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    Okay so I have just started a little while ago and for some reason a little thing keeps popping up which is "You're still downloading the required information 0_1496683585382_Screenshot_2017-06-05-12-00-59.png

    I don't know what I'm suppose to do cause I did come back a couple of minutes later. The message still keeps popping up. So I thought maybe it's my internet or something so I waited for a hour and then I came back and it still didn't work at all. It showed the same exact message. I do have alot of patience so I went to work and waited for a total 5 hours for the event to show up. It still shows the same exact message telling me to wait for a few more minutes. I'm sorry for the bother but I would like for this issue to be solved. Please and thank you. Be much appreciated.

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