• Sam

    Yeah... what a meh monster. My team won't be wasting resources on this.

    The triple damage with daze should give an extra turn. Otherwise it is too much of a sacrifice to lose a turn and still have a higher chance to miss on the next or at least it should renew his evasion.

    If he is an attacker the shields are kinda meaningless and the damage % on moves is too low for him to be a proper hitter.

    If he is a tank that will use health for the shields, the triple damage is wasted and he will be too slow for the trait disable to be useful.

    If he is a monster that is supposed to go first to disable traits before your denier, then he needs all speed and he can't be a proper hitter.

    Literally all he has going for him is the evasion and trait disable and he is neither a good attacker nor denier nor hitter.
    Decide what he is supposed to be because he is just a subpar mess of all 3.

    Compare that to other recent monsters like gorg or to monsters who can trait disable like ingenica or itzanami and he is seriously lacking.

    Very disappointing.

    Give him some remove positives with aoe trait disable like ingenica.
    Or some denial moves to actually benefit from the trait disable.
    Or extra turns so those low damage moves pack more punch.
    He really needs something besides a 50% shield and poison 😕

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  • Sam

    @ekto-gamat completely missing the point aren't we?
    The point is not whether that particular battle was salvageable. The point is THERE ARE TOO MANY SPECIALS.

    I know it will please a lot of people , but I am really thinking of following Haka Taka's footsteps out the door. The only thing fun for me in this game was the battles, now they are ruined by these crazy frequent specials and misses. I know I have bad luck but I can't be THAT unlucky.

    Here is another SAMPLE, of many.

    2 battles in same war, back to back battles, total AI specials = 5 specials.

    1st one:
    Samael starts with his special
    1 turn later he gets his SPECIAL again.
    Then their igursus gets his special right after samael. failed to record igursus because by the time Samael got his 2nd special, i was almost breaking my phone. But the screenshot shows the burning and quicksand from his special.


    2nd one:
    "Luckily" Thetys starts with "frosting.." rather than Sd, frosting is supposed to be 50% chance to freeze, but somehow lands on all 3 monsters freezing all, including a bulwark, (yet often when i get a special with 100% accuracy it fails to stun a simple hardened monster), but I digress, same magical thetys then got 2 specials one round part...


    so, here we go 3 specials in a battle is now the common thing, I can't remember a battle I had where I haven't had a special or 2 or 3 thrown at my face often back to back or from same monster, and that is among 2 accounts I am running, and back to back wars! supposed to be 5% ??! more like 50% !

    Please @Carlos @Fox address this, or if you don't plan to, at least say so, so I stop wasting money, time and effort on a dead end game. I know I am not top team lead or "representative", but I am also one of the players who have been with the game since its launch, I hope that accounts for something and you can honor me with a response about this because currently this game has become unplayable for me.

    Again simple suggestions that I hope I can be considered and modified or balanced as you please:
    -A monster should never start with a special
    -Same monster should never get back to back specials and they should be separated by a certain number of rounds or limited to 1 special per monster.
    -Put some limits to the number of specials per team per battle.

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  • Sam

    @carlos as a game designer and a player yourself, please watch this and tell me if you feel that is a fair AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT5azSRSDiY

    When we are facing someone that outranks us, they already have an advantage, they don't need 3 specials in 1 battle.

    An example in the video here: the plan was my dungeon master keeps them cooldown activated which would have worked well, if the AI did not decide to give their Igursus his special on first turn and then give their Xiron 2 specials. Again this is just a mere example, not a rare occurrence. I am not saying I should win every battle, but at least I don't want to lose on first turn due to a special I couldn't have possibly prevented.

    Please consider these balances: A monster should never get a special on first turn, same monster should not get 2 specials except after a specific number of turns. (Basically increase cooldowns on specials? then cooldowns activated won't be so useless?) These won't take specials out of the equation but at least they won't feel so frustrating and unfair.

    There is a plethora of methods that can be applied to fix this, but please again do something about it because this is sucking the fun out of playing and making any strategy worthless because it all comes down to dumb blind luck more than anything.

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  • Sam

    yes this was a great change, much appreciated, still in shock that there were no strings attached tbh, but thanks for listening.

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  • Sam

    Option 2.
    which have been a suggestion by many players myself included since the old forum, glad SP finally took notice of these years later. better late than never i guess.

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  • Sam


    "As a teacher I am sure you know you should provide actual evidence for such a statement. Anyone who has ever tested this came out with normal 'special behaviour'. Unsubstantiated claims make it easier to dismiss your entire post."

    you should too, i have yet to see these tests, mind providing them, and what methods were used exactly? and how recent these tests were?
    as a player who has been playing this game forever ekto, u also know see how many complain about this. As I said in my post some of what i said is a continuation about what was on discord, this was a point there, not my own. Moreover, we are being told nothing has changed about specials, but our day to day experience show otherwise. I never feared a special just popping up and ruining my attack as much as i have recently, nor do i remember back to back specials from say a year ago.

    "My suggestion is:
    have a meter that fills up slowly, when the monster takes damage, or after each turn it gets. Once meter is filled a special can be used."
    Not fond of this either. In many battles monsters will never be able to get a special, except in the longer ones people are complaining about already now because they get specialled to death."

    Well exactly the point, imo specials should not be popping up except in long matches as a last saving grace, turn the tide thing, them appearing frequently and early should not be the norm at all.

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  • Sam

    @carlos for the love of God, please do something about this.
    3 specials from the same monster in 1 battle SHOULD not be a thing! i failed to record the first one, but for example this baba got 3 specials in 1 battle. 1 on first turn and then 2 back to back as u see. video

    This is a drop in an ocean. It happens more often than not.

    with your "balanced" war matchmaking where we are often fighting an uphill battle, we do not need this extra disadvantage that we have no way of countering.

    Monsters should not start with a special.
    Monsters should not get back to back specials.
    A limit to the number of specials per monster or per team should be in place

    you are the forum's resident game mechanics genius, do you at least agree with these points? Is anything going to be done about this?

    The game is becoming "hang a rabbit's foot around your neck and rub a three leafed clover before you attack! because luck is more a important factor than actual strategy or planning.

    This is what we deal with on a day to day basis: Unlogical misses and back to back specials. Please, enough with the blind luck stuff, if i wanted to play a luck based game I'd play slots.

    please, give me a good reason why moves should just miss out of nowhere when you have things like blind and daze and miniblind and hardened and tough and bulwark traits that already counter accuracy. Missing was introduced since the game started, it stopped being relevant with all these counters to accuracy now.
    kihaku misses 2 ot of 3 completely

    Give me a good reason on why it is ok, or fun, or a nice mechanic, that a monster gets back to back specials or starts with one.

    We nagged for months about updating team shop, team war leagues, and race changes, till we finally got them changed, I hope we won't have to nag about this for a long time before someone finally takes notice.

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  • Sam

    Ok, there is a big majority of us that are really struggling with too many specials in battles, I know you are monitoring and RNG, and apparently nothing changed, and all that, but our own experience on a day to day basis says otherwise.

    Some suggested to remove specials all together, I get that some people don't want that. Personally I hate specials, anything that is just based on blind dumb luck is not fun for me whether it works in my favor or not, but ok we don't want to remove specials, how about we balance them or add some restrictions.

