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    @captainmarvel said in Breeding Event Island Just Isn't Worth the Hassle:

    This simply illustrates compulsion loops created by dopamine hits. We get dopamine hits when we are β€œrewarded” - daily gems, task completion, level-ups, etc. We feel control over these things in the game, even if we don’t control them in real life (jobs, school, relationships). Predictable rewards keep us playing (read: daily players) because we get that dopamine hit.

    Variable rewards make us addicted. We just know that we will get that VIP dragon on the next try! Those dopamine hits are even better! Besides, we might get that SUPER-cool dragon!

    The flip side of those variable rewards comes from the lack of control over them. We enjoy the game, at least partially, because we have control over the events. When we lose that control, we often play harder - or employ other tools, such as gems or money - to get that reward.

    This effect has been found to be incredibly strong in teenagers, who NEED to get the highest reward in order to activate that area of the brain. The failure to reach the highest reward can actually result in depression.

    Ultimately, it is buyer beware, because smart game designers employ behavioral psychology.

    Really great articles and books on this.

    Wow that's a scientific approach πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    I got big hat yesterday. Already have him

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    @nynaevelan said in Breeding Event Island Just Isn't Worth the Hassle:

    @nathan-r so why do you keep using it and more importantly keep throwing hundreds or thousands of gems at it? If you rates are that low then keep your gems, it would be cheaper and guaranteed to wait to buy it on sale or get it in a event. Yes I am sure these are geared to lure people to spend but ultimately if you keep walking into the trap knowing it is a trap then you have yourself to blame not them. This is a company trying to make money, it is their job to do what is best for them. Each individual gamer has a job to do what is best for them, for minors then it is the responsibility of their parent/guardian to ensure they are not buying where they shouldn't be. Yes the rates are random, with some being easier to accomplish than others but based on my experience I use my experience to judge my rates of success and how much I am willing to spend to keep trying. Your one experience does not offset the experience of others.

    This reads to me just as one person's rant. As such you need to reevaluate your budgets and stop walking into the trap.

    So the breeding events are a trap??!!πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜²πŸ˜²

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    I miss the old dragon city that had comfortable events and good dragon designs. I remember the time when the 4(or maybe 5) legendary dragons were the best and they could be bred like @Arranos said and yeah I remember the old pure dragon. I bred 3 of the legendaries for Making them as a team before leaving the game for a long time, now I regret it though. My friends had a lot of those legendary habitats and those dragons for farming gold and if I had done the same I would have been soo rich πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Remember the poo dragon, the first breedable 3 element dragon( maybe the first 3 element dragon ,I don't remember). I was soo hyped when I bred the poo and those legendaries. And I remember those special habitats we could get from the events, sadly I could only get one. I remember the Deus vault and those dragons we could get from them, I don't know why they closed it down. Also we used to build all those crystals (that increase gold income) to level up!! And the dragon market....... Wishing sooooo badly that I would have used it properly, could have made many lvl 70 dragons right now...... I wouldn't have been a newbie now.....well hoping better things come in DC cause I'm not gonna leave this game again no matter how difficult it gets.

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    We get the heroic orbs only in the hard path!!!!!
    What is this sp???????

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    @nynaevelan said in Dragon Rescue Tips and Discusions:

    @random_s said in Dragon Rescue Tips and Discusions:

    I guess this one won’t be for me as I will only have 4 with high relentless. And I will need to use gems to free my high positivity from empowering and gems to hatch high relentless in time.

    Don't count yourself out yet, we still do not know the requirements.

    Yeah I really hope we weak players can Atleast complete this time after not even being able to participate last time. I only have 4 heroics and all are only lvl 30. I'm still guessing it's going to be the hard path and requirements will be crazy. Next heroic I'm going full on. If this event turns out to be like last time then im going to be really really pissed because for the last few weeks we f2p can't even do the normal events without spending.

    I will comment more once they come out with more information.

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    @amogh-sai said in Dragon Rescue Tips and Discusions:

    Another rescue but with heroic dragons ☺
    After the current race, I'll be having 12/ 13 heroic dragons

    Hoping that it won't be hard path because I have no chance at hard path. A medium path would be best.

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    @amogh-sai said in Who Are Your Strongest Dragons and How did you get them? A Conversation for tips.:

    I don't have any overpowered dragons, but here are mine as of for now:-
    High Fenrir is my strongest right now but he is not empowered yet. I have few heroics like Celestial,Superstition, Feral, Reverie and supe who are lv 30 and above. I have ⭐ high Fallen but he is at lv 27. I got his orbs from the empowering quest.
    As of legends,
    ⭐ symbiotic dragon- got the dragon from high star race and orbs from master water arena 3. I'll need 100 more orbs to get him to ⭐ ⭐
    ⭐ Dracon dragon- got the dragon from the first Lod event and the orbs last year. I have another dracon but at lv15 and not empowered
    ⭐ Pungent dragon- he is my first empowered dragon. I got around 230 orbs from last year Easter event. As soon as I got 100, I summoned him. But as I got 120 more orbs, I decided to save them because back then, I wondered is we could make them even more stronger just like in ML

    So pungent, symbiotic and dracon are your lineup for arenas? And did you try to get those 300 orbs they give during the puzzle event?
    Also I would suggest you to make at least one breedable dragon to 5 star because it helps a ton in arenas. Also try to level up that high fallen too. At lvl 30 high fallen has 57k hp whereas a normal heroic has 50k hp And also dishes out more damage.

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    @aleweck said in Who Are Your Strongest Dragons and How did you get them? A Conversation for tips.:

    @vikas-nambiar said in Who Are Your Strongest Dragons and How did you get them? A Conversation for tips.:

    @aleweck nice! A 3 star VIP, I hope you get one more. Do you have even more powerful dragons than a 3 star cat 10 dragon? Please exclude heroics and breedable dragons.

    Edit: if you have more powerful dragons then please tell me how you got them. I want to know all the ways I can do it. Right now only breeding events, breedable dragons and the puzzle event are the only ways I'm getting in my mind.

    Also my question applies to everyone and if this question requires a thread for itself please let me now πŸ™‚

    Thanks πŸ™‚ I just made my last attempts and unfortunately couldn't get another one but this event was so hard that I'm very pleased with my results. Well, joker orbs, here we go.

    I don't have a dragon more powerful than my next Durian, but my fighters are:
    Evanescent fae 3 stars - breeding and heroic race
    Galaxy fae 3 stars - orbs during Yggdrasil event
    Dracon 3 stars - breeding and heroic race
    Vicky, Dark sky, Ice Bullet 3 stars - breeding
    Ancient magic, poisonous, beholder 3 stars - heroic race
    Holy 3 stars - warrior chest
    Ternion 2 stars - breeding
    Big Heart 2 stars - puzzle and trades

    As you can see I'm not going to concentrate myself in a dragon to 5 stars since I only fight on arenas when it's required to fill the chest.
    I try to build an strong enough army to beat the rescue events.

    They gave enough orbs during a heroic race to 3 star galaxy fae? Any idea why they stopped giving orbs then?
    I agree with you, the hard path of rescue sure does require a very strong army. I am also going for 2-3 star dragons unless they make it easy( but only after hardwork ) for f2p to make a non breedable legendary to 5 star ( I am 99% sure they won't πŸ˜…, but let's put 1% as a hope).

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