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    Hello everyone!

    Please use this as a feedback thread, you can read the communication HERE.

    Thanks for participating in this discussion!

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    Hello Monster Masters!

    Wall of text incoming! 😉

    We’ve been having some internal discussions on how to improve our Leagues system, as well as the Team Wars matchmaking.

    So far, we’ve identified the following issues:

    1. Due to differences in matchmaking time, we cannot guarantee that all Teams will have the same number of Wars in a season, even if they are all extremely active.
    2. Due to the unpredictability of matchmaking (along with other variables), we also cannot guarantee that teams will have close matches all the time, which results in different amounts of Trophies gained throughout the Season for Teams that are very close.
    3. Due to the gradual decrease of volume in top teams, the matchmaking time will increase throughout the season, leading to less Wars per Season.

    We have been discussing potential solutions to the issue - most of them inspired by the discussions you’ve been having on Discord.
    1⃣ Solution #1 - Manual Wars with Matchmaking Improvements
    As we’ve done in the past few days, we would continue tweaking the matchmaking parameters to ensure higher quality matches, as well as improve the system to prevent matchmaking cancellations and resets. This would not solve all our issues, but would help mitigate and minimize them.

    2⃣ Solution #2 - Scheduled Wars
    This solution implies making a schedule for Team Wars, which means that Wars will happen (roughly) every 2 days for everyone, with a small interval between each War (to allow teams to rest). Players would be able to opt-out of the next War, giving teams the option to “rest”. This would have many positive impacts: we would have every single team in the matchmaking pool at the same time (higher density), we could tweak the matchmaking system to be more similar to the Team Battlegrounds (which would allow us to guarantee closer and fairer match-ups) and we could guarantee the same number of Wars per season for every team in the game.

    So far, we’re focusing on these two approaches, but we want your opinions and input to help us choose between both solutions or to determine if there’s some middle-ground that we can achieve between both of them.

    Please, let us know what you think, which of the two solutions you prefer and if you have other ideas on how to solve the above-mentioned issues.

    Post your feedback in this topic -----> HERE!


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    Hello Monster Masters!

    We would like to share with you some of the latest changes we will introduce with the next Team Battleground.

    Restrictions by League

    From now on, the rewards and restriction tiers of Team Battlegrounds will be based on the Teams’ Leagues instead of Team Score ranges.
    There will be 4 tiers in total, related to the Legendary, Champion, Gold and Silver Leagues. The Bronze and Beginner Leagues will not be eligible to participate in the event.

    New Rewards System

    From the next Battleground, the previous rewards will be exchanged with War Medals.
    This means that you can obtain this precious currency not only in Team Wars but also in the Team Battleground!
    In addition to that, the amount of Medals you might get in the Battleground is comparable to the amount you get performing multiple Wars!
    War Medals can be used in the Team Shop to get exclusive content!

    Rewards are different based on your current Team Score and milestone your team reaches during the event. The higher your Team Score and milestone is, the better rewards you get ( explained in the tables below).

    2_1543579626543_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.37.40.png 1_1543579626542_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.37.26.png 0_1543579626539_Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.37.04.png

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    As we mentioned on the start of the current Season 37, where we already deployed a first batch of improvements, we would keep on monitoring the evolution of the Multiplayer mode and keep track of all your feedback in order to have the best competitive experience.

    For that reason, we announce you that, starting on 30th November, we’re releasing an additional set of changes to improve your Multiplayer experience:


    Matchmakingprocess has been tweaked to present you with opponents which are closer on their total trophies, and therefore more balanced.

    This was affecting especially players on higher leagues, where the Multiplayer mode was matchmaking them against the very elite, and therefore they couldn’t compete properly.


    We increased the amount of trophies obtained on Attacks, while at the same time decreased the ones lost on failed Defenses.

    This means that now - for all leagues below Legendary 3 - if you win all your attacks but lose most of your defences you’ll still get a positive trophy balance and be able to progress.

    As opposed to the previous balancing, that would either keep you stuck or make you slowly go down on the rankings.

    We hope you enjoy these changes, and we’re looking forward to get your feedback.
    We are committed to keep on monitoring the Seasons and release any further tweak is necessary until you have the best Multiplayer experience!

    We encourage you to send us your ideas and feedback in all our social media platforms.
    Thanks for your participation!

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  • Tyroz

    What I can say is that of course, we are aware that the PvP has several flaws and that we are trying to fix them.
    We are reading your feedback here in the forum and other platforms and some of the ideas proposed are really interesting and we truly think we could integrate some of them in the next iteration of changes.

    What can you expect next?

    In the short term, a batch of minor changes already during this season.

    In the long term, possibly before the next season more radical changes that will also partially involve some of the ideas we read. This system is extremely complex and delicate, it's not easy to apply big changes without risking to disrupt the entire system. For this reason, we want to be careful.

    I'm sorry if these are not a lot of details. We will share with you more when we have more definitive information.

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  • Tyroz

    Hello, Monster Masters!

    We thought it was about time to revamp the Team Wars!