    I think the major source of frustration for many of us is getting hit by specials back to back and or on first turn. To eliminate that frustration 3 simple restrictions can be added:

    • A monster should never get a special on first turn

    • A monster should never get a special back to back: more details: if it gets a special once, it can not get another till 6 more turns for example.

    • Stamina removal or cooldowns activated should not trigger specials more than usual, they really seem like they do.

    Once these restrictions are applied, 2 mechanics can be used to get a special:

    • Charging up mechanic: Before a monster gets to use its special, the special needs to be charged up:
      The suggestion on discord was the more moves it uses the more the meter fills up.

    My suggestion is:
    have a meter that fills up slowly, when the monster takes damage, or after each turn it gets. Once meter is filled a special can be used.

    The more it takes damage: If you are getting beat up by a voltaik or prince charmless or zyla for example, your monster is losing health but on the upside it is charging its special a bit more.
    The more rounds it gets/survives: if your monster is getting denied for example but still surviving, it is more likely to get a special.

    In my opinion specials are supposed to be something that turn the tide for the underdogs, something that is like a last saving grace, with this, the monsters who are getting damage or enduring are more likely to get a special to help them out, than the strong hitters which are already having the advantage and don't need the special.

    • Chance increase mechanic: as suggested on discord, the monster starts out with 0% on first turn, each turn the % increases to reach a max of 5%. and once used, the % chance resets to 0. this ensures no specials on first turn and no back to back specials.

    This can be modified to ensure that 2 teammates monsters don't get consecutive specials either, the chance can be for the entire team and resets for all once used by one.

    Another mechanic:

    • One special for all team but only once per battle: My suggestion is once a monster gets a special, it can be used by any monster on the team on their turn, (giving u the freedom to use the best special for any of ur surviving monsters depending on the situation rather than just rely on luck of the draw) but once used, it can not be used again by anyone through out the battle, this is coupled with either the charging up mechanic or the chance increase mechanic. This adds an element of strategy (use the special for support or denial or damage or revival for example) but still makes sure it is not too overpowered, give the freedom to choose who uses it but in exchange it becomes limited to only one.

    @carlos @fox hope you consider these.

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  • Sam

    @carlos @tyros @fox please take this thread into consideration.

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  • Sam

    @fox are they kidding us?

    We are having more "special" restriction wars than normal wars!! Polar and Winter AGAIN for 6 days

    Mission accomplished they made us regret ever asking for winter book in wars!!

    As i said above and it fell on deaf ears please at least minimize the duration of these "special" wars or their frequency!!!

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  • Sam

    Everytime we get happy and hopeful about something, it is once again changed to the worse.

    I personally posted several times how unrewarding the 72 hr challenge was when monsters were unranked and harder to obtain for high level players. When they finally listened and we started seeing ranked monsters in the 72 hr challenge that was a big plus, it was one of the main reasons I came back to the game after quitting. and NOW again with no warning or reason monsters are back to being unranked in it, but still requiring the same effort. What am I supposed to do with a lvl 100 Mommy? they sneeze on it, it dies, and surely not going to rank it from scratch. The effort required to get this reward is honestly just not worth it.
    The rewards should be relative to the player's level as they have been for a while. Why are we going backwards??

    Team Battlegrounds
    This event was a breath of fresh air, it was different, it required strategy and team work. The problem was it was unrewarding compared to the effort that had to be put in , but more or less it was acceptable.
    Getting a diamond relic for the highest ranking was very motivating for those of us who don't spend crazy amounts gambling on relic chests.
    But now we are getting 1500 medal currency while a diamond relic chest costs 5000 in team shop.
    So we went from a diamond relic chest to less than 1/3 of its cost and also gone are the talany cells, while also making the event harder by not allowing using attack monsters except once.

    again why are we going backwards??

    The new team shop was a much needed change, eventhough the cost is too high. 50 wars for a diamond chest and yet you can still end up with something completely useless. for that price we could at least have them divided by relic categories. (Armor, essence, mask etc..)
    But what has become so frustrating about it are these silly war rules, honestly we are having more "special rules" than normal rules, when something becomes too frequent, it stops being "SPECIAL".

    Glad we finally got the winter book, but not glad it was with another replica of it "polar", and an epic rule, for 3 consecutive wars!!! It felt like, hey you wanted the winter book? here choke on it 😄

    and now just as we are done with that we have to do 3 epic wars?? Most are just sitting these wars out. Can we just have normal wars again please with winter in rotation just like any other rule??
    or at least minimize the duration of these "special" wars.


    When sitting out events becomes the norm because these events stop being rewarding or too frustrating to do, compared to the effort required to do them, then something is wrong. @fox

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  • Sam

    Honestly, these lat minute changes you make show little or no planning or thinking ahead by your design team and they always make things worse.

    Hydratila for example is now the only nemesis that has 3 different elements because this was changed last minute.

    Zahra is now considered one of the weakest waramsters because her trait was changed last minute.

    Now this is gonna screw up a ton of metal monsters because it was changed last minute, it was fine as a status caster before.

    Please think about this, @Carlos with 2400 orbs, easily gained, people can get this warmaster at 100 and use it on their team in any metal war. Now they are all immune to special damage, Uther which cost people ACTUAL Money can't touch any of the opponents cz his good skills are special damage, Talos, Ultabot etc... and from now on ANY METAL HITTER you make if he has SPECIAL DAMAGE attacks, no one will want to get it because it is easily countered by just having that lvl 100 waramster on their team.

    When u added recently frozen, u gave us a period of skill changing for gold, and offered repalcement for those who got Thalassa, if you are doing this, well we deserve compensation for investing actual money in Uther.

    I didn't get a 120 VIP to end up with a 0 damage metal monster.

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  • Sam

    The immunity to all special damage is too much.

    This makes Uther, a VIP nontheless useless in any metal wars. I did not invest in a 120 Uther for him to do 0 damage!

    His skills are special damage.

    This goes for Ultrabot too and a lot of Metal Monsters like Octex and Metalhead.

    You are effectively neutralizing the best metal hitters, that is totally broken. Except if one has a Flamerion or a Talos with fire and nature attacks.

    Please @Carlos , @Fox reconsider this trait.
    Immunity to special damage for few turns as a status effect like it was, was much more logical

    New monsters should not make other ones completely useless. A VIP nontheless like Uther.

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  • Sam

    Yup, not giving up on this.. ever ^_^

    @Fox or @Carlos Please help me out here, can you tell us the logic that goes behind adding monsters to certain books? Because to be frank this is how it looks like:

    "New monster! Let's add it to as much books as we can so people would want to get it! But oh old monster NOPE we can't be bothered to think about it anymore, but hey let's keep putting it on sale and advertising it!"

    I have been reporting this for over a year and never gotten a clear reply. I want to know why it is ok for the monsters we invested in and ranked to be collecting dust because they are in ONE book, while newer monsters get added to 3 and 4 books.

    Do we only matter if we spent ridiculous amounts of money or nemesis and warmasters? Because we also spent a ton of gems to get these monsters in races and shop and challenges and then a lot more to rank them and rune them, and at the end we barely get to use them! for no logical reason at all except the developers can't be bothered to look at them anymore!!

    it took no time at all to add patient cyber to more books and prince charming, why can't they be bothered to add these too? they still put them on sales and challenges and chest and whatever. You literally have Alex Bone in a challenge right now. Why should I even bother to get it when it is in ONE book? It is a great monster but it will end up collecting dust. I have it at 120 and half way to 130 but I stopped investing in it because I barely get to use it!!

