• Vicki Cox-Wild

    Have played dragon city for years & noticed you becoming more money centered. I played last heroic race using all my time and strategy to be ahead by 3 laps 2 hrs before race ended n dared to go to sleep thinking I won. But alas, someone spent a wad of money to BUY their way into winning! How is buying your way into 1st a race? Here is an idea, have a race where no gems/no cash can be used. Players would have to use strategy to win...just like a real race. Players who buy the win are cowards who have not taken the time to learn the strategy of the game. No the site would not rake in all the cash but they could have another race to see who could outspend who. How about that idea?

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  • Vicki Cox-Wild

    Sell a Dragon and lost master points

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