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    the breeding and hatching is ridiculous!!!
    and the PvP battles???
    come on guys, im not going to spend and arm and a leg for a pack of gems so i cant speed anything up. i spend all after school trying to finsih lap 4 breedings...ima stop racing after i qualify

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    It looks like people are having the same problems as me...
    lap 3 node 3 I spent 15 min and got nothing...thankfully I hadn't used my spin and got a lucky spin of 5 things.
    lap 3 node 5. ****** the only eggs hatched which counted was one very rare and one epic that i had sitting in the hatchery(lets say i was trying to save them till a later node...but after 36 terra hatchings and 12 terra/fire hatchings i gave up and used them)
    the breeding was even worse...56 terra/terra and 12 terra/fire= 1 laurel...idk how many more breedings i did until i gave up and gemd the last one...
    lap 4 node 1...3 breedings...saving that for later...

    Last race was easy...this race looks easy...but isn't...reminds me of the frozen lake race for the high snow but with less things to do...but a less chance of getting them

    kinda sad...I was looking forward to getting high celestial and the high entity dragons...idk maybe i will...2nd place looks like they gave up at lap 3 node 3(the first node with 2 breeding/hatchings)

    I wish SP just keep the races the same style as the high octane and the ones before...fun and doable

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