    All I am asking for is some logic and fairness here.
    The team went back and changed deadwolf's and taiga's stores to fit their books, a lot of effort goes into designing them and making their moves.. then we just throw them away at the back of the shelf because they don't get added to their logical books??

    Please look at these images.
    Compare the descriptions of the newer monsters to the older good monsters, then compare the number of books they are in!

    Demise literally has the word undead and families in her description yet not in undead nor families, but Skull Rivera is.
    Metalhead's description is how he likes to kick people and eat raw meat yet he is not in evil or villains but Metalisha is.
    Malair is the villain who made Dusk Aura and Devastator but he is not in villains.
    Bella Baal and her family are THE MOST REFERRED TO FAMILY IN GAME, yet she is not in families but Lady Solaris who has nothign to do with families is.
    Alex Bone and Al Canine have similar stories, yet Al Canine is in 4 books, and Alex in one.

    The discrimination against older monsters is very clear. Just look at these images.
    We get it, you want us to invest in the newer ones. But come on, these monsters are also still viable and going on sale and challenges, Metalhead and Bella Baal are very popular, I am sure you can see that by looking at statistics or whatever, and we are more likely to invest in them than starting from scratch.

    Why bother come up with stories for these monsters if they mean nothing at the end? Please please, take this seriously and send the feedback to the developers or whoever decided to add monsters to books. We saw it can easily be done when Prince Charmless was added to more books, and when Fampira and Lord Vlad were added late to the families book. so, why not? for the others?


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  • Sam

    I agree that the amount of specials defense monsters are getting lately are ridiculous.

    Sometime the same monster is getting 2 specials back to back.
    All 3 monsters getting their special is now a common thing. This is Not normal or at least now how it used to be.

    In one war, in my 5 attacks every single Xiron I attacked got its special. that is 5 out of 5. oh and here is the kicker, all were on their first turn!!

    This is sucking the fun out of playing.
    Bad enough we have to deal with all those hardened and tough and nemesis and warmaster traits, bad enough we have to deal with the illogical uneeded frustrating misses, bad enough we have to deal with nerfing the denial, now we are also dealing with the 3 specials per battle!!

    @Carlos with all the nerfing done to denial skills, and with all these 20% and 35% ad 50% resistant traits, is missing even still necessary?? You have blind and mini blind and daze and total blind and sunburn for that, why is missing when not affected by any of these even still a thing. can't think of any game where the character just misses for the sake of it.

    Seriously the gameplay has become who hits the hardest and who is lucky to get a special. It is all missing and resistance and getting hit by specials, no matter what strategy you come up with, you will just miss and then get hit by a special and get wiped, that is just not fun or smart, it is dumb blind luck that has nothing to do with skill or being smart and that is frustrating and unfair.

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  • Sam

    Another example of good monsters that are ignored and not added to their logical, obvious books is Malair.
    Malair is only in one book which is Superheores.

    Dusk Aura and Devastator are referred to as his crew. They are in the Villains as well as Evil book, but for some reason he is not.
    Devastator is in 3 books, Dusk is in 4, while Malair is only in one.

    I get that you want us to focus on newer monsters, but Malair is still going on sale too. I got him to 120 I would definitely buy more of him to get to 130 if he was in more books than one, more inclined to do so than start over with Dusk Aura for example.


    Monsters getting added to their logical books or no books at all is really an issue. The stories and lore this game has built is a huge part of enjoying it for many of us, then when there are monsters that obviously should belong to a book and they don't, it really breaks the illusion of the story and the immersion.
    I for one really appreciated that they went back and changed the story of Taiga and Deadwolf to fit the books they were added to for example.

    Moreover, it looks like intentionally trying to marginalize old monsters over new ones that get added to 4 books the moment they are released when some are still in no book at all, this creates a big imbalance.

    Perhaps we can have a thread where we compile a list of all monsters not in any books or one book and the logical obvious books where they should be and you guys can ask the developers to take a look and work on it? I can personally do that if it will be looked upon. @Fox

    On another note, really like the new changes to the team shop ^_^ thanks for that. Have something to look forward to playing wars again!

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  • Sam

    Hi, I haven't posted in a while but I have some feedback and few suggestions I hope you take into consideration.

    AI changes:
    for the most part this has been pretty nice. You recently posted that extra turn monsters will make use of their extra turns like Zyla.
    Can you please extend that to Mercurius too? He always starts with Bright Jolt now, (Aoe blind) even though he has 2 extra turn moves. He deserves same treatment as the rest of extra turners.

    New Books
    New books are welcome, but can you please prioritize adding some of the existing monsters to more books?

    An example: Bella Baal and Alex Bone. These monsters were race monsters. We worked hard to get them and barely get to use them. Both are in ONE book only. Another example is Metalhead, a very popular monster that is only in one book compared to Metallisha who is in three.

    Bella Baal, Queen Luthien and King Daerion are the most referred to family in game. White Pandalf worked for them, Uther helped defend their kingdom, Prince Charmless lived in their garden. Yet, they are not in the families book. Please, logically why aren't they there? Bella really needs to be in more books than ONE.

    Alex Bone is only in families, He is a thief, he can fit in evil book or the new Villains books. Al Canine is there, why isn't Alex. it really makes us feel cheated that we put all the effort to get and rank these monsters to barely get to use them.

    Moreover, the Winter Book is still not added to the war rotation, despite all the pleas from players about this on the forum (there is a thread about this topic only) .. We are getting 2 new books before the old one is even added to the rotation.

    So, yes new books are nice and appreciated. But can you please work on adding great monsters that are in one book to more first?

    Metalhead (fits in families with his band, or evil with metalisha or the new villains book. he deserves better than one book only.
    Bella Baal (only in female, can fit in good and families with her family 😄 )
    Alex Bone (only in families, can fit in evil and villains like Al Canine and Gangesterous)
    Demise: Her father is in families and in undead, but she is not. you can not get more undead than a skeleton 😕 she literally represents Day of the Dead.
    and other obvious family combos like the entire pandalf line, or Lux and Dusk Aura etc..

    War changes:
    I like the idea of finally getting a better team shop and war leagues.
    Hope the new relics that have been limited to Battlegrounds or war master blessings will be there 😄

    Switching Skills for gold
    Can you please consider making switching skills for gold a permanent thing, like you did for un-equipping relics?
    this will open up so much more room for strategy and customization. 20 gems to swap a skill is really too much.
    Perhaps you can look at the statistics of this. I have a feeling very few spend that much gems on switching skills..
    So if does not affect your revenue much, this would be A GREAT generous addition that makes the game a lot more strategic and enjoyable and we would all love you for it ^_^

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  • Sam

    @Ekto-Gamat said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    @Sam said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Please think about the repercussions of this, you are eliminating the usage of deniers, bad enough we have to deal with bulwark and nemesis and warmsters and tough traits thrown around nilly willy on monsters, now you also want to take away the ability to deny them?

    To be honest, it is usually a bad idea to try to deny them in the first place.
    Throwing poop and hope it sticks is usually not the best way to secure victory.

    You don't say. News flash we don't all have your 130s and X strength and 1 shot kills. "Trying" to deny them is often our best shot.

