• webdevour

    I know this isn't SocialPoints strongest trait, but I need a little clarification.. is there only one joker parent for this new breeding event? It would be really nice to get all the necessary information at once instead of wasting hours looking around for it.

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  • webdevour

    I don't know what changes they made to the Possession skill recently, but it has been rendered fully obsolete. It essentially works the same as Stun now, only causing enemies to "Recharge" except for when they use a self-buffing move that helps or heals them even though they are possessed.

    When my team gets possessed though, wow, look out, I'm lucky if I don't end up using my strongest aoe attack on my own team, with recharging happening once in a blue moon. I've been having this experience with Possession for weeks now, and it's extremely irritating.

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