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    @Cassandra-Verity First of all, it's simply another option. I mean, literally anything helps. I like it because there are plenty of duplicate legendaries I've gotten in the past that I don't care about ranking up. Now I can convert them to elemental cells for a monster that's more worth ranking. Obviously, it's only 10 elemental cells, so it's slow going, but hey, it's something.

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    @JimmyBoB "up to rank 4." That means regular, rank 1, rank 2, rank 3, or rank 4.

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    But you can. Bottom right corner of the PvP area is Battle Log. Then at the top, you can view your attack record or your defense record.

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    Updated through the most recent monsters. Rabooka is in there, but it's not the Wiki yet, so its information is extremely incomplete for now.

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    @Fox What can be done about all this?

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    I don't think actual Wiki pages are that hard to maintain, but we'd need a solid community of players constantly updating it, if someone wanted an alternative. One actually exists, but I don't think it's ever updated. And then there's the question of how in the world do you view under the hood of the game to pull out the data in the first place? I mean, you can only see a level 100 monster's stats once you actually have that monster and feed it to level 100. And you never actually see the numerical value of the various attacks. Anyone ever poked around in the data to see if it's easily accessible?

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    I occasionally have issues with Monsterwood, but I need easter eggs at the moment! Trying to play a video completely crashes my game. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Let's talk about some mythological epic monsters.


    Anubis was the jackal-headed god of the Egyptians associated with the afterlife. The afterlife is mentioned in Darknubis' description and this also explains his inclusion in the Underworld book.


    Tartarus was essentially the Greek version of hell, the location in the afterlife reserved for the Titans (overthrown by Zeus and the other gods) and the wicked. Obviously, this Tartarus is a cyclops, the most famous of which was the one encountered by Odysseus, [Polyphemus]. That particular cyclops is referenced in one of Tartarus' attacks, Polyphemus Rage. In that encounter, Odysseus lies to Polyphemus and tells him that his name is "No One" or "Nobody" so that when Polyphemus yells for help, he shouts that "Nobody hurt me!" and no one comes to help him. This is reflected in the skill named "Revenge of no one." His special skill, Acis' Fate, is a reference to a story involving the same cyclops Polyphemus, who killed his romantic rival, [Acis]


    Firstly, the Japanese word "okami" means "wolf." More than this, wolves and other animals, have a special significance in Japanese folklore and culture.


    The basic designs here are the same. These monsters draw their inspiration from the Greek myths surrounding Cerberus, often thought of as the guard dog of Hades. This three-headed guard dog was also known to have a snake for tail, not unlike Hellberus. Coldberus seems to take this hell hound idea and just make him ice-based.


    Medusa is the fabled Greek Gorgon, a winged woman with snakes for hair. Medussha takes this a step further and makes her lower-half a snake. Medusa had the ability to turn those who looked at her to stone, hence the various skills that mention rocks and just so happen to stun and daze enemies. She was ultimately killed by the hero Perseus, who is mentioned in one of her skills. I'd wager her name is also intended to make her sound even more serpent-like.

    Ao Loong

    Back to Asia, I cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the significance of dragons in Chinese culture. For our purposes, just know that "long" means dragon and this one is specifically referencing the Dragon Dance that occurs on the Chinese New Year.


    A seraph is a type of heavenly being or angel found in the Bible. Technically, the singular is "seraph" and the plural is "seraphim." These guys are the throne guardians that encircle the throne of God.


    Back to Egyptian mythology, Horus is the extremely important falcon-headed deity. The name "Horus" itself is thought to possibly mean "the distant one," which is why you'll find that reference in his description.

    Gold Ra

    Ra is the sun in Egyptian mythology and pretty much the most important of them all. Gold Ra shares this solar connection, being a bright gold color and a fire-type. Ra was often depicted as a beetle, rolling across the sky like some beetles roll dirt and dung. Seriously. Later Egyptians merged Horus and Ra into the same entity, which is why you'll also find the familiar falcon head on depictions of Ra.


    I've talked about Nemestrinus before, the minor Greek god of groves, but thought I'd revisit it here, as it's the inspiration behind this monster as well, just with a bit of a robotic twist.


    This is another direct reference to Greek mythology. Cybele was a minor goddess, most often associated with nature.


    This one was released during the Slavic Tales event and is a clear reference to the Slavic Simargl, a deity/mythical beast most often depicted as a winged lion or dog.


    This monster shares a name with a famous [Greek nymph]. His design of a rhino has little to do with this nymph, though. And clothes and skills all seem to indicate a Roman inspiration (all his attacks are Latin phrases).

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