• Szymon Zin

    @C0ntr1v3d Well, that's just assuming the worst 😅 Yes, it may happen, but hey, you can team Zahra up with proper allies in order to prevent Thalassa from acting much or just killing her real quick. Besides, you don't ALWAYS have to fight a Thalassa, plus you may stumble upon a silly base that relies on the evasion and is just packed with strength.

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    @keki14 Oh yeah, it's going to make PvP super fun xD and I mean it. Personally, I love long battles and Zahra the way she is right now and though I'm saddened she cannot heal, I understand why that is.

    @C0ntr1v3d Well yes, that's quite sad. Though... He still IS a good monster.

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    Count Vlad's wife can apply the Nightmare Hater, which is really nice. However, she can only do that with the "Your Fear Will End You" skill, and it seems to really be... lacking, especially considering it's stamina cost, cooldown and it's place in Skills' Group 3. Shouldn't it come with something else, such as an extra turn to the Countess or area nightmares for the enemies @Carlos ? Because, well... Apart from possession, that's her only functionality. Such a little change would take the Countess from a status of quite situational to useful overall!

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  • Szymon Zin

    @Fox Flamerion seems to be the best option, though at the same time I'd like to suggest The Inheritor. He's the best fire monster imo. Many will disagree but oh well.
    And, hmm... I was going to say Talany, but she's too new I guess. I really do love her design and the unconfirmed data about the skills we got so far. She's gonna be a premiere perhaps? If so... I BEG YOU, let it be just like the Tijen event. That was glorious.

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    Hello! With a friend of mine, we created a monster (design and skills, we can't animate too well just yet :/) I thought would be useful and fancy. When it was finished, it ended up getting tossed into the filepile where all of our monster concepts dwelled. Then however, an (unofficial) community monster creation contest popped up. I was like... Eh. What the heck. Let's give it a shot. And it actually won xD Clearly, many players liked it. So I was wondering... Would @Fox and @Carlos like it as well?


    Legendary Dark

    Story: Basthet's best former servant, Scryb has lived since the most ancient times. He is one of the very few monsters who got to witness the birth of Monster Legends' history. Throughout the years, he got to experience the most incredible adventures as well as witness the bloodiest of encounters. Not only that, Scryb had the opportunity to meet the most famous monsters and masters, whom now can only be heard of in the records which survived the raids on the libraries, wars and attacks of warlords who didn't like their shady past being exposed to everyone... As well as from the tales Scryb sometimes is eager to tell; And his favourite one tells us about a magnificent warmaster, Thourus, whose fighting skills were nothing but pleasure to witness and a mind as calm as a starless night sky... Weeks before the first great war would erupt, a group of rebels stepped up and demanded the leadership handed over to them; among these individuals was Gortak... And the one who confronted Thourus personally - Necromancer. Thourus knew that the dark army cannot afford to lose even one bit of it's strength, so he decided to peacefully give his warmaster title up. Afterwards, he escaped to the mountains of Elyss'Taar, where he built himself a home, a fortress and a dojo, where Oyakata Kihaku, Shifu Nezora and many other well-known masters would polish their skills; many years later. The former warmaster would never step down from the mountains, and when his day came, he went to eternal sleep in his secret pagoda. Everyone who got to hear this myth despises the ending. Scryb himself admitted that he dislikes it as well. "...And for this reason, this story should be continued... Now". Once he finished this sentence, Scryb used his powers to open a portal to a Mystical Realm, where supposedly, Thourus awaits the worthy ones to tear out of the slumber and bring him to the present times so he can restore the harmony. The fate of the multiverse lies in the hands of a handful of monster masters, and among them, a pair of yours. Will you succeed and recruit the ancient warrior, or will the torment of the upcoming apocalyptic war consume You?


    Good Legions

    Relic Slots:



    Power: 3,175
    Life: 29,645
    Speed: 3,509
    Trait: Elusivity - Status effects have 20% less accuracy against it. All attacks have 10% less accuracy against him.

    Special Skill:

    Go Forth and Fear Nothing - Removes all negative effects from all allies. Heals all targets by 50%. Adds 100% of stamina to all targets. Applies precision and grants one extra turn to all allies.

    Default Skills:

    Lesser Evil - Deals low (25) physical damage to one enemy.
    [Stamina cost: 13]

    I Honor Your People - Applies precision to one ally.
    [Stamina cost: 13]

    Skills Group 1:

    Judas' Tears - Deals moderate (40) magic damage to one enemy. Applies stun to one enemy.
    [Stamina cost: 21]

    Shinto Prayers - Removes all control effects and adds 30% of stamina to all allies. Requires cooldown (4).
    [Stamina cost: 0]

    Purificator of Sins - Removes all positive effects from all enemies. Removes all negative effects from allies.
    [Stamina cost: 22]

    Skills Group 2:

    My Visions Show your Demise - Deals moderate (40) magic damage to all enemies. Removes all positive effects from all enemies. Applies daze and poison to all targets. Requires cooldown (2).
    [Stamina cost: 29]

    Reverential Scrolls - Resurrects one fallen ally with full life and energy. Applies precision and Blessed Totem to target. Requires cooldown (6).
    [Stamina cost: 53]

    By The Supreme Grace - Deals heavy (50) special damage to one enemy. Removes all negative effects from allies and heals them by 20%. Applies life regeneration to all allies. Removes all positive effects from enemies. Requires cooldown (3).
    [Stamina cost: 34]

    Skills Group 3:

    My Studies Prepared Me - Removes all negative effects from allies. Applies precision and stamina regeneration to all targets. Applies Damage Totem for 1 turn to all allies. Requires cooldown (3).
    [Stamina cost: 16]

    A True Master Has No Weakness - Gives immunity to control to all allies. Gains one extra turn. Requires cooldown (5).
    [Stamina cost: 57]

    Moon, Give Me Power - Deals low (25) dark damage to all enemies. Applies total blind and freeze to all enemies.
    [Stamina cost: 80]


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  • Szymon Zin

    @Kaiju Perhaps it's a visual bug... The freeze didn't actually land, but the effect icon popped up anyway. Remember that effects now are 98%, not 100% accuracy. But eh. Just guessing.

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  • Szymon Zin

    @AlphaClivia They seem to suck at that job so far.

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  • Szymon Zin

    @fireee Perhaps... Its because he has a Skill that removes debuffs before dealing damage and somehow it worked out for him...

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  • Szymon Zin

    @fireee You sure they weren't immune to possession/hadn't extra turns/used ally-sacrificing skills?

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  • Szymon Zin

    Warthak. He removes buffs before dealing damage and applying the damage reduction, so for him, the Evasion doesnt exist!

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