• Sandra Milanovic

    @lilcricketpa I make the update 2 days before i clear the cache i deinstall and install new nothing comes better

    Since them update (Google PlayStore) i need original 6 -10 min to come back in game
    special if he needs reload after and egg finish put in to a livespace the game crash instand down
    and needs to reload 😠 super in heroic race👿
    this bug was on the last heroic race and still not fixed i writ them support (last month) without any answer
    every time if you take an egg out (really rar sometimes not) he need to reload the game 😠

    and now after them update he needs 6-10 min to reopen the game he stand still on 99% and u have to wait and wait and wait...my internet is really good, no backgroud open apps, ram cleared (Cache cleared, installed new, ,cache deleted, new start, always the same
    I try all to fix it by my self but now i am on end with my possibility's 😉

    and if it crash down all 2 eggs (Terra dragon or some other) is really disturbing to handly with it
    6-10 min wait 👎

    than i was so happy to find the game on windows 10 store to play it there without them loading problem
    but you can´t log in via facebook (He don´t now my email adress on android no problem but windows FB he dosn´t now me also forget password without any function) YIPPI
    omg this is sooo frustrating ( I make a new thread for them windows BUG) 😞

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  • Sandra Milanovic

    I was really happy to play that game on my windows 10 computer. But YOU CAN´T LOG IN VIA FACEBOOK!
    i try really all to log me in
    he always say "This email address doesn´t exist!^^ lol ! for sure!
    i log me in via Android without any problem
    but on windows 0 Chance! And if u want trick them out and goes on Forget my password..nothing happend!
    Facebook log in is without any functionality :(( ...and if i writ the support...you can have luck when he answer your mail...last time...no Reaction...so why i use my time to writ them support to make the game playable? näää not again….
    Short - No chance to play with ur account!! ...only to play, just for fun without a save point!! This ist useless!

    And for the Android Problem since them update on GooglePlaystore i look for the right Thread I now 😉
    He need 6- 10 min to open/Reload the game stands on 99% and nothing happens and my Internet is really good!
    De-installed/Cache deleted dose´t fix the problem...but for sure i search for the right thread 😉

    Now you can better understand how happy i was that is the game on windows store...but without facebook log in i have to wait and wait and wait.....!0_1569839663884_dc fb log in.JPG

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