• Tyroz

    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    You have an incredible chance to free one of the best support monster and obtain him.
    Don't waste time, collect the temple scrolls to cast the magic spell that will reveal where Bo Tai is hidden!

    Collect scrolls between April 23rd - April 27th. You must collect at least 5 Temple Scrolls to be able to enter the event. You can find scrolls in the Dungeons, Restricted Dungeons and Time challenges!

    The Progressive Island event starts on April 27th and finishes on April 30th.


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  • Tyroz

    On Friday 6th of April, we will release a new type of Fraternity Event.

    IMPORTANT - Make sure your game is updated to version 6.3 or above otherwise you won't be able to see the event properly!

    The event will last 3 days and is almost identical to all the previous Fraternity events, the difference will be the pool of rewards.
    For the entire duration of this event, every Gems Package purchased in the shop by a team member will grant Elementium OR Elemental Cells to the entire team.

    After every purchase, there will be a random selection between Elementium and one of the 9 types of Elemental Cells (Light, Dark, Metal, Thunder, Nature, Earth, Magic, Fire and Water).

    The randomly selected reward will be given to the entire team!


    • I buy an 800 gems package -> team has a chance of receiving 18 Elementium OR 25 Thunder Cells
    • teammate buys 1700 gems package -> team has a chance of receiving 35 Elementium OR 50 Water Cells

    Below, you can find out how much Elementium or Elemental cells is obtainable based on the gems package purchased:

    • 25 gems -> 1 elementium or 1 elemental cell (of a random type)
    • 65 gems -> 2 elementium or 3 elemental cells (of a random type)
    • 140 gems -> 3 elementium or 4 elemental cells (of a random type)
    • 300 gems -> 6 elementium or 9 elemental cells (of a random type)
    • 465 gems -> 10 elementium or 15 elemental cells (of a random type)
    • 800 gems -> 18 elementium or 25 elemental cells (of a random type)
    • 1700 gems -> 35 elementium or 50 elemental cells (of a random type)

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  • Tyroz

    Greetings Monster Master!

    With the continuous evolution and progression of Monster Legends and its mechanics, we realised that the Battle Items lost part of their functionality, especially in PvP.

    For this reason and after listening to the community feedback, we decided to modify the Multiplayer Roulette:

    • Battle Items removed
    • More Gold rewards added
    • Bronze Relic Chest rewards added

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  • Tyroz

    These changes were postponed from 08/02/2018 to 12/08/2018.

    Hello Monster Masters,

    Thank you for the constant feedback you send us.
    In few days we are going to apply the following fixes:

    • Fixed Crash after feeding Thunder eagle

    • Fixed Artifacts Being affected By "Debilitating Shadows"

    • Fixed Mountain Trait
      Mountain trait doesn't block Megastun anymore

    • Fixed Evasion Skills
      One turn Evasion doesn't block negative status effects for 3 turns anymore
      Two turns Evasion will correctly evade attacks on turn 2

    • Updated Wildcat Special Skill description
      "Deals very heavy Earth damage and drains 25% life to all enemies."

    • Rebalanced Vitality Banner (Relic)
      Reduced from 3 to 2 uses

    These changes will be live on February 12th.

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  • Tyroz

    Yes they will be credited today! :)

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  • Tyroz

    Hi Vanita.

    Yes it's a visual issue that might happens with the package of 4 or 8 Runes.
    As you did, a simple restart of the App will let you see the correct amount in the storage.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  • Tyroz

    Hello everyone.

    With the version 5.8 we will introduce a change on how the Possession status works in the game.

    At the moment AI monsters affected by Possession would cast a random skill against its allies, making this status very strong against AI.
    But human monsters suffering Possession were able to choose freely which skill to cast, so they could "avoid" the Possession by casting recharge Stamina or harmless skills. This doesn't seem something a real possessed Monster would do!

    With the change that we are going to introduce, the behavior of human monsters affected by Possession will be exactly the same as the AI monsters. This means that they will choose the skill and target randomly (check below for more details about target selection).
    This will make monsters that use Possession more valuable when using them on PvP and Team Wars defense, and may grant an additional value to the monsters that are Immune to Possession.

    Below some detailed explanations about the target and skill selection:

    • Possessed Monster will choose randomly one of the available options
      -If a skill is not available (cooldown or not enough stamina) skill won't be taken into account for the random pick
      -If in the possessed turn, Special skill is available, the skill will be taken into account in the random pick

    Normally, a possessed monster will choose between any attack + recharge (1 of 5 available options)

    • The random skill will target the "opposite" target
      -If originally the skill targets enemies, it will hit allies. If target allies, it will hit enemies.
      -If a skill target the caster, the target won't change (will work normally)

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  • Tyroz

    @ss13 said in Report bugged skills here:

    So, we have the all Rare wars which is supposed to include a 30% reduction in breeding & hatching times, but it hasn't been activated.
    Since the last update, I'm only able to donate once every 24 hours & my cool down resets at 3am (GMT+1).
    Edited to include screenshot. @Carlos , please take a look. @Haka-Taka

    I'm sorry for the confusion.
    Unfortunately the discount can't be activated for a technical issue, we will try to remove the sentence as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the report!

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  • Tyroz

    Is somebody else experience the same issue could you please report it immediately after in this post and/or to the Customer Service?

    If you report it here please type your in game Nickname or private message me with your User Id.

    It would be really appreciated.
    We need more data about this behaviour and is extremely important to check your attack/defence log shortly after the "weird" revenge happened.

    Thanks for the collaboration!

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  • Tyroz



    Which game version do you have?
    Can you please write a ticket to the Customer Service if you haven't yet?

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