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    Hi, i really want to say thanks for the work on the list.
    & is it for Montauk Creature u only listed 3 skills?
    thanks for ur hard work.

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    Is it possible to create a special team combo skills features?
    For example,
    -3 same exact monsters, will trigger a special team skill, or
    -3 same element type, or
    -3 monsters from the same book, like dragon book, spirit book, or
    -Special set monsters like hippierion + prototyperion + sweeperion will trigger a special team skill, or maybe summon ingenica to cast her special skill, or
    -General uria + uria’s pet + uria’s bodyguard to trigger a team combo
    Something like that,
    but just make sure common monsters or the-more-not-so-powerful monsters like the common monsters, UC, rare or epic monsters will have a chance to shine again besides all those all mighty monsters like the nemesis monsters which are really too powerful.

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