    Again a denier is supposed to deny, that how their moves were chosen, that what they are runed for, if they can only deny for 1 turn then they are useless the next turn. Might as well be under cooldowns activated.

    This is a huge change that affects monsters we bought and invested in for what they do. This is not balancing.

    Well, even though I do not necessarily disagree with that, I remember someone making a very emotional plea to change how a monster works that had been around for over a year already and which had been one of the favourite monsters to rank for F2P.

    LOL. Still butt hurt over Darmith BG 😄 ? I have been away from the forum for how long now and still not over it? It is hilarious.
    But ok let's go there.
    That monster's move description did not meet what it does and other monsters who had same moves description and already in game did not do what he did. He was a violation of what already existed. On the other hand recently frozen and possessed do not even exist.

    That plea affected one monster who was illogically one shot hitting when he was meant as a support, this affects dozens of monsters ability to deny when they are meant as deniers.

    That monster was in game for a year u say? This changes something that has been there since frozen and possessed were introduced. White walker, the first freezer was there since its debut. Possessed was there since Razfeesh was there. Not the same and u know it.

    Yes it is a great for the top players with warmasters and vips and nemesis who barely get denied anyway, not so good for us middle level players who have invested gems and elementium, cells and war coins in monsters like Baba Yaga and Kihaku and Nishant pet.

    i am surprised that someone with a self claimed great knowledge of the game has such a limited view on how to use those monsters. Maybe you should re examine their skills. Here's a start:

    Baba Yaga: 'Yaga's Curse', 'Kid Eater', 'Rotten Blue Rose', 'Baba's Torment'.
    Nishant's Pet: 'Nocturnal tackle', 'Infernal rabies' 'Gloomy Doom'.
    Kihaku: 'Kiai', 'Kyodo', 'Mokuso', 'Katatedori'.

    Oh thank u so much for listing the moves. Opening their wiki page was too tough.

    Again Ekto if i was on untamable or amab with ur X health runes and nemesis and warmasters, i would not care much either. U dont even need deniers, ur wars are mostly based on health and outlasting.
    Frostbite, Kihaku, Baba yaga, Caillech, Krampus, Nishant Pet whose main purpose is to be deniers effectively become a 1 turn use monster. Yes they have other moves but no one uses Baba Yaga for blue rose.

    Based on this I want to suggest a new change! After a hitter kills a monster all other monsters on its team should become immune to damage! We can all agree 1 shot killing a monster is more powerful than it losing a turn 🙂 so if we want to handicap deniers, why not hitters too 😄 let us introduce a recently healed status to limit those relics, recently total blinded, recently cooldown activated, etc.

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  • Sam

    @Francisco-Franceschi said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    This makes it more consistent which is a good thing, people will need to find out a new strategy to deal with those enemy monsters, which is also a good thing, support monsters with clean possitive will be on demand now more than before, I don't think this needs to be a concern, mixing up strategies is a really fun part of the game, if people is worried about the enemy having "recently" status things, well, clean it up first then deny again, so let your denier go first, then your attacker, then your support, you deny, you attack, you clean possitive then deny again.

    /me grabs the popcorn.

    yes because you can always choose to have that perfect setup in war where u have all that.
    I guess they just needed us to throw more gems on switching moves and runes now. Kudos SP you never fail to screw us.

    At any time they can just mess up monsters after years of using them. I wouldn't have gotten Xiron if this was the case at the time nor invested in Kihaku to 120.

    they can add recently frozen or possessed after 2 turns not one, that is enough balance without us having to trash what we have.

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  • Sam

    @Carlos @Fox

    @Carlos said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Hi there. I see some confusion, that I will gladly try to explain:

    "Recently controlled"
    There is NO a new effect called "Recently Controlled"
    A Stun monster, after losing the turn, gets a "Recently Stunned" status, that prevents him to being continuously stunned.
    From next week, a Frozen monster, after losing the turn, gets a "Recently Frozen" status, the same with Possession and "Recently Possessed" (that will NOT block Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked).

    "Immune to Possession Trait"
    It will block Regular possessions and Mega-possessions
    It will NOT block against Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked

    This is A HUGE NERF to all deniers, please do not do that.

    What do deniers do? they DENY, you are effectively making all deniers a 1 turn use monster! It is like making hitters only able to do damage for 1 turn then the target becomes immune to damage

    The selling point of Baba Yaga for example, is she can aoe possess, next turn she can single possess, if she can't then what does she do?

    Kihaku, if he lands freeze and possess then he just gave immunity to 2 forms of denial in one go? what does he do next trun? sit around and watch? all he does is possess and freeze.

    Frostbite, Caillech, their whole thing is they freeze! if they can only do that one time then what good are they?? most matches won't last longer than 3 turns

    Xiron the ruby, if he lands more than one type of denial in first turn, he effectively gave immunity to all that denial and made monsters undeniable next turn?

    Nishant pet, all he has is possession, so he just recharges next turn?

    Please think about the repercussions of this, you are eliminating the usage of deniers, bad enough we have to deal with bulwark and nemesis and warmsters and tough traits thrown around nilly willy on monsters, now you also want to take away the ability to deny them?

    Again a denier is supposed to deny, that how their moves were chosen, that what they are runed for, if they can only deny for 1 turn then they are useless the next turn. Might as well be under cooldowns activated.

    This is a huge change that affects monsters we bought and invested in for what they do. This is not balancing.

    Baba Yaga, Caillech, Frostbite, Kihaku, Xiron, your top selling monsters will be killed with this change.

    what happens to Mommy and Mountezema who can possess for 2 turns?

    What difference will freeze have from stun then? That is what set froze apart, it can be used consecutively.

    you want to limit continuous denial? make it that they can not be frozen or possessed after TWICE being under the effect not only once. What you plan to do doesn't balance deniers it kills their usage all together.

    Yes it is a great for the top players with warmasters and vips and nemesis who barely get denied anyway, not so good for us middle level players who have invested gems and elementium, cells and war coins in monsters like Baba Yaga and Kihaku and Nishant pet.

    Please do not ruin our deniers after years of the same game play mechanics under the title of poorly thought "balancing"

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  • Sam

    @C0ntr1v3d said in Darmith's Bodyguard:


    I agree that players who have taken advantage of an obvious bug have no cause to complain when that bug is corrected.

    But this is not like Kihaku applying 100% possession and freeze on 0 CD with a 50% skill. I do not consider Darmith's Bodyguard was obviously bugged.

    Just because you don't consider it does it make it any less true. Also i find it questionable that you consider a move doing 100% rather than 50% more obvious than a move that was doing massive damage and is more commonly used. unless you were keeping track of numbers and calculating %s there is no way a spotting a % difference is easier than spotting a move doing massive damage. I didn't even know about it till these threads, always thought the 50% possess/freeze meant either freeze or possess will land except if resisted, attributed it the times it landed to luck, and I even have the single possess/freeze that is more reliable and use it instead more often.

    When queried, Support confirmed it was working as intended. And Ingenica's special used to apply possession and then trait disabled; when queried, the effect order was reversed, consistent with the way Fire Cursed was working since release.

    yes because we all know support are very reliable in game mechanics. it takes me several tickets often for them to even know what i am talking about.

    I appreciate that other monsters like Nishant's Bodyguard with Niff apply damage and then weakness, but there was no reason to believe that Fire Cursed rather than Niff was wrong, or even for considering that all similar skills are intended to apply the order in the same way.

