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    Global Chat, every players favourite way to talk to the Monster Legends community. It has amazing reliability (providing your phone's keyboard works properly whilst on Global Chat) and has the best moderation. The moderation of Global Chat works like this:

    ONE: Random people see misbehaving.
    TWO: Random people misbehave even more than the initial misbehaving.
    THREE: Prior misbehaving is ignored and there you go.
    FOUR: Once the initial misbehaving is ignored and stops.
    FIVE: The other people stop too. Crisis aborted. Congratulations.

    I propose a new scheme, and I call it Mr. Chatterbot!

    Here's how Mr. Chatter bot works:
    It sees how many time an individual has he/her/it's words censored, and if it reaches a certain number, mute them for x amount of minutes (no banning, no muting for 24 years, just a simple x amount of minutes).

    Get it? ChatterBot. Like chatterbox? Hehe.

    (Oh and if you wan't you can make it scan any people looking for dates and mute them but that might require slightly more programming, and SP designs games not super duper AI's (as evident by automatic fighting))

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