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    @claudius-dc-sailer Having stats at level 90 is not needed! The stats seem to look as though they use level 90, but that's only because level 90 happens to be 10 * base strength/speed.
    Level 100 is 11 * base, so you can just use that to work out the stats at whatever level you need. For example Nabuline's Speed at level 130 is (3531/11)*14, so 4494. R3 (115) would be * 12.5 and give 4012.5. And always make sure to round down if you get a decimal 🙂
    Nabuline's base power is 311, and base speed is 321. Hobkins base power is 314 and base speed is 323. Don't ask me to explain life though!

    Book number will almost always be the latest chapter too 😄
    I agree GPM would be nice though, for some monsters that's what they're good for 😂

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    @Dorijan-Lendvaj is having some technical issues right now so I'm helping him put his work online. All credits to him, I just did some basic copy pasting!

    So, I made the best strategies for spending gems if you want to reach a certain node. First, I'll explain how this works:

    -For each monster, there are several possible strategies with various amounts of time necessary. I'm also putting some strategies that take longer to complete than the island lasts because, if an island boost happens, the items take 2 times less time to collect, meaning you get twice as many items during those 2 days, which means you effectively get 4 days worth of items in that time, which can also be translated to 2 extra days. Note that recently island boosts became less common so scroll

    -To find the strategy that suits you, think about how many times will you collect an entire pool of items in the 10 days of the island, and multiply that number with 8 hours to get the amount of total time you want on your strategy. Note that if the number of hours is divisible by 8 on all collections, I put the number of collections as a reference and not the number of hours.

    -I'm considering the amount of time required to get items once they are in the pool as 0.

    -How the strategy works: For each quest, the strategy tells you the number of gems to spend on that quest. Note that quests which only require 1 breeding item can be completed almost instantly so they aren't included.
    It also says after how much time is required to get you to this gem cost if there is no island boost(or if the number of hours is divisible with 8, then the number of collections), which is mainly helpful if you divide it by 8 hours to see how many times you should collect the entire pool of items after you get your first collection. Note that dividing by 8 also works if you're planning for an island boost; just make sure to collect every 4 hours instead of every 8 hours.
    If you're going by every hour collection, you might see a remainder when dividing by 8(usually 4, when you get 3 gold and 2 food items without waste); that means that it's optimal to collect an incomplete pool and then gem.

    -If you have any other questions, feel free to reply on this thread.

    I'll add more as I create them.

    For collections every 8 hours:
    Rank 5 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/kuCt7YhQ
    Rank 4 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/yf42w9j4
    Rank 3 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/YcJX4wVU
    Rank 2 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/0L9kT66n
    Rank 1 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/qBEdPWw6
    Rank 0 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/ZFdUSe9m
    Talika: /pastebin.com/FxywHNs2
    Mountezuma: /pastebin.com/JfHNj5b0
    Tempest (can get with 0 gems): /pastebin.com/K6zb0m2c

    For collections every hour:
    Rank 5 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/41TqcXrN
    Rank 4 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/bNWqg8zS
    Rank 3 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/CySjWUD2
    Rank 2 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/rQHFCV7b
    Rank 1 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/LAQzCEGD
    Rank 0 Itzanami: /pastebin.com/BAEtaHA1
    Talika: /pastebin.com/gPwZbpMj
    Mountezuma: /pastebin.com/iG50YUtd
    Tempest (can get with 0 gems): /pastebin.com/t7EM6x5M

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    MP and Unique Monsters factor in to team rank. If you're growing faster than those around you, you'll probably jump them even if you lose wars.
    Teams will often try and remove monsters to reduce MP and give themselves the easiest possible matchup.

    There are also a couple of reasons why team rank can change without you even doing anything:

    1. The War Coin part of team score factors in the last 90 days only. If a loss that got you just 50 coins drops out of that window, and you lose a war with 150 coins just now, then it'll look like you've risen despite losing.

    2. Team score is relative to the top teams. For each category of War Coins, MP and Unique Monsters, you're compared against the top team in that category and given a score out of 100,000 based on that. The three are added together, and you get your team score. So if Revolution Valkyrie have 12M MP, and you have 3M, you get 25% or 25,000 towards team score. Because of that, if the teams at the top change around, you'll move whilst doing nothing yourself.

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