    They had SAME description. and it was not only Niff, it was also Kiridar and also every metal monster that does magnetized and Uther's special and G Nishant. Trait disable is completely different than weakness why do you keep making the comparison to that ONE move instead of comparison to the several moves that also do weaknesses? that makes no sense.

    Applying Fire Weakness first in the resolution order certainly increased the damage very significantly against monsters without resistance (and most have resistance these days), but it was not a threat to game balance, on a readily available f2p monster.

    guess what Kihaku is also readily available compared to others, he was in 72 hr challenge where low level accounts were able to get it easily, (We know we dont like that 🙂 ) but "possess + freeze" is more serious threat when u have xiron applying megestun, mega possession and mega freeze + ignite? + pretty sure they can still be resisted even when they hit. he is in sea and water, a faster thetys which everyone has takes care of him. point is no he is not MORE game breaking than any other bugged monster.

    and yes it was, maybe it was not a threat to your elite teams with nemesis and artifacts and all that but it was to us.
    please tell me which readily available fire monster, dragon monster or team book monster has resistance to fire weakness? you keep claiming it fire resistance is so easy to avoid.. how exactly? if you are concerned about FTP most use Shallinar, Greedy, Vada, Igursus, megaosteum, who among these had a chance to resist fire weakness?

    It was bugged, it was fixed, get over it people. Every bugged skill should be fixed. It does not matter if YOU believe it is affecting the game badly or not, and if people want to blame me, so be it, cry me a river 🙂 but do not pretend it is anything more than being bitter u spent war coins on it and it no longer gives u easy wins... adjust ur strategy, go breed a vada he does good damage when ranked.

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  • Sam

    @testcyp maybe you can lay off and stop being bitter 🙂 that would be nice too 🙂 it was bugged they fixed it, get over it . Next time don't abuse bugged monsters because sooner or later they will be fixed. the end 😄

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  • Sam

    Ok I am goign to present the data bout my team, then the matchups we have been getting, and you judge how that is logical:

    My team: Apocalyptic Convergence.
    MP: 1.917 Million
    Wars won: 9
    War coins earned in past 90 days: 4321
    Team rank: #487

    Now here is our war log, keep in mind this doesn't show all the matches we had only most recent ones.
    We are ranked #487 in the past month alone we have been matched with
    a team ranked in the #60 a team ranked in the #50s and 2 in the #30s these are not shown on the log. But I want to highlight 3 of the losses that are shown.

    I am fine with losing vs a team who just has the better advantage that war. I am not fine with being slaughtered with by top teams who end up getting 449 and we end up getting like 18. That is not a match.

    I tolerated the teams ranked 60s and 30s, thought it was flattering actually that you think we are in the same league as them. But it keeps getting worse and worse.. after the 60s and 30s we get the #27 then #26.

    Now, we are matched with team #4 🙂 yes number 4. I would get it if matchmaking ran for an hour and then matched us with them finally cause it simply found no match. But no, it was immediate, I click start matchmaking and within a minute it matches us with that.

    so, this has nothing to do with luck, this is about matchmaking being broken and illogical.

    Please, look at our team data and at theirs and tell me why on earth should we be matched with these teams? what do we have in common?

    their MP is double, triple, and quadriple ours, their war coins won are thousands ahead of us.
    Their requirements are having nemesis and level 30s and X runes!!! ours are 110 ranks and lvl 6 runes minimum!

    Do you know how frustrating it is to be placed island 1 in ur team and u click on enemy and u are matched with their #30 that you can't even beat?? Do you know hard it is to keep a team of people motivated when we keep getting hit by these matchups?

    fine if it happens once every blue moon, but in a matter of a month we have had a dozen of those. I want to know why!? We have tried starting it in different days, different hours, lowering our MP, nothing has helped, it is as if you have placed our team in this pool of top team matchups and we can't get out of it .

    there is no way shape or form we should have been matched with #4 WITHIN A MINUTE.

    @Community-Managers @fox @carlos @tyroz Please acknowledge that there is a problem and tell us how you are fixing it. Or if you truly believe there is none, please tell me what logic is used to match my team with #26 #27 and now #4. (again within a minute of running matching, at different hrs and different days.)

    Or please my suggestion that I have been putting up for years now, allow us to forfeit, give them all max coins and allow us to run again instead of losing 2 days for nothing. There have been so many suggestion on how to fix this over the years, this clearly is not working. Put all teams in a pool and then match them up daily like u did for battlegrounds instead of just being match it with however happens to be running at the same time!
    Team #470 with 1.9Mil Mp vs #4 With 8+ mil MP
    you do the math.

    0_1533172553696_war log.jpg
    0_1533172306136_our matches.jpg

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  • Sam

    I liked it. I thought it was more fun than the tediousness of the races and I liked the strategic element to it where we can excel based on planning and team work rather than how deep our pockets are. However, some things I felt need change.

    1) Entire roster being "Frozen" once attack day starts.
    I understand that we don't want to share resources between defense and attack teams that is fine.
    But when I went to attack, removed some gold runes from a monster I rarely use, replaced them with team speed I had in inventory, and went in to attack and found they refused to change from gold runes, I was dumbfounded. I had relics unequipped from defense teams BEFORE attack day starts and they were sitting in my reliquary, I could not even equip them anymore and they just sat in reliquary . I do not understand the point of that.

    Fine freeze our defense teams, and whatever they have on and prevent us from sharing their resources with our attackers, like if i placed an uriel essence on a defense team don't let me use the same on on my attack, but if i have an extra one in reliquary why can't I equip it on my attack team? like in wars.

    2) Visual improvements:
    while planning and coordinating with people it was very tedious to go back and forth clicking on each island to see its rules and its value.
    Let the rules be shown on the pieces and color code them for points perhaps.
    I made this for my team. Wish it was like that form the get go.
    0_1533083482165_map jpg.jpg

    3) The rewards felt really underwhelming. we were tier 2.
    one gold relic chest, 35 elementium.. at least 2 gold relic chests and 50 elementium would have made more sense. we were winning 70 elementium in old races

    4) Cooldowns I am fine with not refreshing them quickly, but at least have them refresh normally after a certain period, like in Titans event. make it longer if u must, like half the attack day period, but no refresh at all, except with gems that keep increasing came off a bit too blatantly greedy. Or at least make gem cost stay the same or increase less sharply. it started with 5 gems, immediately doubled.

    5) Not being able to kick a player was very frustrating. Leads should still have a say in that.
    We had a guy who went inactive, 0 attacks in war, dropped off team groups and had 0 contribution to the battle grounds and I was not able to remove him, he did no even qualify with 0 points, so what was the point? please keep our lead privileges active, we have to organize all this don;t make things harder for us.


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  • Sam

    @Jimmy said in Darmith's Bodyguard:

    now the world is a safe place.

    Yup ^_^ that much fire damage was a factor in global warming.

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  • Sam

    well honey I wish u all the best too. 🙂

    I invested months in many other monsters too, and also did not like them being wiped away by a single move if they just missed him, that was not fair either 🙂

    I am glad a move that was not working as intended and basically a win button was fixed.

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  • Sam

    @Ekto-Gamat said in Intended or bug?:

    Hey, I missed all this. 🙂

    Darmith's BG is probably not working as intended. Would not mind if he got fixed .... IF:

    They also fix the so-called 50% attacks which in reality always hit from Llum, Kihaku, Shannara's BG and possibly others.

