• Tyroz

    Hi, Monster Masters!

    With the start of Team Wars Season 1 on February 11th, we will finally introduce per-League restrictions into Team Wars!

    We will structure restrictions in the following way:

    • Beginner and Bronze Leagues
      No restrictions

    • Silver League
      Element-only (E,E,E)
      No duplicated Elements

    • Gold League
      Element-only + Elements and Books (E,E,E / E,E,B)
      All Books except Exclusive and Team Wars
      No duplicated Elements

    • Champion League
      Element-only + Elements and Books (E,E,E / E,E,B / E,B,B)
      All Books except Exclusive
      No duplicated Elements or Books

    • Legendary League
      Elements and Books + Book-only (E,E,B / E,B,B / B,B,B)
      All Books
      No duplicated Elements or Books

    Observer Swap

    We’ve listened to your feedback regarding the recent changes to the Observer Mode and the ability for Leads to swap in/out players during the Preparation Phase.
    We’ve applied the following changes:

    • If players join a Team after a War has started, they will not be available to be swapped during the active War
    • If a player is already part of a team when the War starts but he/she is in cooldown, he/she will not be available to be swapped during the active War

    We hope these changes will make for a better experience in Team Wars.

    Thank you,
    The Monster Legends Team

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  • Tyroz

    Meet the Special Warmaster, Ragnarok!

    0_1547822657837_Warmaster Ragnarok - Monster Sheet.pdf.png

    0_1547822686745_Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 15.44.35.png

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  • Tyroz

    Hi, Monster Masters!

    We’re about to add some changes to the Team Wars and Leagues systems:


    Seasons are ready to roll out!

    After the end of the Beta Season, players will fight in Wars during two-month (60 days) Seasons in order to reach the highest possible amount of Trophies.

    At the end of each Season, players will get Season Rewards, based on their Team’s League.

    WARNING: In order to receive the Season Rewards, players must reach certain goals. During each Season, players need to participate (i.e. do at least one attack) in at least 10 Wars with the Team that they end the Season with. If players leave a team, the counter will be reset and they will need to participate in 10 more Wars with their new team.

    At the end of every Season, there will be a period of 3 days known as the “Off-Season” period. The Off-Season will be used to let all the Wars that started in the previous Season finish, so that the final score of the Season is correctly calculated.

    NOTE: During the Off-Season, teams won’t be able to earn Trophies when playing Team Wars, but they will still earn War Coins and War Medals.

    The current Beta Season is scheduled to finish on February 1st at 12pm CEST and the first War Season (Season 1) will begin on February 4th at 12pm CEST. At the end of the Beta Season, everyone will get Season Rewards.


    At the end of each Season, Teams that have more than 5500 Trophies will have their Trophies reset.

    The amount of Trophies above 5500 (up to 10000) will be reduced by 70%, which means that, for example, a Team that ends a Season with 8000 Trophies will be reset to 6250 Trophies on the next Season.

    NOTE: Teams that reach a Trophy amount higher than 10000 Trophies will be reset as if they had 10000 Trophies.

    This will allow us to condense the top of the ladder, but without equalizing the amount of Trophies of every team (which would result in very low-quality matches at the start of every Season).


    This one has been a long time coming!

    Team Leads will now be able to swap the players that are in Observer Mode, allowing them to join a War. Leads will also be able to put themselves in Observer Mode, if they choose to give their spot to another player.

    0_1547805189283_Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 10.52.48.png

    NOTE: Players that are on Observer Mode due to changing teams will not be able to be placed in a War until their cooldown period ends.

    We hope you enjoy these new additions to the Team Wars. We are constantly listening to your feedback and will keep working to improve the Team Wars experience.

    The Monster Legends Team

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  • Tyroz

    Hello everyone.

    We received an incredible amount of feedback about the last Race, the Winter Citadel Team Race, which included Shademoon as the top reward.
    Since this Race was special, duration wise, we wanted to make sure it was fun, but challenging, with the great reward of a Rank 5 Monster at the end with. However, it didn't turn out as expected and the Race was more challenging than intended.

    We assure you that we carefully read and gathered all your comments and opinions and we understand the frustration that this last Race caused. For this reason, we would like to address some of the main pain points that you brought to our attention.

    Monster Information

    We know how important it is to have as much information as possible about the Monsters we release.
    For that end, we are thinking about new ways to show stats, traits and skills directly inside the game, even before the event starts.
    This might take some time to be implemented in-game. In the meantime we commit to show reliable and detailed information about Race’s Monsters through our social channels (Update Section, Forum, Discord, Facebook).

    Quest Progression

    We’ve learnt from previous race’s experience and we will do our best to release a smoother and less frustrating quest/node progression for all our future Races!

