• Ulici Sandu

    This ideea is for low lvl players who are not really lucky to get Heroic Dragons or Legendary.My ideea is Daily Heroic Quests. For example : Next Month,for all month(30-31 days),every day 2 pieces for High Fenir Dragon. Tasks are for example : Colect gold from 30 habitats,feed 20 dragons,win 6 league batles,win 8 Arena Batles,breed 7 dragons,hatch 9 eggs.Every month new Heroic pieces. If we do 30 % for daily task we get 1 M gold/food; if we do 70 % for daily task we get 10 pieces for a random not breedable legendary and if we complete the daily task we get that Heroic pieces/orbs.Also in future will be nice to be possible to request orbs in team chat for all type of dragons except Heroics.For Heroic orbs you need to wait the weekend. For 2 days every weekend heroic requests are aviable. You can get from team 8 orbs max every day in that 2 days.
    The ideea maybe look complicated but is not. In this way we give a + for this great game.

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  • Ulici Sandu

    I know already exist Dungeons but...why not exist Progressive Rune Weekend Chalange? Is like progressive islands but for runes.We all know is hard for low level players to get runes lvl 5 + . We can buy from Team Shop runes but only Team Runes. My ideea is to create every week in weekend for 3 days this events. There will be for example : This weekend Speed runes. For lvl 5 rune (15 gold/12 feed/2 breed); lvl 6 rune (25 gold/15 feed/3 breed/2 hatch); lvl 7 rune(35 gold/25 feed/4 batles-1 hour wait for new batle/5 breed/5 hatch). And become hard for lvl 8,9,10 runes. In this way a lot more players will be active and competition will become equal kind off. Is possible also this events to be for 5 days and be in the same time when are Maze events. Anyway to get maze coins we colect gold,feed,breed and hatch.So...will can be a double event,kind off. In my opinion this will be a big update.

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  • Ulici Sandu

    Im ok how Team Races are now in the game but i have few sugestions :
    1.If a team get to lap 30 even is not in 1 place to get the prize monster,not ranked up :)

    1. Now we have : At lap 8 that monster 1 star rank up,at lap 10 two stars and at lap 14 we have 3 stars rank up for winner. Why not put : At lap 20 to be 4 stars rank up and at lap 26 get max rank up that monster :) For the winner of course :)
      3.If a team for example is in 4-6 position but have 8,10 or 14 laps to get that prize ranked up with the corect number of stars :)
      Thanks for read my ideeas :) Have a nice day all :)

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  • Ulici Sandu

    Join in Warriors of Down if you want to meet friendly people :) We are strong in wars and in races we can manage situations :) Must be lvl 40+ and loyal :) Donate cells and have fun :) Will grow and become strong in time just if we have quality members ;)

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  • Ulici Sandu

    I not have something against team races even i prefer Progression Islands more :) But here is my ideea about Team Races :) Prizes are good and all is ok :) Some tasks are exagerate but...is a event created for use gems :) But here is a big problem :) First prize :) I wish to be like in Dragon City :) Lets say Lap 20 not 15 but...if you get Lap 20 to be able to get the First Prize of course not ranked up :) In this way will win more people and teams will be more unite :)
    Is just my opinion ;)

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  • Ulici Sandu

    My team is called "Legion Of Darkness&Dark Magic" :) This is a fresh new team :) I wish to build a strong friendly team :)

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  • Ulici Sandu

    Sory for wrong place post :( I selected "Ideea Generator" for DC and...

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  • Ulici Sandu

    For the next year 2018 shoud be more new permanent dragons to breed. In the book are a lot of dragons are cool but not aviable to get easy. Not all players have a lot of gems.
    So...here are few of my dragons that shoud be aviable to breed :



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  • Ulici Sandu

    I really enjoy this game. Even im not too strong this game is relaxing. Today i will say another few ideeas for making game better(my opinion):
    1.Events when rune slots are more cheap need to be 1 day in 2 weeks allways. If this will be more often players will can unlock more easy rune slots for having more powerful monsters.
    2.In Team Shop shoud be permanent offerts like :
    For 1000 war coins =50 gems :)
    For 1500 war coins = 70 gems :)
    For 2000 war coins = 100 gems :)
    Also every month for each element shoud be put a old legendary. For war coins of course. In this way more players will sure be active and this cool game will rise even high :)

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  • Ulici Sandu

    In the past i tryed to post photos with my draw new monster but failed so today i will come just with a ideea :)
    Because this types of progressive islands are my favorite i have also a ideea :) The new "Spirits From The Sea"island.In this progressive island will have cool revards.

    First prize : Cthulhu(Epic)
    24 feed/3 breed/30 colect gold
    -This epic is part of a breeding combo for a legendary so a lot of players im sure want him in hatchery :)

    Second Prize : 30 cells Cavernfish--- 2 hatch

    3rd Prize : Nidaria ( Legendary)

    • 40 colect gold/7 hatch/9 breeds/25 feeds

    4rd Prize : Captain Copperbeard(Legendary).... 50 gold/30 feeds/12 breeds/15 hatches
    5rd Prize : Commander Alvid(Legendary)
    -70 gold/35 feed/12 breed/13 hatch
    Big Prize : Learnean(Legendary)
    80 gold/40 feed/20 breed/22 hatch

    This event will have 14 days :)

    What you all think about this ideea?

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