• Tri Tak

    New Elements

    • Angel element strong against Demon element

    • Demon element strong against Elf element

    • Elf element strong against Celestial element

    • Celestial element strong against Angel element
      New Rarity (Category 12 Mythical Rarity)

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  • Tri Tak

    • High Jumar Dragon Heroic Race: Rock Climbing
      (Terra, Metal, Nature, Fire).
    • High Navigator Dragon Heroic Race: Mountaineering
      (Nature, Legend, Sea, ice).
    • High Oar Dragon Heroic Race: Rafting
      (Sea, Pure, War, Terra).
    • High Aquifer Dragon Heroic Race: Caving
      (Pure, Dark, Terra, Primal).
    • High Fin Dragon Heroic Race: Scuba Diving
      (Ice, Legend, Dark, Sea).
    • High Buoyancy Dragon Heroic Race: Snorkeling
      (Sea, Light, Nature, Electric).
    • High Altimeter Dragon Heroic Race: Sky Diving
      (Light, Dark, Electric, War).
    • High Canoe Dragon Heroic Race: Kayaking
      (Fire, Metal, Sea, Primal).

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  • Tri Tak

    There are too many epic and legendary dragons in dragon city. Adding some common dragon will be a good idea

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  • Tri Tak

    It will be nice if there are Heroic Skin Events that give dragonmasters new and awesome skin for their heroic dragon

    • Blue Ice Fenrir
    • Plasma Nucleus
    • Dark Tension
    • Hard Rock Guardian
    • Black Magic Priest
    • Prehistpric Tidal
    • Shiny Comet
    • Golden Realm
    • Rainforest Entity
    • Bone Supremacy
    • Predator Spirit
    • Champion Fighter
    • Dark Star
    • Medieval Queen
    • Diamond Purity
    • Oil Barrel Octane
    • Galactic Tech
    • Werewolf Snow

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  • Tri Tak

    In this events, Dragonmasters can draw their own dragon and publish their drawing to Dragon City, then Dragon City will choose the winner.

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  • Tri Tak

    Social points should add more common and rare rarity to Dragon City because there are too many dragons that have legendary and epic rarity. Adding new permanent breedable common and rare dragon is not a bad idea

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  • Tri Tak

    The winter is come to an end. All of the dragons are ready to welcoming the spring by planting crops. But the only problem is the ice can not melt, the weather is still cold. The heroes of the winter can't stabilize their power. You must summon four fairy dragon in order to moderate the power of heroes of the winter.

    There are 4 dragons to be collected

    • Lithos Dragon (Epic) (Terra, Flame, Electric, Dark).
      Fairy dragon who can run fast and can stabilize soil condition.
    • Hidros Dragon (Epic) (Sea, Ice, Metal, Pure).
      Fairy dragon who can swim and dive. She can manage water circulation on the dragon city.
    • Bios Dragon (Legendary) (Nature, Dark, Light, Pure).
      Fairy dragon who can heal and grow crops.
    • Atmos Dragon (Legendary) (Metal, Water, Flame, Legend)
      Fairy dragon who controling the weather.
    • Photos Dragon (Legendary) (Light, War, Electric, Legend).
      The fastest fairy dragon who manage light intensity.

    There is a brand new collection Spring is Calling that give you Legendary Dwarf Dragon

    There will be 2 island event where you can get the fairy dragons orbs.

    AAAAANDD to end the story, there will be a brand new Heroic Race: Song of Spring with the brand new High Chromos Dragon (Fire, Nature, Light, Primal).
    A little heroic flaming fairy dragon with 8 wings ready to release her power.

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  • Tri Tak

    In this story you must collect some dragons through different event islands to rescue and save 5 Mega Heroic Dragons who lost in time. Their power can safe Dragon City from an anomaly caused by a mysterious dragon.

    • Electro Dimension (8 days fog island)
      In this dimension island, you can obtain Kirchoff Dragon, Ohm Dragon and 5 pieces of Portal Lightning to summon High Megaampere.