    (more importantly) They also fix Nautilus to function as he should.

    SP has shown a stunning lack of balls to fix obviously broken skills, just because they are afraid to make people angry.

    As a side note: Darmith's BG is a teamshop monster that allows F2P to have a chance against P2W. Even though on principle I agree with a fix, or at least being consistent, I would aim my poison at broken money monsters first.

    Yup let's fix them all 🙂
    Demise's father (can't bother with its name tbh) added to game gets an extra turn for every target he hits on one of his moves, if Nautilus is intended that way the description should be similar, I agree.
    I for one kept myself from investing in Nautilus much cause I was never sure if that move is bugged or not.

    I largely disagree on the concept of let's fix money monsters first, easier to obtain monsters are more widespread and thus the bugged moves are faced more, if people will be angry when they are fixed if they spent WC, then they will be triple angry if they spent actual money on it. so, both should be fixed equally in priority ^_^ 😄 or their description is adjusted to suit what they do.

    but i would direct my poison as u said on moves that are game breaking, a single stun that says 50% but stuns is not in same caliber as a move that wipes out an entire team gameplay wise. But again both should be addressed.

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  • Sam


    oh my bad, I meant Thetys bodyguard, I actually love thetys pet.
    you got me there 🙂

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  • Sam

    @VargRanger I agree 😄 my post here was being sarcastic and using same arguments used against me before including currency 🙂

    I am fine with fixing whatever bugged moves 🙂 50% and otherwise, despite having invested in Kihaku and Xiron as I have said before whether I use it or not it should not be a factor.
    To tell u the truth I didn't even know the 50% were not functioning as they should till I saw this post, just thought I was being lucky for a change 😛 So fine with me to fix them away ^_^

    and didn't see the darmith BG fix till few moments ago, happy about that 🙂

    oh but some clarification in order I always thought it meant you will get a status effect for sure, but it MIGHT be Freeze, it might be Possession, 50:50 for each.

    not that you might get Freeze+possession 50% or nothing at all 50% that doesn't really make sense to me. when it says 50%for one thing then the other one is presumed nothing, but when it says 50% for each I always understood it as either this or that.

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  • Sam


    But.. kihaku is hardened... he is not posses immune, he can be denied in dragon by eggeater... he can be denied by thetys or freezers in water... by talika, Atum in good
    His 50% move does 0 damage.
    His relic slots are both traps which aren't that useful.

    How do we know this is not intended, and that all 50% moves are supposed to be like that?

    How do we know that they are not supposed to be 100% and the 50% is a typo?

    Are we sure we didn't just lose vs them and come lash out on the forum?

    ... sorry just using same arguments that were used when I asked to fix fire cursed of Darmith Bodyguard.

    Guess less people have Kihaku than Darmith Bodyguard . 🙂

    How about people who invested elementium, gems and all that to rank xiron and kihaku based on what they do (which is far more valuable than war coins) is it fair to change them now months and months later?

    If we are fixing this let's please fix that too.

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  • Sam

    Ok so, we higher level players complain that it is impossible for us to get anywhere in the 72 hr challenge...

    SP's solution to that is to make drop rate decrease even more after each collection? ... ha? that's the complete opposite of what we asked for..
    and then phrase it as they are doing us a favor and that is the answer to our prayers? That is truly an admirable talent, the way they can make things worse but present it in a way that makes it sound you should be grateful for them.

    lower accounts are still making 3000 coins per farming and we are still not only making low, like we did before, but also lower and lower each time...

    @Fox can u please ask them to NOT fix things anymore?
    players "Hey it is hard for us to get coins at higher level"
    SP: "Oh we got you, we will make it a little bit harder for lower accounts, make it decrease even farther for higher, and add a 0.1% chance on cards to make it seem like we did something useful"

    The update said "we decreased resources" needed and "there is a chance to get the card early" can we see the numbers on those? how much were the resources decreased to get coins? doesn't seem there is any change, it is even worse.. and how much is the chance to get the card per one? why can't we know these? the wiki used to post them, can't you?

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  • Sam

    one. personally I am not doing ALL events, i didn't get anything besides the first monster in the progressive, didn't even try.

    two. it is different however when you are lead of a team, let me rephrase, it is different when you are a lead of a team who actually cares about his team, if your team wants the race, you have to do the race, and it is my responsibility to coordinate and collaborate.

    So, yes I am perfectly aware I can choose not to do them for myself.
    But you kinda proved my point... you have become indifferent about them, if they were spaced better won't that be better?

    anyway... to each their own, I am sure they will slow down once they see less and less engagement.

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  • Sam

    We are being suffocated with events.
    Please slow down!

    Team battle grounds could have been delayed a bit.

    So there is now a progressive island (ok forget that one)but also TeamBattle grounds AND THE OLYMPIAN RACE starting soon. Not to mention wars which many of us actually still care about no matter how much you neglect them.

    how exactly are we going to manage all that? Too much going on at once!
    battlegrounds could have been delayed till after race or vice versa.

    This is not the way to keep people interested and entertained, it is a way to make us get overwhelmed and give up.

    As lead of my team who actually needs to organize and plan for all that, and coordinate 30 people, this is too much. Please stop throwing stuff at us at such a hurried pace.

    sometimes less is more. You just had legendary overloads and now battle grounds and next race, how much money do u expect people can dish out in less than a week? we are getting burnt out, we are still recovering from Prince Charmless race. Seriously what is the rush! allow people to recharge and rebuild their resources, you'll get more out of them too.

    @fox @tyroz

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  • Sam

    hi @Frunobulax I have written a guide for relics for my team that I posted on our facebook group. I wouldn't mind sharing it with you, but I also would like to not make it public as of yet, if you like to join my fb group to see it there, here is a link to the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ApoConvergence/ let me know that it is you applying there somehow.

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  • Sam

    @Haka-Taka said in Prince Charmless:

    Hi Sam 🙂
    you already tagged fox and asked about the PC book . so no need to make another topic for that .. fox is foxing right now 🙂 but extra tagging will not do the trick 😉

    maybe that's why i tagged other community managers.
    and the new topic was not a question it was more stressing how after all this effort, to get him he should be in a book 🙂

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  • Sam

    @carlos @Fox we want the winter book in war rotation please! if it is not going to be added tell us so we move our runes from the monsters!

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  • Sam

    Recently you can no longer see the runes on the monster you are attacking in war.

    what was the point of this useless change? We are used to see the runes on the monster, how does having to tap on them and look at the right panel enhance our gameplay?

    please bring it back, it is very annoying to not see what is it you are attacking! whether it has a health or team speed or a high strength... now we are just clicking back and forth... 😕

    @carlos @fox

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  • Sam

    @Marianne-van-Es hi.
    I know you have a lot going on, but don't know who else to ask...

    My team is currently on lap 26. We are debating if we can go to 50 or not, we are not that big of spenders so we can't go all in blindly. I am trying to see how much resources (gems) my team has, and compare that with how much will still needed to be spent to see if we can make it. We do well with all nodes except the 220 gems epic breeding nodes which we have to skip of course.

    Do you know how many more of these task are there approximately from lap 26 to 50? maybe based on the previous Fatid race? (We didn't do that one)

    or do you think you can give me a rough approximation to how much gems the team as a whole will need to put in to go from 26 to 50, provided we only gem these one person breed x epics tasks? currently we can come with 3000 gems, want to see how much more will we need and if we can.

