• Spike Xskulled

    Every time I go in . I have close out 8 to 10 pop ups, sumtimes more . It’s ridiculous and Annoying .it kills the enjoyment of goin in checking out my city. Game has been goin for 8 years .come on now,
    Easy fix :
    2 exit out . 1 closes all pop ups at once and another closes just 1 .that way if I don’t wanna see all announcements I just close all pop up at once. If I don’t wanna see the rest I close 1 by 1
    Another solution:
    Inbox feature. Most game have inbox feature where they send all deals and announcements of the game there.
    Another solution
    1 pop up got all the deals and announcements and u can swipe left or right to see the rest of the announcements

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