    • Magnetic Dimension (8 days labyrinth island)
      In this dimension island, you can obtain Rust Dragon, Steel Dragon and 5 pieces of Portal Plate to summon High Megaton Dragon.

    • Olympus Dimension (8 days Grid Island)
      In this dimension island, you can obtain Ruin Dragon, Artefact Dragon and 5 pieces of Portal Wave to summon High Megafragment Dragon.

    • Titan Dimension (8 days Fog Island)
      In this dimension island, you can obtain Farenheit Dragon, Celcius Dragon and 5 pieces of Portal Cloud Decoration to summon High Megathermal Dragon.

    • Rock Dimension (8 days labyrinth island)
      In this dimension island, you can obtain Sediment Dragon, Igneous Dragon and 5 pieces of Portal Stone to summon High Megasophagus Dragon.

    • Heroic Race: Space Dimension (11 days)
      You can get Heroic Temple Decoration that have a special aura. If you are on the first position you can claim all of 6 Mega Heroic Dragon and you can Recall their duplicate to Empower them. But if you are not on the position you are not able to claim them.

    Important: There are 5 Heroic Dragon with special skill and special additional auras to collected and once you collected all of these dragons you can complete a Brand New Collection Mega Heroic Collection.

    High Megaampere Dragon (Happy, Electric, Light, War) (Happy Special Skill: Can avoid enemy's attack 2 times).
    High Megaton Dragon (Dream, Metal, Electric, Dark) (Dream Special Skill: Can increase team attack to 300% damage ).
    High Megafragment Dragon (Beauty, Ice, Water, Pure) (Beauty Special Skill: Can revive a team member with 35% health).
    High Megathermal Dragon (Chaos, Fire, War, Primal) (Chaos Special Skill: Sacrifice 10% health and deal critical damage 2 times in a row).
    High Megasophagus Dragon (Magic, Terra, Nature, Legend) (Magic Special Skill: Can block or reduce enemy's attack and damage).

    Collection Reward High Megagnathous Dragon (Soul, Primal, Legend, Pure) (Soul Special Skill: Can copy enemy's stronger attack).

    After you collect all the Mega Heroic Dragon, you can unlock the special event extension on the next month : A Heroic Race: Time Dimension and by using your Mega Heroic Dragon you can defeat and obtain a brand new Heroic Dragon with special skill and unique additional auras High Centenario Dragon ( Dark, Primal, Pure, Light).

    Info: There will be an event that allow you to empower your new heroic dragon to stage 2

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  • Tri Tak

    Kingdom of Elements

    There are 8 Legendary Dragons to collect through 8 different island and each island have 5 dragons to collect.

    Kingdom of Terra (7 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Digger Dragon (Happy, Terra, Electric, Dark)

    Land of Fire (7 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Burner Dragon (Chaos, Fire, War, Nature)

    Queen of Sea (8 days) Reverse Tower Island
    Get (L) Sparger Dragon (Beauty, Sea, Metal, Ice)

    Tree of Nature (8 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Logger Dragon (Magic, Nature, War, Light)

    Spark of Lightning (6 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Electrocuter Dragon (Happy, Electric, Light, Ice)

    Ice of Mountain (6 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Freezer Dragon (Soul, Ice, Terra, Water)

    Light of Heaven (10 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Igniter (Chaos, Light, Fire, Electric)

    Scary of Death (10 days) Tower Island
    Get (L) Dimmer Dragon (Soul, Dark, Metal, Nature)

    Heroic Race Kingdom of Elements
    Get (H) High Elemental Dragon (Magic, Pure, Legend, Primal)

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  • Tri Tak

    Astral Element
    Strong against Astral Element
    Weak against Ancient Element
    Ancient element weak against Astral Element

    Astral Habitats unlocked at level 50

    Astral Dragon only can be obtained from Adventure Mode, these dragons cannot be obtained from orbs

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