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    So I am a og player I had the game 3 years ago and then my tablet broke so I couldn’t play it Monster legends on anything. I’ve recently re-downloaded the game last Thursday and I’ve bought some packs and got some monsters but I’ve had a problem lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to move all your habitats at once. Like in clash of clans they have a base making part of the game where if you go into it you can put the things down on a completely new clean base and I was wondering if there is a feature like that in Monster Legends since you have to move your bases without being able to move the other habitat you are trying to move yours to. I can’t really move any of my habitats or this reason and I’m upset. I want to move my habitats like catagorized on different islands like the really good high leveled players and such but I can’t move my habitats without having to move the habitat I’m trying to move it to.

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