    We know this is one of the most beloved and played features in Monster Legends and we are aware of how important it is to our community. For this reason, we’ve approached it very carefully, trying to improve some key aspects but leaving the core systems untouched.

    Below, you will find a brief summary of the new features that will be added to Team Wars starting in mid-November!

    NEW Additions:

    • War Medals obtainable in Team Battleground
    • Old Shop changes (Cells and Runes)

    Similar to Multiplayer (PvP), we introduced Leagues in Team Wars.

    This means that there is a ranking progression from Bronze to Legendary that is defined by how many Trophies your team obtains in Wars.

    0_1541523838006_Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 16.27.13.png
    Values in the image are not final

    Trophies are a performance indicator that replaces the Team Score.

    As a first measure, when we introduce the new changes, we will convert the current ranking positions to Trophies. This means that the global ranking positions will remain the same, but with a different type of score.

    If you play in the Multiplayer Mode, you are already familiar with the Trophy system. In the case of Team Wars, each battle will grant or remove a certain amount of Trophies depending on if your team wins or loses the war.

    The amount of Trophies that you win or lose after each War also depends on the difference between your team’s and your opponent’s current Trophies.
    Winning against stronger teams will give you more Trophies than winning against weaker teams. Similarly, losing against weaker teams will take away more Trophies than losing against stronger teams.

    0_1541523932790_Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 16.27.35.png

    After each War, the amount of Trophies will be updated instantly affecting the global score and possibly pushing you up or down in the Leagues Ranking.

    0_1541523985508_Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 16.27.46.png
    Values in the image are not final

    Until now, the matchmaking was based on an invisible value that took into account the power of each team’s monsters, adjusted for the current restrictions.

    This was confusing, due to the fact that players didn’t have access to this value and assumed that Monster Power was the main matchmaking parameter.

    It’s also worth noting that the current Monster Power is not an accurate indicator of a team’s actual power and we will address this issue very soon.

    After the release of Trophies, the matchmaking for Team Wars will be based only on each team’s amount of Trophies. Over time, Trophies will become an accurate representation of each team’s performance in Wars and, therefore, they will provide a better-quality matchmaking for Wars.

    War Medals
    A new currency called War Medals will be introduced in parallel to War Coins.

    War Medals will be given to all members of a team after each war, with the winning team getting a bigger amount than the losing one.
    NOTE: War Medals will only be obtained if the team reaches a minimum of War Coins during the War.

    The higher your team is in the Leagues Ranking, the more War Medals it will obtain after each War, so it’s important to climb the Leagues and to stay at the top for as long as possible in order to obtain a larger amount of War Medals to spend on the new Team Shop.

    Together with Team Wars, the Team Battlegrounds will be the other event where you and your team will be able to obtain War Medals!

    New Team Shop
    The Team Shop will be very similar to the old one but it will also have a new section where you can spend your War Medals to obtain exclusive content.

    But don’t worry! All the old content will remain in the shop and you will still be able to get it with your War Coins.

    In this new section, some of the content will be locked to a particular League. In order to be able to purchase it, your team has to be at the requested League or above.

    Some examples of exclusive content you might find in the new section are new powerful Relics and monsters that are ONLY obtainable in this shop!

    You might also notice that some content will require War Medals AND War Coins in order to be purchased.

    Old Shop Changes (Cells and Runes)
    The old shop will receive a change in the form you can purchase some of its content.
    Now you will be able to purchase Generals and the other monsters offered only by Cells.
    The prices are revisited, so now for the same price you used to buy the egg, you will be able to buy 100 Cells (enough to craft an egg).
    This will give you a big advantage if you want to Rank Up your Generals because you will avoid the hatching and feeding process!

    The Runes will be placed in Chests Packs instead of having them individually.
    The chests are divided based on the categories(Speed, Stamina, Strength and Gold) and will grant you an individual or team Rune of minimum level 7 up to level 10!

    Restrictions by League
    Together with all the new points above, an important mechanic will be introduced in the future Wars: different restrictions for each League.

    The War’s Rules will be directly tied to the League your team belongs to. This means that different Leagues will have different types of restrictions, so we won’t have just one type of restriction for all teams anymore!

    Each League will have its own set of rules for restrictions. For example, teams in the top leagues will need to make use of ranked-up monsters in order to fight their Wars, while lower leagues will only require elements and books.

    We think these changes will make Team Wars more rewarding and exciting and we really hope you will have fun with this revamped version!
    We would like to see your feedback and opinions in all our social media channels, so don’t be shy and talk to us!

    See you in the battlefield!

    The Monster Legends Team

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  • Tyroz

    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 7.2.4 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes!


    • Area Evasion in certain cases was not visible or active, this should not happen anymore
    • Zhara's Revive issue should not happen anymore
    • Trait Disable will now affect Zhara normally
    • Survival Dungeon, fixed a behavior that allowed dead enemy Monsters to reappear if node was not completed

    AI Improvements:

    A significant improvement of the Monster AI, which includes an improved decision-making process for many skills and multiple checks aiming to emulate a more human behavior.

