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    It's sweater weather time on this side of the Planet and November is about to start! ๐Ÿ‚ ๐Ÿ„

    Let's check out together the events we are going to release this month!

    24 Oct - 4 Nov: Halloween Event (Heroic Race)

    4 Nov - 7 Nov: Cultural Historical (Grid Island)

    7 Nov - 14 Nov: Runner Island

    14 Nov - 25 Nov: Knights & Paladins (Maze Island)

    14 Nov - 26 Nov: Dragon Rescue

    16 Nov - 23 Nov: Knight Puzzle Island

    25 Nov - 28 Nov: Neon (Tower Island)

    28 Nov - 9 Dec: Robot Heroic Race

    Starting on Monday the 4th and during the next two weeks, we will also be running a very special Community Challenge: the "Design a Dragon Challenge"! More info to come soon...very soon! โœ ๐ŸŽจ

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    NOTE: Other languages available! Check the in-game FAQ's for more information in your language.
    Chinese (Simplified); / Chinese (Traditional) / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish /Turkish

    Dear Community,

    The spookiest night of the year is fast approaching and the High Diabolical Dragon has been concocting ways to take control over Dragon City. During one of his attempts, he created a virus, accidentally infecting himself in the process... The virus is now spreading and has already turned some of our most-loved dragons into powerful zombies! Your task is to get this under control before itโ€™s too late.

    Dragon Masters, collect Antidote Drops to prevent the virus from spreading further!

    Halloween Event Overview:

    From October 24th to November 4th, collect as many Antidote Drops as you can to prevent your dragons from transforming into zombies.

    You can collect Antidote Drops by watching Video Ads, completing Quests in the Halloween Heroic Race, and playing the Zombie Maze Island.

    The more Antidote Drops you collect, the more rewards you earn! (see below for more details)

    Antidote Drops & Rewards
    3,500 > 100k Food
    8,500 > x10 Gems
    15,000 > Necromancer Dragon
    22,000 > x8 Epic Trade Essences; x6 Legendary Trade Essences
    30,000 > x150 Primal Tokens; x150 Legend Tokens; x150 Pure Tokens
    40,000> 4M Food
    50,000 > Zombie Star Dragon - Empowered 1

    And thatโ€™s not all, some special Halloween related rewards await you...

    High Diabolical Dragon: you can find him in the Halloween Heroic Race

    Zombie Terra Dragon: Roaming the Zombie Maze Island

    Zombie Nature Dragon: Causing chaos in the Zombie Maze Island

    Zombie Star Dragon: Get this creature in the Antidote Drops Collection

    Zombie Flame Dragon: Watch Video Ads to collect and tame it

    Halloween Themed Dark Habitat: Get it in the Heroic Race as a reward for Lap 3

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