• Tiago Pereira

    Hello everyone,
    It's my first time posting anything here and I come with a suggestion I think would improve the game, make the player base more active and excited about playing.
    Right now we can only use our own monsters against the AI using a team someone assembled, except in friendly battles (which isn't that exciting).
    My idea, which I've already posted on the official Discord is a real time PvP with our own monsters. It would have different monster restrictions every week, by book, by element, by rarity even. This way EVERY Monster would be useful somehow. Every week there would be a different goal with different rewards such as Monster cells, Elementium, elemental cells, decorations, etc. which we would obtain by winning a total of 20 battles or winning a certain number of battles in a row. Simply make it worth the player's time. Don't make the player pay for entry, make the battles consume PvP Stamina or other kind of "Energy". Making "pay for entry" with gems would be pointless, the player is supposed to have fun using his monsters and not worrying about spending his gems here or there.
    As of ways for fairer Battles it would be needed to use some kind of "match making", a simple Monster Power based or Win/Loss ratio based system would work.
    Please consider Social Point, the player base would be grateful.

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