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    Good Afternoon, hope all is well! I’m a partnered Youtuber (SH3RMSY) predominantly for Monster Hunter content and have recently took great interest in your game due to my daughter introducing me into it. I’m already part of one of the top alliances in the game and have a lot of ideas to produce content to help promote the game and help the mass. Do you have any sort of content creator partner programme to help promote the game as such and incentives which follows? I’m currently on a break with content creating but when I do get back into it, I’m very interested to push Dragon City. You can check my channel for an idea of my style of content but recommend you focus on my most popular guides and scan thru my top comments section to get an idea of my quality/feedback. Many thanks for the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you. Ideally if you contact me direct/privately, since you have my account’s contact details.

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