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    I’m sorry I did not post this earlier, I had a few things to do and I forgot to post. But here it is, Day 2 Collections!!

    Mythology Collection
    Prize Dragon = Demigod Dragon

    Citadel Dragon
    Mercury God Dragon
    Mars God Dragon
    Spartan Dragon
    Tiamat Dragon
    Mischievous Dragon
    Noble Dragon
    Hercules Dragon
    Gauntlet Dragon
    Cyclops Dragon
    Chimaera Dragon
    Atlas Dragon
    Hades Dragon
    Atlantean Dragon
    Ifrit Dragon
    Black Knight Dragon
    Shadow Dragon
    Aztec Emperor Dragon
    Aztec Priest Dragon
    Sarcophagus Dragon

    Oath Collection
    Prize Dragon = Burbi Dragon

    Copper Dragon
    Ozone Dragon
    Leaf Dragon
    Symbiotic Dragon
    Intraterrestrial Dragon
    Glitter Dragon
    Nessy Dragon
    FrozeBeast Dragon
    Magma Dragon
    Macha Dragon
    Squid Dragon
    Dancing Dragon
    Diva Dragon
    Otoroshi Dragon
    Yeti Dragon
    Wolfreeze Dragon
    Ignition Dragon
    Wonder Dragon
    Retired Dragon
    Valiant Dragon

    Gemstone Collection
    Prize Dragon = Vainglorious Dragon

    Aquamarine Dragon
    Emerald Dragon
    Ruby Dragon
    Diamond Dragon
    Jewel Dragon
    Dragem Dragon
    Topaz Dragon
    Amethyst Dragon
    Pearl Dragon
    Quartz Dragon
    High Relentless Dragon

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  • The Dragonificer

    Hello Dragon Masters! The time has come for my ginormous idea! I will start it off with the High Endeavour Dragon!

    The High Endeavour Dragon was an ancient dragon, it’s power far above that of any others. The High Fenrir Dragon cast him aside after a climactic battle, banishing him to the far reaches of the Dragonverse. But after endeavouring much pain, he has fought his way back to Dragon City, and is more then ready to exact his revenge.

    The Race Name: Heroic Race, The Banishlands (an evil place in the far corner of the Dragonverse, were all evil lurks)

    Prize Dragons
    Lap Three = Transcendence Dragon
    Legendary = Strange Dragon
    Epic = Praetorian Dragon
    Very Rare = Depth Dragon

    I hope you all like the idea! More will be coming soon!!

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  • The Dragonificer

    @_TheSpaceBeing_ AWESOME! Could you try doing The High Celestial Dragon or Baby Yggdrasil. Please. That would be super cool!

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  • The Dragonificer

    I’m not expecting a handout at all. I KNOW Sp has been giving us mini events and ways to earn gems. This is a FREE game that you PAY TO GET OTHER THINGS in. That money is what they probably use to keep the game running and for payment (along with other things I probably don’t know about). I realize that we shouldn’t expect a reward from the of any sort, because like I said earlier, They DO support us. Don’t support them by paying if your expecting a reward.

    Again, I wish everyone stay safe.

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  • The Dragonificer

    Some players I know that also plays dragon city recently got the Nyami dragon prize. I congratulated them, but I unfortunately only have gotten to the second golden column.

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  • The Dragonificer

    I play a little monster legends, but mostly Dragon City. I agree with this statement. mostly. I understand wanting a reward for giving money to support SP, I do too. But I don’t expect a ginormous reward and social point DOES appreciate its players. I do not know if this happened for monster legends, but did they ever put out a stay safe quest/challenge or anything like they did for Dragon City? Even something like 10 gems and a Stay Safe message is enough for me. A little goes a long way.

    I wish everyone who plays any social point games to Stay Safe.

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  • The Dragonificer

    Ok thank you everyone. Either my game glitches ALOT (this isn’t the first time strange a thing has happened) or my eyes just deceived me, and the photo did too.

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  • The Dragonificer

    I know that’s what your probably thinking, but it showed the 100 pinwheel sign BELOW the box with the reward, right? The 100 was under the gems but in the box.

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  • The Dragonificer

    Good job! Also, try merging Greek Gods into just Gods (theirs lots of dragons that would fit that, like the god event going on now even!)

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