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  • Sam

    Can we please get a clear answer about this?

    We are putting in all these gems and money to get him at 120, are we going to end up with a monster we barely get to use?? @Fox @carlos @Community-Managers @tyroz

    Wiki entry that you linked in game has him under good legions. (most stuffed book anyway). In game he is not in ANY book! he needs to be in 2 books at least please to warrant all this effort to get him, he cost more than a nemesis 😕 !

    All amphibian or reptilian monsters have been added to dragons. Mountezema, Granuy and Vodyanoy are all frog like monsters that have been added to dragons, why not him too?

    We have Privateer Morgan and Lord Mindson in superheroes when their description has nothign to do with heroics, he surely seems more heroic.

    please don't make us have wasted all those gems and money and effort fir 50 laps over a monster we will only get to use in Nature!

    On the subject of books it also still baffles me that the most referred to family in the game is not in the families book!
    King Daeron (Father), Queen Luthien (Mother), Bella Baal (Daughter) according to their description, and now Prince Charmless can join them. Why aren't they in families? But Fampira, Count Vlad and their pet is 😕 ?

    Al Canine and his gang and Alex bone, a gang, are in the families book! 😛 Like really does SP consider a gang more family than an actual father, mother, daughter? can we please add those guys to Families, (won't be the first time monsters that were previously not in families got added Igursus, Cryotan and Ouros for example)

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  • Sam

    @testcyp thanks Dr Phil. ❤ and now pvp is what determines Op? yeah sure he is no nemesis or warmaster or VIP, but is he in line with other team shop monsters or other non exclusive fires? certainly not.

    @VargRanger, again irrelevant. Is Ingvar's pet or Thetys BG balanced? they suck, no one cares if they get "balanced" it seems. If a nemesis skill was bugged to do lower than it should would u be ok with it being bugged\watered down because they are already overpowered and thus it balances them out? i think not.

    and Nishant BG has lower power 3146 compared to his 3311 so that makes up for the 40, 45 difference not to mention his higher accuracy.

    and fine let's see what Darmith Bodyguard has:
    the aoe skill is 95% accuracy opposed to 90 for the other aoes so not only does it way more damage than others it also has less chance to miss.
    he has a banner and a mask slot, charging banner and energy mask make him undeniable by stamina drains, that is as good as any trait if not better.

    He can use healing mask as well which further extends his already high health (28k, higher than darmith!).

    he has 3498 speed: faster than any other fire excluding metallisha, and ingenica and Barbael.

    and he can make himself and ALL his team freeze immune, so that is your trait right there.

    So it is not like that move is all he has going for him! and with that damage what else do u really need.

    having some supportive skills! and burn immunity (like almost every other fire!) does not justify having an aoe with 95% accuracy 3 cd and 28 stamina consumption that basically is 70+ damage! Want to keep it as is? decreases accuracy like all other LESSER aoes, or increase stamina consumption, or increase cd.

    Not to mention he just costs 950 war coins 😄 and less when he debuted so those who had the war coins stacked up on a 130 while most other fires are not that easily ranked!

    I think all these factors make him far more than "balanced"

    we want to keep this monster "balanced" then let's ask for a buff for all other "unbalanced ones" starting with the other bodyguards and pets who cost more coins than him!

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  • Sam

    So maybe Kiridar is broken and Nishant bodyguard Niff is broken, Nishant's Dark Supremacy is broken and every other monster who does this is broken, maybe every monster that does metal damage and magnetize in one move is also broken (Gangesterous Godfather Assault as one example), Uther's special, and many others are all broken EXCEPT Darmith bodyguard. because yes that makes sense. 🙂

    Paul I am not the one who started the aggression here, "someone got owned by the boduguard lol" "They BETTER not nerf him because of you!" and you had no issues with that, either be objective and non biased or don't blame me when I defend myself. That aggression is what made me want to solidify my point of view even more you are right about that (in addition to being right and all)

    and honestly I feel you have always been biased to some monsters and against others, so like you were expecting my answer I was expecting yours, neither of us disappointed it seems. You had no issues when race monsters were nerfed hard over and over because and I quote "Everyone and their grandma can get them", but have an issue when this monster is clearly overpowered, broken and even more easily attainable. When you are always objective then your arguments will have more weight. You are one of the smartest, most influential players in the game, you have a responsibility to ensure fairness and balance, your game knowledge is tremendous please don't go against it to go with the flow.

    "If you are attacking with a non precision augmented denier putting your faith in not missing, without a back up plan, and knowing that Darmith's BG can toast your attack team because you are using monsters susceptible to being debuffed, well. That's on you." well, here is the thing though, no aoe from a monster with 3311 base power and skill 40 pts, should be able to toast an entire team including a 120 monster of same type as the move. So, no that is neither expected nor "on me"and I can't expect something that should not exist.
    Name one other monster that can do that, please, and please tell me which fire monster is not susceptible to being debuffed other than perhaps a VIP like Kaih and even then only a chance?

    and P.S I am loving the "haha you got beat by him so you want him nerfed argument" ^_^ Yes, yes I did! I never noticed it before, now I did, and now I want it Fixed not nerfed because it is obviously broken 🙂 and when I notice something else broken whether I am using it, or it is used against me I am gonna ask for it to be fixed too. Reason why I am asking for it is completely irrelevant, the point is whether it is bugged or not 🙂

    The forums are a way for us to communicate with SP, I specifically tagged Carlos. He does not always reply to PM and this way another representative can see it as well.

    and here we go since logic seems too much to ask of people.
    Please tell me how Nishant's Bodyguard Niff is any different from fire Cursed? I have nishant bodyguard and I would love for her to do an aoe that can kill an entire team too!
    You say I should be saying they need to fix their moves instead. Nope! when so many moves that have same description do one thing and his skill is the only one that does not, then it is the one that is broken not the opposite. Most of you know it, but want to preserve it because YOU use it, broken, not fair, balance not a factor to you.

    also please notice how his AOE on top of being overpowered is also 95% accuracy not 90 😄

    and enjoy my inevitable lengthy response! 🙂

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  • Sam

    waw you can almost smell the fear, thanks for the laugh everyone 🙂
    Looking forward to all the tears when they eventually fix broken Nautilus 3 extra turns as well.
    some of the replies here made me even more motivated to report it to support ^_^

    this was directed to @Carlos so I will ask again, Carlos if this is intended then why is it not the case for Kiridar? and anyone else unless you are a SP game designer or representative spare us the theories please.

    @Sayit-Alghalbi "they better not nerf him because of you"... or what? you will stomp your feet? it is not a nerf it is a fix.
    zyla and voltaik do exactly as they are expected to, yes they are overpowered but they are not "broken" since they do exactly as they are supposed to. Darmith bodyguard skill is NOT supposed to work that way. otherwise it would work for Kiridar too.

    @C0ntr1v3d then why isn't it the case for Kiridar too? and this is not a question of how it is counter balanced , it is a question if it should be there at all. Your arguments are how darmith bodyguard is balanced that does not answer or negate the fact that that skill is not functioning as intended.
    Fampira who has nothing going for her had her aoe damage reduced because it was too high in comparison to other aoes, yeah the move might have missed, yeah they might have had darkness immunity, yeah she was only attuned, but the move was still reduced in damage because it was too high.
    and some of us don't have artifacts and bulwarks and nemesis everywhere, moreover Paul are you honestly telling me his regular move with 3 cd, a monster who is clearly meant as a support as many other bodyguards, is intended to do more damage than other monsters SPECIALS, come on, you know better.