    We thank you for your patience and understanding and hope to see your feedback on all our social channels.

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  • Tyroz

    Hello, Monster Masters!

    Below you can see the list of Restrictions for the next Battleground:

    alt text


    0_1547048326587_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 17.47.05.png

    0_1547048342855_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 17.47.24.png

    0_1547048351111_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 17.47.34.png

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  • Tyroz

    Hi everyone!

    We have just pushed live some much-requested updates to the Team Wars matchmaking system.

    From now on, teams with a smaller number of players will be able to find matches more easily, as we are allowing teams to look for enemy teams that have more OR less players (previously, we only allowed teams to look for enemy teams that had the same amount of players or less). We have also increased the maximum difference between the player count of both teams.

    This will increase the amount of eligible opponents for each team, which will result in faster matches. However, it’s worth noting that the lower the number of players in a team, the lower the probability of finding an opponent.

    As always, we will keep monitoring the matchmaking data and will regularly update the configuration, to make sure that we deliver the best experience across the board.

    Thank you for your patience and for all the feedback provided so far!

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  • Tyroz

    We would like to announce to the community that on Thursday 20th of December we will anticipate Xmas and the festivities celebration in Monster Legends 😄

    From that day, if you have the LATEST GAME VERSION, you will be able to change the Skills of your Monsters in the training center for FREE!
    This is a permanent change, we repeat, PERMANENT change!

    So, go crazy and test all of your weird skills combinations you never dared to try.

    🎄 Happy festivities to you all from the Monster Legends Team. 🎄

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  • Tyroz

    Hello everyone!

    Please use this as a feedback thread, you can read the communication HERE.

    Thanks for participating in this discussion!

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  • Tyroz

    Hello Monster Masters!

    Wall of text incoming! 😉

    We’ve been having some internal discussions on how to improve our Leagues system, as well as the Team Wars matchmaking.

    So far, we’ve identified the following issues:

    1. Due to differences in matchmaking time, we cannot guarantee that all Teams will have the same number of Wars in a season, even if they are all extremely active.
    2. Due to the unpredictability of matchmaking (along with other variables), we also cannot guarantee that teams will have close matches all the time, which results in different amounts of Trophies gained throughout the Season for Teams that are very close.
    3. Due to the gradual decrease of volume in top teams, the matchmaking time will increase throughout the season, leading to less Wars per Season.

    We have been discussing potential solutions to the issue - most of them inspired by the discussions you’ve been having on Discord.
    1⃣ Solution #1 - Manual Wars with Matchmaking Improvements
    As we’ve done in the past few days, we would continue tweaking the matchmaking parameters to ensure higher quality matches, as well as improve the system to prevent matchmaking cancellations and resets. This would not solve all our issues, but would help mitigate and minimize them.

    2⃣ Solution #2 - Scheduled Wars
    This solution implies making a schedule for Team Wars, which means that Wars will happen (roughly) every 2 days for everyone, with a small interval between each War (to allow teams to rest). Players would be able to opt-out of the next War, giving teams the option to “rest”. This would have many positive impacts: we would have every single team in the matchmaking pool at the same time (higher density), we could tweak the matchmaking system to be more similar to the Team Battlegrounds (which would allow us to guarantee closer and fairer match-ups) and we could guarantee the same number of Wars per season for every team in the game.

    So far, we’re focusing on these two approaches, but we want your opinions and input to help us choose between both solutions or to determine if there’s some middle-ground that we can achieve between both of them.

    Please, let us know what you think, which of the two solutions you prefer and if you have other ideas on how to solve the above-mentioned issues.

    Post your feedback in this topic -----> HERE!


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  • Tyroz

    Hello Monster Masters!

    We would like to share with you some of the latest changes we will introduce with the next Team Battleground.

    Restrictions by League

    From now on, the rewards and restriction tiers of Team Battlegrounds will be based on the Teams’ Leagues instead of Team Score ranges.
    There will be 4 tiers in total, related to the Legendary, Champion, Gold and Silver Leagues. The Bronze and Beginner Leagues will not be eligible to participate in the event.

    New Rewards System

    From the next Battleground, the previous rewards will be exchanged with War Medals.
    This means that you can obtain this precious currency not only in Team Wars but also in the Team Battleground!
    In addition to that, the amount of Medals you might get in the Battleground is comparable to the amount you get performing multiple Wars!
    War Medals can be used in the Team Shop to get exclusive content!

    Rewards are different based on your current Team Score and milestone your team reaches during the event. The higher your Team Score and milestone is, the better rewards you get ( explained in the tables below).

    2_1543579626543_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.37.40.png 1_1543579626542_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.37.26.png 0_1543579626539_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.37.04.png

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