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    first off you can look at your habitats instead of the dragon book,
    also if you don't have a dragon it will say "not owned" when you go to hatch the egg

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    ok so the only dragon i want is the bomber dragon, i'm lvl 45 and have school next week so i will probally only get 2 or 3 slots a day, is it reasonable to go for the bomber dragon?

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    here some ideas i have, their mostly self explanatory, feel free to change them

    pyramid dragon:
    ufo dragon:
    pizza dragon:
    screen dragon:
    stereotypical dragon, dragon: (the type of dragon you'd see in a cliche fairy tale)
    anime themed dragons
    boxing dragon
    car racer dragon
    fencing dragon
    fish dragon
    pen dragon
    city dragon (a dragon with a city on it)
    boat dragon
    plane dragon
    milky way dragon
    dj dragon
    fishing dragon
    wise dragon
    gamer dragon
    handyman dragon
    elf dragon
    minecraft based dragon
    house dragon
    food truck dragon
    engine dragon
    whale dragon
    gift dragon
    party dragon
    energetic dragon
    nice dragon
    scary dragon
    radio dragon
    80s dragon
    strong dragon
    windup robot dragon
    apple dragn
    singer dragon
    conjoined twin dragon
    skyscraper dragon
    god dragon

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    Hello whoever is reading this: ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    I have gotten really into dragon city as of late, and i have some ideas for dragon city.
    I think these features will improve the game and keep people interested,
    And if a dev is seeing this I hope you find my ideas interesting.

    1.Infinite randomly generated islands: high level players complaining they don't have enough space, and you don't want to scare off new players by constantly adding islands? I think this is the solution, when ever a high level player gets a new island another one is generated, infinitely OR their could be another realm that has infinite space

    1. Rpg style pvp: while dragon city doesn't need a new pvp idea that much this idea is still fun for down the road, hereโ€™s how it would work, you choose a team your best dragons and you take these dragons into a dungeon or something similar you fight other teams of npc dragons then a boss, winning the boss dragon at the end or something else

    Thanks for reading and i hope you like my ideas for dragon city those are all my ideas for now, i will continue working on more. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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