• Thibault Coquelet


    Yesterday night I finish lap 15 on heroic course but I didn't received my reward : heroic dragon. As you can see on print screen award are checked but it's not in my inventory, it's not in my eggs and not my dragon book

    3_1567079721384_69517920_2706804309352065_8524373264846290944_n.jpg 2_1567079721384_69451390_2348551558727896_8949315065664765952_n.jpg 1_1567079721384_69869804_482746202560533_4280782234497056768_n.jpg 0_1567079721383_70214855_413739899275130_791557799728381952_n.jpg

    Can you tell if it's only bug for me or for all people ? And how can have it ?


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