    @Francisco-Franceschi where does it say that it applies the fire weakness FIRST and again if intended that way why it is not the case for Kiridar's chimpanzee in vines which has similar description or the case of any other weakness applier move? or do we only care if we have the monster ourselves?

    @testcyp someone is afraid their cheap monster they got at a low unintended price when he first debuted in team shop, might get fixed to work as intended LOL ^_^ and yeah have fun putting him on defense and him getting possessed and killing your entire team 😄

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  • Sam

    hi @Carlos can you please clarify for me something about Darmith bodyguard?

    his aoe move fire cursed does 40 fire damage and says it applies fire weakness.

    What is happening is, it is applying the fire weakness FIRST then doing the fire damage in one move, the result is MASSIVE AOE DAMAGE that can wipe out an entire team in one move!

    This does not happen in other moves that apply weakness like Kiridar's "Chimpanzees in Vines"

    It is very frustrating to just miss one denial on him and getting your entire, ranked up, team butchered including fire monsters.

    This makes him very overpowered, is this intended? If so then why not on Kiridar's move too?

    Another issue is "damage mirrors" not long ago an clear distinguishing was made between skill mirror and damage mirror. But now it seems damage mirror are also reflecting any positive skill as well.

    Gakora can reflect back strength from beyond on an ally Demise, Atum's hard as Rock can also reflect back strength from beyond on ally demise,

    when a Nautilus was possessed he used his extra turn move on his teammate Atum with hard as rock on, Atum ended up getting the extra turns that nautilus should get. knowing hard as rock is just a damage mirror not a skill mirror.

    so there is something wonky there.

    These types of things really make wars , which are already not that rewarding, a lot more frustrating so I hope they can be addressed soon. more so than adding new stuff please.

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  • Sam

    nice, you are on the right track.
    But I would disagree with the support having 3X self speed, most often you are better with the support being a team speed carrier increasing the speed of your denial. (can be a combo of self health and team speed as well)

    Moreover, a lot of support are better off going after your other monsters, to heal them or remove negative effects or resurrect them. Uriel, Undertaker, healers..

    So kinda depends on the support, if the support is meant to buff or give Protection before attack example Incognita, Demise, Cloud, Nishant Bodyguard, Gakora, Shield givers .. or heal/resurrect/cleanse after Cyan Nathura, Goldfield, Nemestrinus but most can do both and in which case I'd go with team speed to enhance your denier's and attacker's speed.

    Resurrectors and healers do well with a health in addition to the team speed so they can stay long enough to do their thing.

    (In high level wars as contrived would tell you speed becomes less of a factor and more goes into health and damage, but I am not gonna talk about that)

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  • Sam

    Hi @Fox @Carlos according to this thread you posted about him, Fatid's trait is Tough. In the game monstagram entry and on the wiki it shows mountain though.

    Which is going to be his final trait?

    Tough makes him withstand better vs all the ranked Laomu's possession in Nature and vs Underworld and Evil possessors, but makes him more vulnerable to Talika for example.

    While Mountain, eventhough is better vs stunners and freezers like Talika in nature and Krampus in evil, leaves him more open to possession and torture effects.

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  • Sam

    Confluent Power is rebuilding and looking for members.

    I want everyone to know our history:

    We started out as Terror Kings.
    I joined that team that was a low level team, introduced speed sheets that I MADE from scratch, and strategies, wrote rune guides and best monster guides and every war I would write a defense post, help people select their best defense and rune setups.

    We soon became one of the top war coin earning teams. After we were in the bottom with people using multi colored runes...

    We had a split because quite frankly I was the one leading, not the absent lead, there were those who chose to stay with me and I appreciated the hard work I had put in, and there were some who split and joined what soon became known as Apocalyptic Destruction (which ironically later self destructed)

    With them they took the speed sheets and guides I made and distributed them among the apocalyptic family. Apocalyptics built and improved these sheets, no doubt. But they originated from us. I have no beef with apocalyptics anymore, but this is a fact.

    We also, back then, made a sister team "Terror Knights" to whom I also gave my speed sheets and guided sometimes. The team was then led by Ryan Martin aka Pope. They then became Black Flag ,and now known as The Friction, after Pope retired.

    Things were going great for us for a year plus as Tenacious Kingdom, till i decided to take some time off and handed the team to my colead and supposed friend. After Sp started making some positive changes I came back and was treated like a stranger by the coleads (who i recruited in the first place).

    It was a hard pill to swallow but I stepped down from lead to my friend to keep us all together. We reformed as Confluent Power.

    Then my colead/friend who was now lead, and whom I stepped aside for, decides he wants to retire few wars in!

    Drama ensues because i ask for lead back, and get ignored, and it ends up with this colead suddenly NOT wanting to retire anymore and instead forms his own team. Whole thing was pointless 🙂 I was fine with him leading because I valued the team more than my ego, but was not fine with not getting it back when he retires.

    Then some split from us and start luring people away using the same stuff I built that made us unique in the first place. Good for them.

    Running down on members we try to merge with another team. We end up with mostly slackers and indifferent players and their cos who were supposed to stay and help us, dump them and disappear. We got 2 good players from the deal who are still with us now.

    So here's where we are at:

    We are players short. We need people or a decent team that wants to merge with us.

    Writing silly gimmicky recruiting posts and poems is not my thing. Using half naked chicks in my recruiting posts for attention is not my thing. Flaunting the effort of someone else as if my own is not my thing.

    So I am being real here. We are a good team!

    We have good people who have stuck by me for over 2 years now. We plan ahead for races and win with minimal cost.

    We are not big spenders.

    We are not that chatty because we all have lives and work, we are not that rich, you won't get 200 elementium from us in frat, we are not that stupid to give away timerion and voltaik cells freely to new members.

    But what u get is:
    -A no drama atmosphere for the most part. (We all know if you put 30 strangers together some time along the line there might be disagreements, let's be realistic)...
    -At least a lead who is deeply passionate about the game. Players who know what the heck they are doing runes wise. -Players who will do their best in war but a lead who understands not to cut their head if sometimes they fail to deliver.
    -In addition to speed sheets, guides about rune setups, move sets, relics (written by me not copied)

    I have been knocked down and betrayed so many times in this game but I am still fighting for my team. I still have a lot of passion for this game.

    So join us, the originals, not the copy cats. Join us the ones who built ourselves up from scratch not those who got handed things on a silver platter.

    Help us rebuild this team that so many others branched from.

    If interested apply to our fb group Confluent Power ML

    0_1529323182854_conf full  jpg.jpg

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  • Sam

    @C0ntr1v3d said in Reply to changes about Blind Immunity.:


    You missed Immune to Magnetized. The most useless trait, I think?

    true, this can be expanded to become "immune to weaknesses". Many moves now make monsters weak to different elements, like Nishant Bodyguard, Kiridar, Igneus, Ingavr's Discouragement...
    so instead of being immune to just metal weakness, it becomes immune to any element weakness.

    Just a thought @Carlos

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  • Sam

    I am sorry... you have a dude?
    where can i get me one 😛 jk

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