's such a huge big nice change. Points for that though.

    You keep tightening the grip on your players, eventually you are gonna choke us all.

    No self runes in the team shop, but make the library rules so we need MORE RUNES for silly monsters from the books while cost to remove runes is still as high as ever.
    No new monsters in the shop, but INCREASE prices on old ones making them near unattainable except for the elite few, who already have them and DO NOT NEED THEM.

    You are shooting yourself in the foot. As I said above stop taking the top 20 teams as your standard, they are a small part of your player base. If you want the rest to leave just say so instead of pushing us away slowly.

    One thing for sure, my team will not be buying any gem packs this fraternity events, simply because there's nothing in the shop we want or can afford even with buying.

    thanks SP. we really feel the love.

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  • Sam

    They are on strike. If I had to guess SP lowered their wages too.

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  • Sam

    @Carlos said in Question about Status Effect Procs:

    @ss13 said in Question about Status Effect Procs:

    please try & fix existing bugs before rolling out new changes...

    For Me, SD being 100% accuracy (the skill and the effect) is a bug.

    That is its description though. If it is doing exactly what its description says. Changing that won't be fixing a bug, it would be a nerf.
    That's why many of us invested in Thetys.

    It is already counter balanced by her losing all her stamina, losing a turn.

    I don't want to go vs a Voltaik or Zyla and have the stamina drain miss then get wiped out by them.

    There are other ways to counter balance without changing that skill itself, please Carlos read my thread on improving Attuned and Energized traits: https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/1728/attuned-and-energized-traits-suggestions-to-improve

    I agree that there are other priorities in game mechanics for players than making status effects more prone to miss. Slow and Haste are a huge issue. I know I always ignore any monster that relies on those and always skip any skills that have these effects because they are so useless.

    You mentioned how it is fun that a dwarf takes out a gaint due to luck. That is not often the case, the scenario we will face is.
    We are outmatched, we are facing a higher rank general or voltaik or whatever, we are relying on stunning them so they don't wipe us out, we moved runes to give ourselves a chance, then the stun that is supposed to save us, misses for no logical reason (non resistant monster), amd he wipes my team out with an aoe, that is not gonna make any of us content. I know if that happened to me I'd either break my phone or quit.

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  • Sam

    ^ That is fine and all, do not decrease missing. But please do not increase it either especially on status effects.

    "Reducing the chances of misses will make the game less exciting and just 'solving a puzzle'. If you have the right monsters and the gems to move runes you will get 3 coins on attack."

    I disagree. For me excitement is coming up with a plan and executing it, not that I might miss or not. Solving a hard puzzle is exciting for me, random blind luck is frustrating.

    For mid and lower teams switching runes is not so simple and affordable. The scenario where you all have Zylas and Demises of near speed is something we can only dream of. If I am gonna spend my few gems to switch runes to face a team that outranks me, whose defense is not so easily penetrable as it is for you, and then end up missing when I shouldn't (a stun deciding not to land on a non resistant monster) and getting wiped, that is totally messed up.

    You are the top of the pack you rarely get severely outmatched, your main focus is wanting your defense to hold, ours is surviving an attack and getting away with 2 coins at least.

    We already struggle with misses as is. An aoe that is supposed to freeze or stun sometimes misses 2 out of 3 monsters completely. Making that the status effect may miss even if the move hits is reducing the possibility even further, and makes all status effects moves much less reliable.

    presence of traits, the fact that the moves with status effects are rarely 100% accurate and less than 95% for aoes, often have high cds or lower damage, already balance them out.

    Current missing to hit ratio is already good. Please do not make it worse. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Do we really want to make generals and voltaik more op? their traits already resist status effects, yet we want to make status effects even less accurate?

    But if you must then make it such only higher ranked monsters may have reduced accuracy on lower ranked monsters. I don't want my 110 to miss stunning a 130 that will turn and wipe my entire team out. But sure would appreciate that 130 missing a monster or 2 of mine if it does an aoe 😄

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  • Sam

    I only do them if they have maze coins or "tickets"
    my point is for those who can do them, they become unnecessary
    and for those who actually need them, they are too hard for them.