    • Monsters will now avoid trying to cast skills against enemies which use Evasion, and
      instead look for trying to remove Evasion from them.

    • Monsters will now avoid casting extra turn skills if there are enemies with Anticipation.

    • Monsters which grant Extra Turns to allies (such as Necromancer or Samael), will now consider which is the ally which will be able to cause the highest damage.

    • Extra Turner Attackers such as Zylah The Faithful will now choose the proper order of skills, aiming to do a long extra turn combo.

    • Accuracies of skills (i.e. skills that have 50% chance...) are now taken in consideration on the calculations.

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  • Tyroz

    @Espeon said in Thalassa's Refund-How does it work?:

    Hello community, I would like to ask a couple of clarifications before requesting for the refund:

    1. About level 10 Rune obteined from Thalassa's blessing: it will be removed together with the cells/monster?
    2. About water-elemental cells and elementium obtained from dungeon's roulette: they will be removed from the storage?
    3. About Thalassa's equipment: example, after Thalassa will be removed, what will happen to the runes (or to the relics) equipped on monster?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello @Espeon.

    I will try to reply point by point:

    1. The reward obtained for the Blessing won't be touched.
    2. The Cell obtained in the roulette won't be touched.
    3. The Runes and Relics equipped will disappear if they are still equipped in the moment of the refund.

    Hope now is more clear.

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  • Tyroz

    Hello Monster Masters,

    Thanks for all of your feedback regarding the recent announcement we released about the Control gameplay changes. We’ve read and carefully considered all of the conversations generated in our social media by this topic -- both positive and negative.

    We understand that the change can disrupt some of the current top strategies. These strategies have dominated the game for a long time, but we truly believe this change will positively impact the overall balance and fairness of combat.


    • In regards to the “Recently…” status; we do not think it is fun when monsters are able to block enemies from playing a battle at all. Some monster teams are able to win without the opponent even being able to take a single action.
      Ultimately, this strategy will still be possible for players that enjoy it. It is still possible to ‘Stun’ a ‘Recently Frozen’ monster by using other skills, but a single control monster won’t be able to stop your team all by itself.
    • Monsters with traits such as “Immune to Freeze” or “Immune to Stun” were very weak when matched against premium monsters (such as Warmaster Thalassa), which had “MEGA” controls that they couldn’t block. Now, all of these monsters have a big boost of the value of their trait, and will have improved chances when fighting against the top controllers of the game.
      Premium monsters are still among the very best of the game, and will be the ones used by the most skilled players to deliver the high level strategies; but other monsters will now have better chances to participate in battle.

    Nevertheless, since we are very aware on how much impact this change will bring to the playstyle of many, we will take the following actions:

    • In order to make it easier for you to adapt to this new style of gameplay, to experiment and find new strategies, starting from the day of the release (8th of October) we will give you all 2 weeks where to unequip runes for 50% of their cost and change skills of your Monsters for Gold instead of Gems.
      This way you will be able to test new skill setups until you’ve found your best team for the new meta.

    We understand that applying this change so shortly after the release of Warmaster Thalassa’s Dungeon is not ideal for the players that made a lot of effort to obtain it. We recognise that these players will be affected by this change due Thalassa’s skillset and we sincerely apologise.

    • For this reason we are offering player’s that have obtained Thalassa or Thalassa Cell the possibility to ask for a refund if they so choose.
      You can request the refund until the 22nd of October. Simply write our Customer Service department and ask for the refund. We will remove the monster, reset the Thalassa dungeon progress and give back all of the Heroic Orbs you spent. This will allow you to spend those orbs on any other Warmaster you want. We will start processing the refund requests after this date.

    Before requesting the refund we encourage you to try her out with the new changes... with her top speed, ability to negate traits and remove good positives (including “Recently Frozen”), you will find Thalassa is still one of the very best control Monsters!

    We thank you for your patience and understanding, and hope to see your feedback and comments on our social channels.

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  • Tyroz

    Hello, Monster Masters!

    We’d like to thank you for participating in the latest round of Team Battlegrounds. We’ve been analyzing everything surrounding the event, from the players feedback that we gathered in the Monster Legends forums, Discord, Facebook and other channels to the data that we collected during the event.

    Right now, we have decided to keep running Team Battlegrounds as a monthly event and we will be opening up the “Preview Phase” earlier so that all players and teams can have enough time to get ready and meet the requirements for the event.

    As of now, no other changes - apart from bug-fixes, stability improvements and balancing changes - are planned for the feature. We will, however, tweak the restrictions and the rewards for each new event, to offer a slightly different experience every time.

    Below you can see the list of Restrictions for the next event:

    0_1538660661426_Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 15.38.36.png


    0_1539005552531_Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 15.30.27.png

    0_1539005563737_Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 15.30.50.png

    0_1539005573624_Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 15.31.07.png

    0_1538663018599_Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 16.22.15.png

    0_1538663026737_Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 16.22.30.png

    EDIT: First 3 tiers slightly changed

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