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    Current Status: 2 Spots Open 04/16/18

    Monster Maashers is currently looking for mature active members.

    Tired of bouncing around? Sick of race hopping? Join the Maasher family!

    We are a very loyal and active group. We do back to back wars and have a great race record due to great teamwork and communication. Check our race logs.

    🏁127 million in the Titan race

    We do not have a special “race” team. We stick together and win or loose as a team.

    We do have some minimum requirements below but we are looking for a few strong teammates with great communication and who are willing to grow and adapt with the game.

    MP: 10,000
    Attacks: 80% weekly
    Must be active and have strong communication in races
    Join team server on Discord

    If this sounds like a good fit for you please look us up!

    *Please PM me here if applying so we know who to look for

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