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  • Sam


    This remind me of old day where the event was flipping cards but with longer times
    this is how i got lamou when she appeared first time --

    first kind of this challenge was the Halloween flip card event 😄 with the introduction of Sir Slumbery back then ^_^ that's how I got my first Laomu in my first play through too 😄
    I miss those good old days @Haka-Taka 😄

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  • Sam

    The answer to:
    Why can't we use PvP defense team in team war or dungeon:

    we want you to optimize your strategy, which monsters work well together etc..
    I am pretty sure we can still do that, and have done that, without this limitation.
    thinking about strategy and using a team in other game modes are not mutually exclusive last time I checked.

    The monsters that you assign to your PVP defense team are fully dedicated to defense! they can not be used in other combats at the same time! Separate troops for separate battle fronts.

    ... oh I see ... it's because they are fully dedicated. That makes sense. Well I hope they still get bathroom breaks when they are on guard duty.
    having flashbacks to kindergarten when the teacher would be like: "no you can't take that stuffed animal outside! its other stuffed animal friends inside would get jealous. "

    still hoping this can be revisited, because even with the amount of dedication my loyal monsters have, they can get bored from having to be stuck in same game mode all day, they might go on strike or something.

    What other changes are planned for PVP?

    After winning an attack you will BE ABLE to face even stronger opponents and potentially win even more trophies.

    We are already "able" to do that, this already happens whether we like it or not, I have to search multiple times to get someone who is anywhere near my monsters' levels, all i get are 130s with X runes in legendary 4.
    How about us being able to get a match that is close to our monsters and runes? We rather have that ability.
    I understand if it was one of the 3 possible matches, but it is all we are getting over and over.
    season 1 and 2 matches were much more logical, I would get 2 out of 3 who were close to my level and 1 really tough one with varying trophy wins. (26, 16, 20 for example). Now I find myself depleting all my refreshes without finding a match that doesn't have a full X rune 130 thetys, 130 voltaik and whatever team speed carrier.

    Possibility to watch a replay...
    that's nice. I like that. though it will get old seeing 130s with Xs wiping my 115s and lvl 7 runes.

    why is balancing changing from event to event?

    in order to make events more challenging.. This allows players to create new strategies to get the rewards, while keeping the gameplay fun, enjoyable, and still possible to finish...

    yeah it was loads of fun for us to use our food guardian and deplete our gold, and not being able to get even one monster at the end, last 72 hr challenge (unless you are lower level). It is also loads of fun to barely get any maze coins now, the strategy I came up with is just to give up on it.
    I used to write maze guides, and post them here, and on fb groups, and people would share them and use them, that was fun for me, it was fun to find a strategy, the best pathway/most cost efficient in a maze . Making it impossible to even get one monster, doesn't make it fun, doesn't make us want to think of non existing strategies, it makes us give up on it.

    I would understand if in a maze, you lowered coins obtained from gold collecting and increased it from breeding, with same amount. then one would have to focus on one activity more than the others.
    decreasing coins obtained from all activities, is not balancing, it is handicapping.

    Like what would be my strategy be? press harder? mutter "abra cadabra" before I collect? We are already doing all the activities that give the coins, on time and all, and they are still not giving any where near a decent amount.

    and no mention whatsoever about the 72 hr challenge "balancing".

    Upcoming feature:
    Super habitat:

    Relics uhm. so for a monster to be usable we first had to just level it, then get it good runes, then came ranking, then we had to do it all over for the books, we are barely done with that, now we will have to get it relics too?
    more things to spend gems on. 😛 not sure to be excited or worried for this.

    In the past, in my first play through, before the runes we know today were introduced, traits were considered runes/relics. like you could give a monster a blind immunity "rune", I hope this is what this is about, and not something totally op and broken, that everyone with big pockets will get in the first week, then we have to play catch up. I'd like to give frostbite a freeze immunity trait or Burtogor blind immunity for example.

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  • Sam

    Why can't we buy cells whenever we want .. why must there be a rotation at all. What I would love is if we could just go to our vault and buy cells from there for any monsters we already have. Our gems and our monsters.

    Example, I need to buy just 1 cell of Will Razor Face to be able to request him to rank him over 110. I have been waiting since last cell event till he shows up in shop 😕 why can't I just buy his cell. it's same gem cost and all.
    so many limitations on cell trading and buying over a year later, really hinders our progress and makes it frustrating.

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  • Sam

    That's ridiculous
    As if they need more ways to make money.
    This should be a free feature already.
    What's next? 999 gems to login or turn off sounds?


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  • Sam

    also kudos for the reason, very creative. Tug on that pride of gullible players.

