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    It's sad to see so many "top" players taking advantage of the bugs while they complain to SP about the many faults and bugs the game has. To me they're just as guilty as the ones that they are criticizing.

    A few weeks ago I decided to leave the game no later than Christmas, so I thought I would enjoy these last weeks until my team has a replacement for me... but with so many bugs, cheaters, relics, PvP definitively broken... I just want to quit as soon as possible 😞

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    I only bought one chest, just for trying: got Shannara's bodyguard, a bronze relic and 5 Alces' Pet cells. I guess it's hard to get better prizes.
    Too bad that I'm leaving the game in a few days '^^ lol

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    @Haka-Taka said in Relics are coming!:

    Me too got it 0_1510055643500_teeth.png but i am on a sever gem diet right now so waiting till repair finish

    So far i opened a free chest and got 5 Wisteria cells, this is my chest shop


    So the starter chest is supposed to contain 1 Top Prize monster guaranteed. I got Growler... Seriously, who would say this is a Top Prize monster?? It's a good monster, not top prize... and it's an Epic.
    The rest of rewards were far worse: Sludger cells, a level 2 rune, food...
    I know that for 50 gems you can't ask for much more (although real price is supposed to be 330 gems), but please SP, let's be clear about Top Prizes 😉

    The starter chest, on the other hand, was quite good: got 3 relics, 5 Sylvannis cells and some food.

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  • Sydyk

    Dragon – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Spirit – 1, 2, 3, 6(★)
    Winged – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Sea – 1, 2
    Underworld – 1, 2, 3
    Mechanical – 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
    Female – 1, 3
    Undead – 1, 2, 3
    Good Legions – 1, 2, 4
    Evil Legions – 1, 2, 3, 4
    Superheroes – 1, 2, 3
    Families – 1, 2, 3
    Team Wars - 1(★), 2 (★★★★★), 3, 4(★★★★★)
    Exclusive –

    ★ = number of stars completed for that chapter

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  • Sydyk

    @PredakingX said in Community Managers/PVP:

    @Darvys well to answer your point, I agree. The only way to do well in Pvp is to have a better defense than everyone else. But that's not how the game should be to a lot of people because that means that 50% of succeeding in the pvp ranks relies on AI...

    Yes @PredakingX, that is exactly my point.
    @Darvys, when I wrote this 2 days ago I was rank #300 and something, now I am #38. Yes, #38. How? Good question, I kept winning almost all of my attacks (I am proud of this part), so the only difference is that I was luckier in defense (of course I am not proud of this).
    Looks like the AI chose better my moves (especially the opening moves, I presume). Luck. Just pure luck got me to fight for almost the higher positions/rewards in PvP. And I ask again, is that now the goal of PvP? I hope it's not...

    Don't get me wrong, I am truly happy with the outcome of this season so far (never even thought being close to fight for L.II / Top30!), but I don't think that defense should be so important considering that in that part I do nothing but select my monsters and runes.

    I think one should be punished or rewarded in PvP based on merit, not chance, and that means that attack should have more weight than defense.

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  • Sydyk

    The thing that really annoys me about PvP is the Shield time. 3 hours.

    Let's say that I don't do good on defense. So every 6 hours I will get to attack 3 times and I will get attacked twice. I'm moving around rank #300-700 mostly. In my 3 attacks I can get (at best) about 65-70 trophies. In my 2 (probably failed) defenses I will get about the same number of throphies stolen for me.

    So I usually end up in the same place as I was 6 hours before. And this doesn't happen only to me. I've been checking on the number of trophies of rank #100
    every day, and it has been around 4,320 for mostly the whole season.

    So in order to actually improve your number of trophies you absolutely NEED to do some good defenses. Which means that defense, the part of PvP where we do absolutely nothing but put there our 3 better monsters and cross our fingers, is the key to improve your ranking. Then, no matter how good you do on attack, no matter if you defeat teams full of Nemesis and VIPs with your regular monsters, if you don't defend everything you do is completely USELESS

    So my questions are:

    • What's the point of PvP then? Perform good attacks in order to not go down instead of doing your best to climb positions??
    • Why are not the shield's cooloff time 6 hours, same as attack??
    • Having people going up and down in the ranking to finally just stay in the same rank#... is that the goal of this new PvP? Isn't this extremely boring?

    @Fox, I appreciate what you guys are doing for the PvP (I find the idea much more appealing than the old one), but I think that there are still some things that should be seriously reconsidered.

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  • Sydyk

    @Ekto-Gamat said in No Refresh in PVP Feedback ... Season 7 Onwards:

    Odd thing this season, which confirms PVP is hardly doable anymore for some players:

    I do my 3 attacks, lose one of them, and when I log in again 6 hours later I am ranked #88 because I successfully defended against 8 lower level players who apparently had only me and 2 other full 130 teams to choose from.

    Pretty much the same here, buddy. Won the first 3 attacks, then had 7 succesful defenses in a row against lower players.

    Right now my rank is #90, no gems spent, no Nemesis/VIPs, free-to-play player.
    So, personally this is plain awesome for me. But if it means there are a lot of players who are suffering unfair matches then it's not so enjoyable... 😕

    I might agree with the removal of the refresh button, but in that case matches need to be improved.

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  • Sydyk

    I managed to get 21k coins, a few short for Baba Yaga, and... "surprise", she was in the last card (as always), so I had to pay 300 gems for her.
    Still worth it, but very frustrating and dissapointing after all the efforts during the last 3 days. And of course can't even think about the other 2 monsters.

    These events need to be less hard imo. If I have been harvesting like crazy, breeding, fighting PvP and collecting gold regularly, I should be able to do something better than pay 300 gems for a monster...

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  • Sydyk

    @Keith-Romberg said in New PvP (Multiplayer) Feedback:

    OK, I am finally done with PvP. I am at rank 608 and there is nothing to do. I am in Legendary IV and all the opponents have at least one Level 130 Nemesis monster and are in Legendary II or I. Even a full team of 130 and X rune monsters cant compete.

    I disagree. A team of 130 L's with lvl X runes can compete against mostly anything. I am defeating teams with 1, 2 or even 3 VIPs/Nemesis and I am a ftp player, so I don't have any of those, just regular L's.

    @Keith-Romberg said in New PvP (Multiplayer) Feedback:

    Plus the trophies are completely out of wack. When I was battling Legendary IV and III, I would get 20 trophies for a win. The Legendary II and I teams only give 20 trophies even though there are 1000 or more trophies different.

    Here I agree 100%. I see no reason why it's almost impossible to find teams that give you more than 20 trophies, when the difference is so big.
    SP should either reduce the trophies lost by losing in defense or give us the opportunity to get +30 trophies in 1 single attack against an opponent with much more trophies.

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  • Sydyk

    @PredakingX said in PVP Season 7 Survey:

    Oh no, I agree, I love seeing where you are in the ranks ( giving a name for all us F2P !!!) Im just saying, rush or not, the trophy counts are far less than they were in prior seasons. Due to the awful changes, its no surprise why, the changes are what is shameful.

    Oh ok, I get it now lol. And thanks 😉

    Well, I agree then, these many changes are making us crazy, each season is different to the previous one in quite relevant ways... I'm taking these first seasons as "beta" (so to speak), looks like they're trying new things each season, rectifying things, screwing up other things that were ok... Hopefully sooner than later they will analyze the results (and the users feedback, I hope), make their minds and stablish the final rules and algorithms for PvP.

    Until then I'm somehow trying to enjoy the chaos 😛

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