• Slime Alvin

    @playstation-gaming you can make him breed with some other dragon. Isn't that possible?
    You cannot get the dragon from breeding

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  • Slime Alvin

    So I had this idea I think this is a cool idea. So I had this idea about a new dragon maybe it will be added but anyways this is the idea.

    Name: High Tesseract Dragon
    Elements: Pure, Magic, Dream, Soul
    Attacks: Pure Energy, Mana Lightnings, Poisonous Dream, Ghostly Blades
    Trainable Attacks: Pure Energy+, Vigor Feel, Trance, Supernatural
    Dragons to obtain: Events/Specific Time, Orb Tree/Summoning
    Breeding/hatching time: Breeding: 24 hours hatching: 48 hours
    Type: Heroic
    Description: Coming From The 4th Dimension, This Dragon Beholds The Power Of The Tesseract, A Mysterious Cube, Said To Hold The Power Of The Entire Dragonverse, This Dragon Has Came To The Third Dimension Dragonverse With One Objective, To Destroy Anyone Daring To Wipe The Population Of Dragon's In The Dragonverse And To Protect The Dragons In DragonVerse

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