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    hello guys and social point team throughout the race events it has been achieved that all the teams can get the new legendary that appear through these events but it happens that there is still a small inconvenience which both me and others players we call scams which are based in two ways the first one is executed during the first days before the end of the first half of the race time in which both leaders and co-drivers use players who are looking for equipment to snatch their gems and excuse themselves with they had not done such an act and the second one is executed a few hours before the end of the race in which although you have supported your team there are leaders and co-leaders who abuse these charges to expel the players a few hours before the end of the race and in the end these players who are expelled only because the players within those charges make that cause only to snatch the legendary and receive more rewards i ndividuals, now that I'm looking for said communication first of all I'm neither the first nor the last and much less am I the only one that is still being scammed by several players who seek their own benefit because if not for the players who expel the leaders and colideres do not take into account that if not for those people who snatch and expel them shamelessly removing their resources and in general the legendary career is not fair or ami and probably to those who take into account this statement.
    to conclude the end of this, if a solution at least somewhat beneficial is taken into account, it does not arise or that this type of acts is extinguished within the game and if such acts happen to find a way to compensate the player who lost his gems or the legendary for this type of action and in the case of the leaders and co-leaders who use this action so cowardly and blatant can bring consequences to this type of players who benefit from others saying that I conclude with this release happy day and in advance thank you for your attention.

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