    "Mighty warriors don't skip their destiny, they face it with bravery."

    I don't want to be a mighty warrior 😄 I want to play! Here's what you will get when I am only faced with 130s and Xs and I can't even refresh to get someone I have a chance of beating: NOTHING. I will simply not play 😄 I won't play a match I will lose with my 115 thetys vs a 130 thetys with all X.
    (thanks to the general price heist I have no way of ranking her soon)

    And of course with no items = no chance in hell we will win. So myself and many others will rather just not bother.

    that's the pattern now. We stopped bothering with breeding events, with islands, with food and gold dungeons ... and now with pvp.

    it lasted how long before you ruined it for us again?

    let's be frank here. this is not balancing.

    this was: "Oh first season we gave them that many gems! Nope that's too much they wont buy as many gems". Now it's "oh, so many people are getting 125 gems every 14 days. We can't have that!! less gem sales! let's make it harder for them to rank."

    again Kudos.

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  • Sam

    To answer the question. Where to go from here: away .. like I am doing.

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  • Sam

    @Fox can we please have the winter book added to the rotation in wars?

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  • Sam

    Hi @Fox your post here https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/7539/balancing-changes-june-2018 said you would like to hear our feedback about this.

    In my opinion this is a positive change, blind immunity has been one of the weakest traits, so this at least will give some weight to blind immune monsters vs the new total blind that is pretty much all the hype now in denial as it is un-resisted.

    However, I would like to also plea to improve other older traits that are pretty much useless nowdays. We now have traits like nemesis and anticipation and abomination and hardened+possess immune, yet some monsters have traits that are pretty much non existent.

    These traits are:

    Energized: gives 20% extra stamina, this is pretty much useless right now. the extra little points of stamina do nothing useful especially with moves requiring cooldown, this opens the monster to all sorts of denial and torture effects.
    Can we please improve this? An idea that is in line with the trait is to make energized monsters immune to stamina drain and leaks or at least resist some of it if not totally immune. There is no counter whatsoever to stamina drains and leaks currently except monsters with 0 stamina use. This change would make energized monsters pretty useful. Monsters like Gretchen, Greedy Dragon, Frostbite.. would get some use then.

    Attuned: another pretty much useless trait in practice. the amount of stamina given back is too little to make a difference. Can this be consolidated with super attuned? at least then it would be a bit useful.

    Daze immunity: daze is already a very weak status effect, that reduces accuracy and damage 25%, blind being the better status effect and now we have total blind, yet we have a trait that is solely against daze. Been playing this game for years, can't remember a single time this was useful in combat. Maybe this can be expanded to also include immunity against any damage\power reduction whether from poison and bleeding or from total damage reduction moves. Won't make it that useful either but at least better than nothing.

    hope this is read.

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  • Sam

    I am sorry... you have a dude?
    where can i get me one 😛 jk

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  • Sam

    Yeah... what a meh monster. My team won't be wasting resources on this.

    The triple damage with daze should give an extra turn. Otherwise it is too much of a sacrifice to lose a turn and still have a higher chance to miss on the next or at least it should renew his evasion.

    If he is an attacker the shields are kinda meaningless and the damage % on moves is too low for him to be a proper hitter.

    If he is a tank that will use health for the shields, the triple damage is wasted and he will be too slow for the trait disable to be useful.

    If he is a monster that is supposed to go first to disable traits before your denier, then he needs all speed and he can't be a proper hitter.

    Literally all he has going for him is the evasion and trait disable and he is neither a good attacker nor denier nor hitter.
    Decide what he is supposed to be because he is just a subpar mess of all 3.

    Compare that to other recent monsters like gorg or to monsters who can trait disable like ingenica or itzanami and he is seriously lacking.

    Very disappointing.

    Give him some remove positives with aoe trait disable like ingenica.
    Or some denial moves to actually benefit from the trait disable.
    Or extra turns so those low damage moves pack more punch.
    He really needs something besides a 50% shield and poison 😕

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  • Sam

    Just a note, this was due to not having latest version.
    I had updated my game like 2 days before the 72 hr challenge, but somehow there was another update right before the challenge that I missed. Once I updated, planted food and collected, it immediately jumped from 1400 coins to 37k. Luckily I figured that out in time because support was oblivious, and thankfully it caught me up.
    (I know about collecting the 30 sec food to make it register, that wasn't the issue.)

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