• Tho Schro


    Thank you for your help. 🙂

    I'm going to post some screenshots from my cell vault so you can see which cells I can give you in exchange for Yimburbur cells. (Currently I have 37 Yimburbur cells so it probably takes time to trade. But I would need at least 80 to craft him but my team members are still giving me their cells)

    I have another question: How many screenshots can I post? I don't want to spam so I'm trying to upload only the screenshots where you can see all the monsters from which I have at least 30 cells.

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  • Tho Schro

    Will it be possible that there is a cell week somewhere in the future where we can buy cells from the survival dungeon monsters (for example Mishka, Clipeum or Yimburbur)?

    The costs could be the same as for the normal packs of 10 cells during cell week.

    In my opinion it could show up every 2 months and then with daily rotations (similar to the the top monster cell week where the rotation lasts 24 hours)

    Edit: The costs could be the same as for the regular cell weeks, as seen here:
    alt text

    I'm looking forward to see comments about this idea. 🙂

    edit if you use my spreadsheet better show it proper 😉

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  • Tho Schro

    I already asked this in another ML community but is it possible that some people join my team (team fun run) to trade cells with me?

    I can give you any cell that I have in exchange for Yimburbur cells.

    Thank you 😉

    (Since I am new here, could somebody reply how I post screenshots here? I would like to show the cells that I have. Thank you in advance.)

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